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Cold Kissess

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I scowled as I opened the wardrobe that inhabited my room like a giant wooden bear. How I hadn't noticed it before amazes me. The elegant piece of furniture was filled with nothing but long dresses, all in different colors and styles. Probably for several occasions I would assume. I couldn't fathom wearing any of them, dresses and I do not make a very good pair. How was I suppose to learn how to control my so called powers that are equivalent to natural disasters, in a dress. At that exact moment there was a knock at the door.
" Come in" i said maybe a little to aggravated. Venefecia's tall form waltzed into the room, my eyes were drawn to what she was wearing. A long Victorian looking red velvet dress. She was striking, now i knew there was no damn way i was going to put on a dress. The woman was surprisingly chipper, nice to see someone slept well.
" Hello dear, you must get dressed! I have a special treat for you and then we will start your training immediately.
" Madam, there is nothing in here fit for training." She looked at me as if my brain had just fell out of my ear. Then she smiled.
" Not a dress girl i see" her grin was all knowing. She glided over to the wardrobe that I had been eying like a feral dog. She pulled out a emerald green dress that was identical to the one she was wearing minus a few ruffles. She grasped a piece of the fabric on the right side at the hem and ripped it away. I froze that dress must have cost a fortune, and if not it was ancient and just kept very well taken care of why would she ripe it like that! Then my eye caught notice of something. There were buttons underneath where she had ripped away fabric. There in its place were matching leather pants of the same color.
" Well your just full of surprises aren't you," i said with a smile.
" Darling when your as old as me you have a few secrets up your sleeve. I may be a lady but do you think i earned my badass reputation by wearing fancy gowns all the time. No, you see those bastardy men underestimate women even in the vampire world. So when they see you approaching in a dress they automatically let there guard down thinking you aren't a threat. So this is a mind game and gives you an advantage my dear. Plus its far more comfortable then dealing with those hellish petticoats."
Never in my life had i looked at another woman with such respect and felt a strong kinship like I did in this particular moment.
I grinned "well lets get going then!" She smiled and motioned for me to go first.

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