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It is my story
Hi my name is Aigonagina. I like to do something stupid and not good for me at all. Ok now i think you was thinking im is stupid girl ok now i need to talk something for fun and stupid it is story. I like story name ' You don't know me ' is very fun
Cheon-nyeon-yeo-woo Yeo-woo-bi
Hi guys today u have to go watch it anime kk the name was Cheon-nyeon-yeo-woo Yeo-woo-bi It was a sad anime i sure if u watch it u got na cry. Don't forget kk i love it anime it anime from korean plz watch it now scream crying SAD GO WATCH IT NOW. Hi everyone today i was in Him83 house and also did you guys watch the anime yet that was so cool and was so sad anyway bye guys. xp gonk Hi today i think that was cool today do you guys have a good dram last night i don't anyway bye. razz Hi everyone i hope u guys like my profile it was the anime name Negima and the picture of the cute girl i hope u like it bye. xp Hi now today i just go watch the moive that i watch long time when i live in Thailand and now i sitll love that moive and it moive was so sad too. gonk And Rain was the act in that moive.And the name of them was A love to kill go watch it anyway do you guys know who is Rain??? Anyway i going in the school but i have to got the test frist.
KK guys it is that songs that i really like at some of them at the bottom try to listen. Now i watch the anime that really cool and i really want you guys to go and look at it but wait i forget the name so if i remember it i tell you guys later so bye. 4laugh
I come form Thailand so the song that call Fight just for u and another song that not english and Japan and Korean it was THAI I LOVE IT. blaugh blaugh blaugh blaugh blaugh
I love how Hime dress up is cool but i don't have any good thing to dress. crying I also like the way how II JEN II dress I think is cool in another way but still i like my type the most. blaugh
Hello again today is were cool and also I had made up the video sing By AkumaSister but the video was dosen't work now.... surprised
yeah i love the new song that Hime sing that was cool blaugh

Hi im back from stop writing this journal for a long time well first i don't have anytime to write and second i was really busy, well today i don't really have nothing to say only that Akumasister12 the account if Youtube that i made with Hime83 we got a new video and i really want you guys to go and watch it is really funny anyway don't forget to go and watch it see ya. blaugh

Back again from stop writing well all i want to say to the ppls that love games like i do i had lots of games that i had download and i think you guys will like it Runes of magic, Pangya, Audition, and the last World of War Craft i think that how you spelled it anyway see ya lol.. blaugh heart

Hello again ppls i was just come back from vacation at Disney World that was awesome and i love it to all of you if you get a change to go there you should go to Magic Kingdom and try out the Splash Mountain isss awesome yeah anyway i got to go to sleep see ya. blaugh blaugh

Hi Hi Hi Hi wazzz up ppls didn't see you a long time sweatdrop I didn't have much time to come online and sometime i just feel soooo lazy and didn't come on either there lots of reason why i didn't come on. But who care right? gonk Oh well there another reason why i didn't come on i was crazy about Kpop if you know what it is im sure some of you know lol Well i really crazy well that is kind of person i am when i crazy about something i stuck with it for a months or even a year of maybe forever (that if im not dead first) lol... cool Anyway that the reason. And if you want to talk to meh you can go to My-space or Facebook or Aol whatever just search meh by my email: Namehong@live.com.... blaugh

Hey ppls this is Aigonagina one more time and right now im on Youtube im sooo happy because i was watching Korean and i don't know why but at this moment i have been crazy all over Korean ppls and also especially about Korean boy band have i mentioned it before???? Well anyway i don't care soooooo sooooo sooooo?? See ya blaugh heart blaugh heart

Hi ya all didn't talk to ya all in a long time today im playing a new game and right now im watching a really scary moive... biggrin

OMG OMG OMG i already watched the most awesome movie in the world NINJA ASSASIN is sooo freaking awesome is got blood everywhere! (Im not emo) and i just love it so much hahahahaha

Going to Otakon this week my friends are going to be there is going to be sooo awesome! xp xp

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