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I am going to confess. All my cosplay and convention pet peeves. This will generate a lot of hate. But that's okay. Because everyone judges. I judge. And for what I say, people will judge me.

I dislike people who cosplay non-anime to anime conventions. Of course, those people probably do like anime to some degree that they'd attend, but I wish they'd keep it to Japanese culture-related merchandise and cosplay and panels... I want a Japanese culture heaven plz/

I hate cosplayers who act way out of place. Loud, annoying, out-of-character.

I dislike people who don't use makeup when cosplaying or not enough. I also dislike people taking shitty pictures with horrible lighting. No one looks good in horrible lighting, not you, not me.

I hate people who don't wear wigs when cosplaying.

I actually do believe that white cosplayers look better cosplaying Western series, and Asians look better cosplaying Japanese series. Everyone in between is unlucky except for the few and far between characters that are dark-skinned/exotic-looking.

I'm ok with slightly obese people cosplaying, since doing it RIGHT makes everything ok. But some overwhelmingly inappropriate body types for the wrong types of cosplay makes me want to puke. I don't want to see a 600-lb person in a skimpy bikini/shirtless cosplay.

I want cosplays to look like the character actually CAME TO LIFE. Everything as it should be: hair style, colour, eye colour, clothes, personality. If the character is a Japanese schoolgirl, then obviously I don't think a non-Asian would make it believable.

I don't like how the conventions I go to cater so much towards the Western fandoms. I love the original Japanese voice acting and I am very disappointed when they only invite English dub guests. I also wanted to strangle the panelist who only quizzed on English dub actors. I don't want to really see My Little Pony panels at an anime convention. I don't want to see Spiderman figures in the Vendors.

I don't like how people judge you based on your hates and biases. Just because I can't accept certain things doesn't mean I'm an enemy to humanity. I'm sure everyone is lying when they say everyone is beautiful. I feel like I have to keep my feelings to myself because of the consequences of my thoughts. People will call me a racist. People would ask me why does body shape matter? People tell me that cosplay is cosplay no matter how bad it is because it is fun and just a hobby. But as a cosplay admirer, I only want to see my favourite characters brought to life in the best and accurate way possible.

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