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My Journal...
Im extremely sorry if you fall asleep on your computer... this might seriously bore you to death WARNING: i am NOT responsible for any brain loss, memory wiping, overly emo ness, or complete boredness! Not responsible from any boredom brain disease
I dont know what's wrong anymore
But at the same time i do
i'm not with him
i'm stuck here
there's nobody like him
but i'll never get to see him
i dont know if what im doing is wrong
but something tells me it's not
something tells me it is.
everybody has their fairytale by now
but im just the one dreaming about it, knowing it wont happen
crying into my sheets.... wishing he was just here
wishing i could see those green eyes...
wishing i could lie on his chest...
wishing i could kiss him for the first time...
but i cant
i never will
unless a miracle happened
but miracles rarely happen
he doesnt know what's wrong
it started recently
he's going to question my depression
and i wont want to answer
he's going to think something's horribly wrong
when something is
but it wont seem that bad to them...
them being the outside...
them being my haters
them being the idiots that put me into this hell in the first place
im not sure what he'll think if he knows... how tortured i am without him
this way was fine for a little bit...
but now it's almost a year
and im sick of it
im sick of just making up my fantasies
and not being able to make them come true, while everybody else can
"he cares about me" yeah, HE cares about me too.... but i haven't seen him... i've just heard him
and i probably never will...
unless a miracle happened...
unless what i was doing wasnt wrong
but i'm confused
i've got no sign
i've got no guidance
i dont know what's going to happen
but for some reason i think the worst will.....

JSK, i love you...

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