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The encounter.
It was a bright, sunny day on Destiny Islands, the waves were a bit rough, because the night before there was a harsh storm. Riku, Sora, and Kairi, they were sitting down on the beach, and spotted some thing in the distance. " Hey Sora, Kairi, what do you think that is?" " I think it's a piece of drift wood Riku, what do think it is Kairi?" " I can't tell, it's to far away." " Hey Sora, lets have a race, to see, who can get to it, first." " Fine Riku, your on." " ALright then, on my mark, Ready, go!!!" Riku and Sora raced out to the sea, swimming as fast as they could to the item in the sea. Sora stopped at a piont. " Wait Riku, tha's a PERSON!!" Riku stopped and swam faster to save the person drifting in the water, Sora helped bring the person to shore. Kairi looked at the girl. " Is she okay? What happened to her?" "i don't know, she was drifting." " Riku, Kairi, she is still breathing." The girl, coughed out water, and started to become conscious.

The Start Off.
Fisrt things first, what i look like, and what you might see, in other words, like a trailer
well i look like this, in the beginning:User Image
I will show you and talk about how i look later on in the game, later on in the game, but for now, that is me.
Now lets see, background:
So far it has been, about 2 months since Riku and Sora defeated Xemnas and saved the worlds, blah blah blah, they went back to the island with kairi, and then they got this letter, now in this story, that letter says, Dear Riku, Kairi, and Sora, Peace has finally come to the worlds, but i still fell like there is a threat to the worlds, so i am going on a another journey, to see if my suspicions are right. I want you guys to stay on destiny islands, and look out for anyone, who might came to your world. If something like that happens, send a letter right away, and i will come to the island, and help you guys out. For now, let your heart be filled with light King Mickey
User Image

Well now you will see, the rise of the organization, once again. Umm... well new nobodies and heartless come in. new worlds from Disney, I might put in some anime worlds, i don't quit know yet. You will see another enemy, stronger than all others, oh and more scenes with sora and others. You even get to see what daisy can do, and you see more of the castle. So that is all i can say for now, i will see you in my next entry, for now see yaz

W[/color:b878a2c6b9]h[/color:b878a2c6b9]i[/color:b878a2c6b9]t[/color:b878a2c6b9]e[/color:b878a2c6b9]=[/color:b878a2c6b9] g[/color:b878a2c6b9]r[/color:b878a2c6b9]a[/color:b878a2c6b9]c[/color:b878a2c6b9]e[/color:b878a2c6b9]
[b:b878a2c6b9]What does your color mean? [/color:b878a2c6b9]
Want avi art? I would be happy to apply, just pm me for details.[/color:b878a2c6b9][/b:b878a2c6b9]
Check out my arts: here.[/align:b878a2c6b9]

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