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Naminette's Stufferz I'm currently working on a Kingdom Hearts fanfic so I won't be making any new ones for awhile. This one was really ignored by me a lot, so I have to make up for it.

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Disclaimer: I'm as much as a geek as anyone, but no. Sorry!

me: I warn you................. This might turn ugly.

Chaisa: Too late.

Sora: (In corner with Skittles blaster) Work, dammit!!!!!!!


Chaisa squeezed the last of the salty ocean water out of her hair. She had changed back into her academy uniform: a white polo, plaid blue tie, and her furry boots (don't ask). It was dark, but something led Chaisa through the darkness. She walked towards the, now deserted, admission booth, giving the beach a final sweeping look.

"Um...... Excuse me!" Chaisa froze, then turned away from the entrance. A little girl, maybe 8 or 9, tugged on her knapsack charm. "Hi, would you like to answer a question for me?" Chaisa shrugged and nodded. "Sure, kid." One little question from a little girl wouldn't hurt.

She gave Chaisa a big grin, cleared her throat and asked, " What's most important to you? 1) Being number one, 2) Friendship, or 3) Your prized possessions." Chaisa pondered at the question. "I love my friends more that anything." "Is friendship your final answer?" Chaisa jumped, completely surprised that a little girl could wait so patiently. She nodded. "Very well then." The girl said and left without another word.

She blinked, confused completely by the girl's change of personality. "Weird......" she murmured as she rounded the corner.

Past the dark windows of the suburban houses she went. Chaisa walked slowly. "Hey Chai." She crossed her arms and said coolly, "Hey Omar" (told ya! forum members, FEAR MEH!!^^) Omar walked up to her and clapped her on her back. "Well, well. I never knew you to be a creature of the night." She smirked and said, "Like you are." He smirked back and said, "Well, I'm just nice like that." Laughter. "All kidding aside........ answer a question for me." "Dammit, not another one......" Chaisa whispered to herself.

"Be honest. What are you so afraid of? 1) Getting old, 2) Being different, or 3) Being indecisive." Chaisa sighed and said, "Let me guess: only one, right." A nod. "Okay...... getting old is definitely out. I guess I'm afraid of-" "Being different?" She nodded. stunned. Omar shrugged and said, "Very well then."

"Okay? What's with everyone?"

"Chai, can I ask you something?" Chaisa clenched her teeth and bit back a remark about haio fangirls. She really didn't want to be interrogated. She hugged herself tighter. "Whoa, bad body language, much? I just want to ask you a question." "Fine." Sukia walked up to her and asked. "What do you want outta life? 1) to see rare sights, 2) to broaden your horizons, or 3) to be strong

Chaisa already knew her answer. "To be strong."


me: I spared you once again!!!!! (looks at Sora and Chaisa) What was that?

Chaisa and Sora: Nothing! (hides giant skittles and blaster)

Kinda dead. . And not taking art requests. Sorry.
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