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Hello, blatant LJ ripoff.
Whatevs' .
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Kiet is a music major at a liberal arts college, and she someday hopes to have a successful music career-- there's just this teensy problem that she's a descendant of the Sirens and can't sing without bewitching any and all of her would-be-listeners. razz The closest thing to a leader my five-man-band has.

arrow Classic Enneagram 8w7 , Myers-Briggs INFJ (caring, somewhat quiet, complex), and tsundere.
arrow Generally prickly, grumpy, cranky, disgruntled, and every other synonym you can think of.
arrow Blunt. Straightforward. Does not like being helpless. Brutally honest, but not without tact.
arrow Protective and caring once you're on her good side-- kind of a Mama Bear, when I think about it. Also sort of affectionate, but comes with a fair amount of verbal abuse, i.e. "You are a moron, but I love you dearly. God knows why."
arrow Actually very cuddly, sentimental, and sensitive, just elects to suppress all those liekwhoa except around her nearest and dearest. razz
arrow A very adept (and brutal) fighter. Kiet studies mixed martial arts, but she specializes in Brazilian jiujitsu.

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Adder (nicknamed from Addison) is a bit of your stereotypical scholar-athlete, except sort of not at all? He's a talented, avid lacrosse player, but he's also devoted to his studies in environmental sciences and politics (and, secretly, making pastries). As a near-perfect descendant of Apollo, he has the gift of musical/lyrical talent, superhuman marksmanship and tracking skills, and the inability to grow facial hair. razz

arrow Very, very ESTP / 7w8 / Fearless Fool.
arrow Extroverted, charismatic, charming, and has an ego the size of the sun.
arrow Hardly stops smiling and finding reasons why life is awesome. Consequentially is generally cheerful, friendly, and eager to make the people around him smile.
arrow Fond of crude jokes, lame puns, mercilessly teasing everyone, and generally being all-around annoying. Kind of a jackass sometimes, really, but he grows on you..
arrow Adrenaline junkie risk-taker. Likes pulling crazy stunts, partly for the thrill of it, partly for attentionwhore purposes.
arrow Has trouble forming close bonds with people, but very easily gets attached to other people. Also has a consequential bad habit of sometimes-self-destructive, undying faith in anyone he's ever had faith in.

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Takeshi is bright, cold, quiet, shy, but so full of (entertaining) snark that he's easily mistaken for a smug, confident jackass. (Which..okay, he sort of is, but only around his close friends. He's mostly all adorable and shy and awkward around strangers. ;A;/ ) He is, for all intensive purposes, an empath to the dead due to his Shinigami descent, and has ambitions of becoming a criminal lawyer, though for now he's enjoying his studies in psychology and Latin before moving on to law school.

arrow Classic INTJ (read: calculating social/emotional retard), 5w4, and deadpan snarker.
arrow Generally goes about life with : | <-- this face. Becomes much more animated around his friends. (read: starts smirking and laughing.) Has a great smirk.
arrow Enjoys snarking and slyly playing devil's advocate while still remaining polite and cordial-seeming.
arrow Very attached to his few friends and very open about how important they are to him. Harm/demonstrate intention to harm them, and he will proceed to break your soul.
arrow Does not lie on principal; consequentially ridiculously brutally honest. (For example, make a joke about sleeping with him, and he'll reply something along the lines of "I have no interest, no contraception, no STD protection, etc." wink . Will, however, tell half-truths.

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Zac is a thirtysomething cop who happened to work on a case involving Takeshi several years ago and is now allied with Kiet, Adder, Takeshi, and co. after investigating a string of crimes related to (though not committed by) them. He is the definition of Badass Normal in his 'verse, surrounded by and constantly facing off against superhumans, but lacks any extraordinary power himself.

arrow A very laid-back, cheeky ESFP and 9w8. Not so sure about a personality trope that fits him.
arrow Notorious for being unusually compassionate for the various people he runs into on his job, whether victims, particularly tragic criminals, or even not-so-tragic criminals.
arrow Generally very calm and mellow, but has a temper when it comes to crossing his sense of morals or not getting a job done.
arrow An extroverted loner, if that makes sense. Very socially adept, but has few friends.
arrow The kind of man who'll make strange faces in the mirror for the heck of it and will not stop, feel any mortification whatsoever, etc. if caught.

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Kenny is Kiet's younger brother by three years. Unlike his sister, he's gregarious, silly, and cheerful, has no Siren powers, and is much more oriented to the sciences than the arts. He's terribly close with his sister and has the troublesome habit of being very snuggly with her at very inopportune times.

arrow ENTP / 7w6
arrow Loves being ridiculous and eccentric. (For example, his brown rat is named 'Poo.')
arrow A punk-fashion enthusiast, I can't imagine him without studs, tight jeans, and his piercings.
arrow Despite being very academically bright, Kenny's excitability and lack of street smarts often makes him the damsel in distress.
arrow Does his absolute damndest to be strong and smile through whatever terrible things he's subjected to, whether it's for his own sanity, his sister's, or everyone elses.

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