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Anything and everything recorded here! Indeed!
I give my eternal thanks to these generous Gaians:
Birthday donors for remembering! crying
Mother Birthday - 5,555g+ 8,888g + 200k g + counting, celebrating birthdays with her a-m-a-z-i-n-g thread
Nummymuffin - Pop Factory, for remembering my birthday. A friend indeed! 3nodding

While browsing about the "Gift Person Above You" threads of 2011 Christmas event, these community members:
dlanbu - Teal Umbrella, for your ever humorous trolling, left message: Did someone say penguin? User Image
Viridis Aureus- Vintage Polka-dotted Yellow Stepford Dress, for a poignant discussion on matters of receiving the same presents over and over.
ProjectAliceRE - House Bunny outfit, for fulfilling a wishlist item!
For these Gaians, for presents I can't recall: whee
Vanilla Mousse, guest421212, and mahareta, who left this message:
I hope you like what I chose for you.
All the best for 2012! smile

BURN guild's Secret Santa event is quite the intrigue! Extra commendations for organizers elyzia & aka_vashy13 and these gifters:
aka_vashy13 - Poko of the Jenday Couture. I'm surprised, because I received the gift the day I added the bird onto my wishlist. whee
My secret santa gifter luclkly - Spirited 2k8 Candycane Dress & Peridot High Elf Bodice. Despite the delay (and despite having owned a candycane dress), I recall the moment [eons ago] I first acquired the Candycane Dress at a mere 250g. It inflated to degrees of who knows where...

Generous community members:
The Saving Grace - Geronimo High Uniform Shirt
Kuroi Suishou - Celestial Veil
Kurai_Pandie / Shuiyu - Pinot Noiress, Ponzu the Panda, 50k, for getting me into the vending trend emotion_awesome
Leirus Non-Mercy - Kaleidoscope Vision, for getting into the holiday spirit
moonlite dreamer - Romantic Dreams Air. Indeed, I have found something missing from my invo! yum_puddi
xX_Nemesis_Dolor_Xx, for filling my crave for yellow Piyodamari chicks. emotion_c8
xx_Hiver_xx - for humorously adding extra Black lowtoppies with my purchase of yellow lowtoppies whee
Rubber Squibs - Mister Moneybags, of shopkeeping encounter
LadiiEshh - Sword in the Stone - for Titan killing excusions
FIREinthySKIES - Indigo Dripping Candles
` ll [ E d w a r d ] - Paramour's Break - (11/19/14) I was surprised by this
Utopia - Elfenmar - her new item design!
Pwnder - Mythril Coin (500,000,000g) for guild Lunar New Year

An extra special Christmas 2014 crying
IVIiku - Headless Marie -
""I'll send your gift early, no need to return it. "

Fudge you and your sweet smooth talk! Its too effective!

(Open when you feel like it....your Christmas gift)"
Silverlight Symphony -
"Merry Christmas Twins! biggrin "
I honestly didn't expect an Ivory Bundle, it was the strangest yet appreciable item that brought me closer to meeting other AvA regulars like Silverlight. Thank you for your thoughtfulness!
non-objective - Starlit Promise - It's been a good six months (maybe more?) since I met nonny, a fine cosplayer with a touch of patience and being well-rounded with a trove of gaming/character references.
"Mele kalikimaka!"
Starshine - Maestro Conductor
moonlite dreamer - Periwinkle Riding Hood
Shuiyu - Daffodil Bunny Earmuffs - It's been a while since we've talked but thanks for the late Christmas present!
Utopia - A la Fondue
"Ho ho ho right back at you! biggrin ! "
Redwing Rogue - Traveler of the Tundra!
Revolution Gaia Guild - Ever since the guild was established, the moderators have hosted many reputable user-run events and kept the spirit of GO alive. Thank you for the GoFusion Gold Charm Pack!
^Thanks so so much for keeping the spirit of pixels and my passion for Avatar layering alive. OTL

Anons, oh how you surprise me. yum_puddi
Anonymous - Charcoal Turtleneck Sweater, left this message: "I'm watching you..."
Anonymous - Evergreen Chained Beast
Anonymous - Brown Solar Flare Belly Tattoo
Anonymous - Starter Zombie Smasher, left this message:
Hello there, I'm the Doctor! Just the Doctor. Sorry I can't stay around to chat, in a bit of a rush, off saving the universe, but I want you to take this. Merry Christmas, and if you see trouble, run!

~~The Doctor
Anonymous - Green Solar Flare Belly Tattoo, left this message:
Have a happy Apocalypsmas!

Anonymous benefactor - Panda rug, left this message:
Thank you for being a part of the HoC community! From Eldwyn the Bright.
Anonymous - Cravate Demonique
Anonymous - Xmas 2k12 Bah! Humbug!
Anonymous - Ocean Beach Sandals
Anonymous - A New Year, left this message:
I just wanted to say that I am absolutely enraged that I have not seen your guides earlier.
I usually don't gush, but I lo-lo-love them!~ heart
Words can not express my appreciation of your hard work and dedication to updating them.
Okay.. maybe a mini-crush going on here. sweatdrop
Since I'm not doing so good here, here's an item! xd
Anonymous - Deen's Potion + Captain Clarino

User Image
Many thanks to these Gashamon League donors, who made the group possible with trainer sprites:

Malevolents -- 40k sprites contribution tipped to Digital Octopus
Flz -- 20k payment for sprites contribution tipped to Digital Octopus
moonlite dreamer -- Evening Star Sister, payment for Dark-Velvet-Revolver
Sodafop -- 4k payment for individual sprite by Digital Octopus
Its Meark -- 9k, payment for Dark-Velvet-Revolver
Nummymuffin -- 6k sprites contribution
deuces niqqa / jaIouse -- 25k sprites contribution
pilotslover -- 20k sprites contribution
Uleaux / Ensavondel -- 10k sprites contribution
Utopia -- 10k sprites contribution
Galavantman -- 9k sprites contribution
Kuyusi -- 4k sprites contribution
Kimiko Doll -- 10k sprites contribution

As for Gashamon Tournament:
Uleaux / Ensavondel - 20k sprites contribution (early tip)
moonlite dreamer - 15k sprites contribution
... as well as sprite artists Hot Caffeinated Cree, Marionette Fantasia, and Utopia!

2_twins in a ball
Community Member
2_twins in a ball
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