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My Journalie!
It's about me...Duh!
The Show Starts: The first band is called Addison Road. They start singing and the lead singer is so powerful and her vocals are amazing. I didn't have my glasses so I couldn't see her very well but she is four weeks away from having her baby. =] I was amazed. I mean...She could go into labor early but she's here, praising His name and dancing. That touched me. And this is only the first...twenty-thirty minutes of the show lol

Second Band: Tenth Avenue North had very touching songs. One that stood out to me was called By Your Side. I mean...We all have those moments when we feel broken down and just alone and vulnerable to anything...but He's there. He's ALWAYS there. Right By Our Sides, holding us and comforting us and telling us "Hey, don't worry. Remember, I love you and I won't let you fall." We may feel like we've fallen and just *bam!* hit rockbottom. But we haven't. He is still there saying "It's okay, we'll just try again and here. Take my hand, I'll lead you through." And He will.

Third Band: Hawk Nelson was amazing. They started the party and got everyone fired up. And then there's me. Crying after comforting my Brother who was crying and my other brother, Javier, because we were all crying lol. After awhile we started to jump and dance and praise and it was Amazing. Bring'em Out was the song from them that I really enjoyed. Really got you going and it's calling out to His children saying "Let's get going." Let's praise Him and lift his name high. AH! SO cool.

Fourth Band: Jeremy Camp. Amazing. His voice was really god live. He has one of those voices that is different in a rough, sultry, rock kind of way. During his performance me and my youth eld each other and held hands and we really felt connected. It was amazing. THE WHOLE THING WAS SO YOU'RE GOING TO HEAR AMAZING A LOT. His song Walk By Faith...It's true. I mean..we've all lived, or are living, in sin and we don't know if we'll make it through sometimes. But we have to walk in Faith. We have faih in Him that he will lead to that light, His light, at the end of that long tunnel. All we have to do...is have Faith.

Fifth and Final Band: MERCYME. A-Mazing. They were just bam Bam BAM! Awesome energy and you could feel His presence there, rockin out with us. The lead singer, Bart Millard, gave a message to the youth pastors. My Brothe ris a youth pastor and the message said that they are the chosen ones. They are the ones who have to wake up at 3 in the morning to be Jesus to the ones who need it. It is a hard calling but they have what it takes. Brother broke down. I hugged him and tried not to cry because...I'm his little Guardian. I wanted to be strong for him. I comforted him and held his hand and sang. The next song though...Me, Brother and Javier were all down on our knees. Crying, praying and praising Him. And when I looked aroud...There were others who were feeling the Exact. Same. Thing. And the amazing thing? There were strangers comforting strangers because they were feeling the same thing. Strangers. I mean...11,000 people. On their knees or crying or worshipping with all their heart and soul. The feeling was overwhelming. It was wonderful and it made me cry even more. His presence there was that Great and Majestic. He united that room full of people into one chorus of praise and worship. And I will never forget it. (During this cry-fest, MercyMe was playing Imagine <3)

In Conclusion...He is there. Always has been, always will be. And I'm so happy and proud to have him in my heart, mind, body and soul. I love Him and He loves me...For me. He sacrificed His son for all of us. Jesus made the bridge from us to God so that we may cross over to be with Him. Touch Him, see Him, and kneel down before Him on His throne. This experience has been one I'll never forget and I'm glad I was able to share it with my youth group because I think it brought Us even closer together. Us as a youth group and Us as a bond with Him.

God Bless You.
Dios Te Bendiga.

Thank you for reading. =]

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