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The manifesto
Just random stuff, profiles, anything really
Naruto profiles
Name: Yamanaka Ino
Age: 17
Village: Konoha
Lets let Ino tell it herself:

Hello, the name is Yamanaka Ino, from the Yamanaka clan. I am a great Kunoichi from Konohagakure, obviously, that's why I am still alive and still manage to look so stunning. I won't divulge in much details about my past, because I was naturally the best since I have the best father in the world! ;D

Ya know, I do hope to become a little humbler like Chouji. By the way, if you see my team mate eating away, then please do stop him. Seriously. My other team mate, you'll happen to find lounging around or showing off Temari on his arm. Temari is the sister of the scariest guy on earth, Gaara. Shikamaru has a deathwish.

I have a best friend with pink hair and green eyes. I know. Pink hair? But ah, don't worry, it's not like its exotic or anything, she's called Sakura. Sakura has two teammates, the hawt Sasuke and the idiotic Naruto. But Sasuke kind of left (was it really the 114 valentine's cards I sent?!) cause of his 'revenge' thing. Naruto left to become stronger. Sakura was left and you know what? I was right there with her. Couldn't let her become lonely or anything, right? I even studied bloody medical jutsu until my brain was crammed and my fingers twisted sideways, but still, I stuck with her. I mean, Sakura's so sensitive, I bet she's still pining away for Sasuke. Okay, okay, he's bloody hawt... but seriously... she should use her big head and look around for more available guys.

Everyone in Konoha thinks I am loud. Most people in Konoha think I am shallow. Some people in Konoha think I am vain. Four people in Konoha think I am bossy. Minus one person in Konoha thinks I am lovely. I really couldn't care less what they all thought. What people think about me, doesn't make me any less cooler. I on the other hand, think I'm very stylish and charming with a mean hook kick and mind-blowing powers. But I don't really talk about myself that much.

I am Yamanaka Ino, the number one kunoichi- so you better watch out!

Ino often comes across as vain and self-absorbed, but Ino is simply confident and very loud about it. She likes what she likes and has a very strong opinion on others, but Ino is quick to change it when she sees good reason to and she is quicker to forgive her friends than most people are. She has a deep sense of loyalty to her father, her friends, the village and her work. She is an ambitious kunoichi, wanting glory, to make her dad proud-- but those things often wait when she sees a cute face.
Likes: Her dad, friendship, flowers, high heels, shopping, astronomy
Dislikes: Traitors, ugly clothes, bad hair days, lazy people
Crush: Uchiha Sasuke
Weapon: Her mind, kunai, shuriken, smoke bombs, flowers, her charm ;D
Rank: Chuunin
Tai, Gen, or Ninjutsu?: Ninjutsu (AND LOVE!! XD)
Others: N/A
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Username: Lonedreamers
Name: Bo Kodakara
Nickname: None really. Though she does call herself the most beautiful, the strongest, the alluring, the spectacular—whatever words she can think of at the time!
Age: 20
Gender: Female
Sexuality: Straight
Appearance:User Image
Rank: Chuunin
Team: Team 4
Elemental Affinity: Suiton [Water]
Kekki Genkai: N/A


Kodakara's biological parents are unknown. She was a tiny bundle found in Konoha hospital next to a woman who had died but the DNA of the mother and child did not match. No one from Konoha stepped forward to claim the title of mother or father for Kodakara but that happened when she was just a few days old.

She was transferred to the Kodakara Orphanage and she was named after it. It wasn't unusual where both parents of the child are dead.

Kodakara was a happy child, surrounded by friends and allowed to play in the dirt. She loved to play the make-believe ninja games, all very real at her age, but what she loved more was the local blacksmiths that was just down the road. She liked the man there who always smiled and waved at her, Yasahara Taro, but what was best about him was that he could twist metal into any shape he wanted. She regularly went there to talk to the man who was very strong despite a stiff leg from an old injury. He could carry fuuma shuriken effortlessly, and left her gazing at him in awe and wonder.

One day, when she was nearing six he gave her a wooden box with two shuriken inside, not the practice ones- these were sharp and very real. It was only then that her aspirations to be a ninja like Taro came to be.

Kodakara was stronger, taller, and faster than all her peers at the time, she was the shining star of her academy class. She revelled in attention and people who fawned on her, this fuelled her to work hard and stay in the number one position despite not having any Kekkai Genkai or specialist family jutsu. The girl was naughty, but she was clever and charming and soon her years at the academy ended and she was put on a genin team. Her bossy nature made her unpopular with both her teammates, however they somehow muddled through the chuunin exams. Now she is on active duty as a chuunin, laughing or showing off somewhere about becoming the youngest Jounin since the old times.

Kodakara is a show-off and her loud personality can sometimes rub people the wrong way, however she can turn on the charm when she sees good reason to. Despite her self-centredness, there is a certain kindness in her, because she is perhaps the only one who can sit in the weaponsmith’s forge for hours, despite the smoke, the fumes, the darkness.


My Yearbook Picture
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█║Nani? You don't know my name?

Hinata Hyuuga

█║Good friends give each other nicknames.

(Only ever addressed as Hinata-Sama so far)

█║Baka! I'm not that old!


█║I have to put up with these dobes.


█║It's such a bother but fine, listen carefully.

Hinata was born to one of the wealthiest men of the city. Hiashi of Hyuuga Coorparations. Her family is large and powerful. They have international trade throughout the cities and the young heiress was even kidnapped when she was young. This caused her cousin's father to go and rescue her. However, Neji's father died and Hinata was to blame.

She is not business minded or very strong. Her reports show that she isn't very clever either and so her father is hardly ever pleased with her. This disapproval from her father has made Hinata rather a reclusive and quiet person. She has begun to believe that she isn't worth very much at all.

She arrives to school with bodyguards and leaves school with bodyguards. Hinata doesn't have anyone she could really call a friend. Her shyness and her social status as being a rich man's daughter have alienated her from the rest of the population in school.

She wishes she was an outcast and then she could sit and eat lunch with Naruto. She has liked Naruto since she was little because of his sunny personality even though he is a troublemaker. Hinata wishes that Naruto would notice her.

She wishes he was her friend. Because then, he might lend her some of his strength. But Hinata has very good eyes. And she knows that Naruto only has eyes for Sakura.

█║I-I-isn't that a bit p-personal?



..Na-Na..... Naru.....

-Can't finish-

█║I'm not a puppet, dattebayo!


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