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Guild Ideas
A few ideas I have
Champion Blades: Xero & Suul

A longsword with the soul of Xero, a famous Champion of the Raven Queen, sealed inside by a force only explained by indomitable will. This blade is as sharp as a razor and as light as a feather. The voice of a noble warrior resides in the blade that can communicate telepathically with whomever is attuned to the blade. The shimmering silver on the blade and the darkened hilt are a sight to behold, however only those who serve the Raven Queen can lift the blade it is as if their will isn't strong enough otherwise.
While wielding Xero you gain the following benefits:
• You gain a +1 to attack and damage rolls
• You gain an extra 10ft of movement
• You gain a flight speed of 20ft (this is more of a hover than actual flight & if you finish your turn while in the air you fall to the ground prone)
• A magical slash called Xero Gravity can be released from your sword as an action, in place of your melee attack you can make a ranged spell attack of 10 ft. Use your charisma mod + prof bonus for the attack roll. This can only be used 1 per prof bonus per long rest.
• Any inanimate object struck by the sword that isn't being held or worn starts to float as if gravity is no longer affecting the object. As a bonus action on your turn or a reaction on your opponents turn you can release this effect.

Once the requirements are met this blade will awaken. Once awakened the blade will bestow a greater power to the attuned wielder, granting the user the following benefits: (retains all previous benefits if not altered in this state)
• The damage from this blade is now increased to +2
• Xero Gravity now has a 20ft attack range. You now add your Charisma mod to the damage roll as well.
• Your fly speed is now equal to your walking speed (only if it is higher than your current fly speed)
• You can use Feather Fall on yourself and anyone in contact with you once per long rest.

After achieving certain requirements the blade will become exalted. The blade is now fully released and you gain the following benefits: (retains all previous benefits if not altered in this state)
• Your damage is now a +3
• Xero Gravity has a 30ft range and now you not only add your Char mod but also your prof bonus to the damage.
• When you land a crit on a creature they must make a Con Save against your Char DC (8+char mod+prof bonus) or gravity no longer affects them and they float upward at a rate of 20ft per round. The creature can only make a Con save on their turn to try to cancel the effects. At any time after the creature is in the air you can decide to cancel the effects as a bonus action on your turn.
• If a creature is slain by the blade its soul is absorbed into the blade for 24 hours where it increases the attack and damage +1 per soul up to 5 souls.
• Upon failing all death saves Xeros soul will switch with the Wielder granting 20 Temp HP. For 24 hours the wielder will struggle with Xero in a battle of wills, Con rolls to gain their body back, if they fail to do so Xero now controls the body. this exchange of bodies can only happen 2 times per prof bonus.

Suul is a long sword that has seen better days, this rusted blade with a worn handle looks to be on its last leg. However the oldest known Champion of the Raven Queen and her previous lover resides in this blade. Only someone both the Raven Queen and Suul see as worthy can even touch the blade, however not many people are lining up to wield a rusty sword. This Victorian male voice sounds as weathered as the blade is, but it seems to have insite on a many subjects relating to the afterlife, the Raven Queen, and the spells that circumvent death. This blade once attuned to a warrior befitting it grants the following benefits:
• A +1 to attack and damage rolls
• A Burrow speed of 20ft
• Weighted Suul a melee attack that can be used as an action once per prof bonus per long rest. If the target creature is hit by the attack it must make a con save against your charisma DC, on a fail the creature is knocked prone and must make the save every turn until the effects are released or overcome. On a success the creatures movement is lowered by 10ft for 1 hour.
• Inanimate objects not being held or worn struck by this sword are as heavy as a house, making the objects very hard to move or pick up.

Once the user achieves the requirements the blade will become awakened and will grant the user the following benefits: (retains all previous benefits if not altered in this state)
• +2 to attack and damage rolls
• Burrow speed equal to movement speed (Unless it is already higher than the movement speed)
• Weighted Suul's damage now adds your Char Mod

Once the wielder achieves the requirements this blade becomes exalted. The blade is now a shimmering gold color with a engraved white handle, it has now been returned to its former glory. The wielder now gains the following benefits: (retains all previous benefits if not altered in this state)
• +3 to attack and damage rolls
• Weighted Suul's damage is not only adding the Char Mod but also your Prof Bonus as well, and upon failing the weight is increased each time failing 5 times in a row results in death.
• You can use Investiture of Stone once per long rest
• Upon reaching 10 HP or lower Suul will boost the users soul granting 20 temp HP and +1 to all ability checks/saves/attacks.

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