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Lunar Stories
Most know I love to RP so since im bored, I'm going to try stories.
Amelia fixed her mail carrier bag at her side and held her books close. It was pouring outside and she had only a few minutes to get up the stairs, of the school, to get to the media room. She went there everyday after school, but today something seemed off. Her boyfriend, a pale skinny guy with dark red shaggy hair greeted her at the top, she smiled and hugged him goodbye, before he walked down stairs to attend an ASD. When she got inside and set her stuff down the principals voice rang over the intercom in a worried tone.
"Attention! Attention! There has been a security breech and there is a dangerous person on campus. This is not a drill! " He said.
The teacher locked the door, and told us to keep quiet. Most of the classrooms in the school didn't have windows and this was one of them. From the outside it looked like custodians closet, but it wasn't safe because within a few seconds of the door being locked, Amelia was being held at gun point.
"Turn on that video tape and send someone to the office to tell everyone to turn on their TVs to the channel this gets showed on! " He said, continuing to hold her. The teacher nodded worried about her student and did as he said to do. With in a few minutes the principals voice rang again.
"Attention! Can everyone please turn your TVs to channel two! "
When everything was ready he spoke.
"I have been here before being tortured by you people, and today I have a hostage. Are you scared hostage?" He asked.
"No. " Amelia said.
"Whats your name hostage? " He asked her glaring at the back of her head.
"Amelia. " She said, looking at the camera.
The man looked at the teacher and then the camera.
"Most of you may not know who i am, and I don't care who she is but today is her last day to live. " He said. "Do you have any last words? " He asked Amelia.
"No. " She said.
"Why is that? " He asked. "Give me in full detail? " he questioned wondering why she had nothing to say.
"I have nothing to say because my mom is divorcing my step dad, my sister is living with her fiance, my brother is going to Germany and I have to go live with my real dad in Texas, my best friend stopped talking to me, because someone started a rumor that I was talking about her behind her back, and my boyfriend is cheating on me with my ex's little sister, for several months. " Amelia said in a monotone voice.
"How do you know he was cheating on you with her. "
"Because her brother, my ex, was the one that sent me a video of him fooling around with her in her closet. " She said, a single tear fell from her eye.
In a room down stairs, her boyfriend and her ex's sister sat there watching in disbelief. She had known for a while but never said anything. He then began to feel sorry.
"Why have you not said anything? " He asked.
"Because I loved him, and she was my friend. " She said. She could hear the rain outside beating against the wall, as well as footsteps running up the stairs. A minute later the swat team burst into the room and shot the man. They took Amelia out to an ambulance to make sure she was OK. Within the hour they were done, but the pouring rain was not. so it made it hard to see. Her boyfriend came up to her wanting to see if she was alright but she pushed him away from her and took off, soaked in seconds. She had made it as far as the lake on the other side of town before it was getting hard to walk. It was flooding and the water was up to her knees. She dropped down right there and cried.

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