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Blood Stained Love Letters
Vincent and Victoria part 7
Chapter 7

I was shocked that she actually said yes. I didn't think I would get another chance to build a relationship I mean my past is hard to forget and is always running through my mind and I still miss Dr.Crescent but now...Now I'm getting back on my feet after all this time. It's hard but nobody said it was easy. It felt kinda good, getting that warm feeling inside of you. Something I missed deeply out of Avalanche I was always the mysterious person. The one nobody could crack open I feel more sorry for them then I do for myself. Seeing how they always tried to get close but couldn't the only one that stayed away was Cloud but I knew he had his questions.
Victoria smiled "Is that it?" I blinked a few times, I didn't want to sound like the converstion I had with Hojo when I asked my simple "Is it True?" but it was going to sound like it "Is what it?" I tilted my head, I heard a faint giggle from her "That kiss.. Is that it?" I looked away smiling faintly as my raven hair covered my face. I looked back at Victoria "Wanting more already?" she blinked a few times as a smirk appeared on my face. I shook my head and walked past her once I rose to my feet. She turned around and watched me "Vincent..." I stopped dead in my tracks "Victoria...Im a person that... you can not be near" Idiot! "You blew it Valentine" the demon within me spoke. I looked down at my feet. I blew my chance with the woman I liked with my sorrow getting to my head. I looked over my shoulder to see her reaction, Victroia was looking at the ground slightly "You arn't alone on that one Vincent." I turned around completely and blinked a few times "Excuse me?" I wasent quite sure what she just said. Victoria lifted her head up and looked at me in the eye then moved closer "You're arn't alone." She stopped right infront of me and looked me in the eyes. She placed her hand on my cheek. Her skin was just as cold as mine was. I just stood there and blinked. Victoria moved a bit closer to my face and pressed her lips up agaist mine gently. I felt a warm feeling fill my whole face.
I kissed her back just as gently.

After spending a while with my new lover I headed back to the 7th Heavens Bar in Edge. Walking through the door surpised that nobody looked at me, infact nobody was there besides Tifa. She looked at me and smiled "Can I get you something to drink Vincent?" Im not much of a drinker but my day has been over my head. Confessing to the woman I loved, Yuffie's big mouth. Everything. I nodded "Yes.. Wine?" Tifa nodded and turned away from me, getting my drink ready. I sat down and looked at my hands, was it possible for a person like me. To be so gentle with someone.. To be, real. I shook my head at the thoughts and looked away from my hands. Tifa set the drink on the table "Something on your mind Vince?" I looked up at her "How can someone...be so gentle with someone else?" I knew that question puzzled Tifa. Tifa looked away slightly and shook her head "Well...depends." I tilted my head slightly not knowing what she ment. I sighed and stood up, leaving the glass untouched "Vincent?" I ignored Tifa and walked out, closing the door behind me.

Midgar. Peaceful yet a nightmare, people walked the streets like usal as for myself. Im hardly ever seen in public unless ShinRa needs help and Avalanche kicks in. Sounds funny since ShinRa thought we were plotting against them but who knows. We could be still trying to foil their plans, After all they are the ones that ruined the planet by taking the life from it making our lives. The people's lives for comfortable.

I looked around as people passed by not even noticing me. I touched my lips with my right hand still feeling the warth of her. I felt a pain in my chest making me hunch forwards. Chaos. I looked around seeing if the people noticed me at all. Nothing, I was safe for now. I felt another pain in my chest. Making me drop to my knees trying to claw the ground to ease the pain. Useless, I shook my head a bit trying to calm myself down usually this doesnt happen when people are round or when Im walking the streets. I looked around as to my my vision was turing blurry and red a figure walked towards me. People were screaming loud and running, I squinted my eyes trying to get a clearer vison. Female body, dark skin, wings. WINGS! that caught my attencion the most. The wings were like Chaos, torned up red and black aswell. I felt something kick my face, knocking me on my side. I grunted and looked at the person crouching down infront of me smirking "Vincent Valentine..." her voice didnt sounds familliar to me, I cried out letting out a roar as there was more pain in my chest. Pounding, burning pain.
I shook my head "Who..?" bitting my lower lip still trying to ease the pain of the vicious demon inside she laughed "Let him out.." I shook my head, not infront of the people. Well what's left of the people. Chaos grew angry, and furious as each second went by. I had to release him, I didnt want too. Wings broke the skin on my back as I roared with pain. Bending my head down, on my knees I started to transform. She watched me, smirking. I didn't like the pain when I trasformed but my vision soon went black. I wasen't in control anymore, Chaos was.

Crescent Artemia
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Crescent Artemia
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