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Miss Cuppys Journal :D
Oc Bios :O
Rini Usagi Matsuo--
Nicknames are :: Bunny
Age :: 15
Blood type :: O
Birthday :: September 29
Zodiac Sign :: Libra
Fears :: Spiders,Thunder, quiet
Likes :: Nature, all forms of art, deserts,& people
Dislikes :: Obnoxious people, smoking,& Gym class[ shes never been good at it.]
Personality ::Very bubbly,optimistic,social, complete clutz, & loves to prank from time to time.
Favorite Color :: Silver and pastel colors.

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Luchia Hoshi Okari--
Nicknames are :: Hunny
Age :: 16
Blood type :: B
Birthday :: June 1st
Zodiac sign :: Gemini
Fears :: Insects, ghosts , heights, her creepy old homeroom teacher, & Storms
Likes :: Food, cute clothes, anime & manga, shopping, and the beach
Dislikes :: Ugly things, health food, bullies, & cats
Personality ::Acts like a total kid, shorter than most people, hyperactive, but amazingly strong. Also known to be harsh at times.
Favorite Color :: Every and all bright colors.
Art ::[ x ]

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Aneko Kagami Munashii --
Nicknames are :: Nee-Chan
Age :: 19
Blood type :: A
Birthday :: August 20
Zodiac sign :: Leo
Fears :: Failing, losing, and sharks
Likes :: Books, school, friends, money, & honesty
Dislikes :: Stupid people, loud noises, & outdoors
Personality ::Shes a total book worm, not the nicest person out there, very protective of her friends, acts like an older sister, beautiful, athletic, and classy.
Favorite Color :: Classy colors like black and white.

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Rei Akihiko Yikaru--
Age :: 15
Blood type :: AB
Birthday :: October 30
Zodiac sign :: Scorpio
Fears :: Heights and loneliness
Likes :: mysteries, movies, martial arts, astrology, music, and art
Dislikes :: Dishonesty, bad personalities, being sick, and the cold
Personality ::He usually keeps to himself unless with friends. Loves to make fun of Rini and Luchia. He can be very shy also.
Favorite Color :: Blues,white,and black.
Art ::[x]

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Issa Kamenosuke Saito--
Age :: 17
Blood type :: AB
Birthday :: Feburary 14
Zodiac sign :: Aquarius
Fears :: His homeroom teacher [ same class as Luchia] & clowns
Likes :: music,money, pranks, parties,friends, & his little brother Koji
Dislikes :: Smoking, alcohol, & his elder brother Akemi
Personality ::Complete playboy. Very stuck up. But deep down hes a good guy. Sadly he knows that.
Favorite Color :: Orange,yellow and green.

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Kenjiro Yasuo Takahashi--
Age :: 18
Nickname:: Onii-san
Blood type :: B
Birthday :: May 19
Zodiac sign :: Taurus
Fears :: No one has a clue. o__o
Likes :: games, sleeping, hanging out with his friends.
Dislikes :: Disloalty and bugs
Personality ::Dosent talk much. If he does talk hes very sweet, caring and kind. Also he gives great advise. But he is a mystery, even to his friends. Not much is known about him.
Favorite Color :: No one knows..

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What do you think ? :3
I was thinking of using them as mule characters in a Cafe ? xD
Also it would be awesome if you could draw them? biggrin
~~ Click their names for a tek tek image ! sweatdrop

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