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The taillights faded in the distant, leaving the gnome in the dark alone. He quickly emerged from his plastic state and pranced about turning on the porch light. He frolicked in the garden eating aphids and daisies. All was well and blissful, when a thunk and a scitter was heard from the shadows. The gnome hugged the wall and called out to the darkness. Silence. He scooted along till he saw to small beady eyes in the shadows. Startled, the gnome jumped into the nearest bush, which ended up being a thorn bush. The gnome watched from his painful hiding place. The porch light clicked off, blinding the gnome with darkness. He strained to see the creature and was granted light when it walked into the sensor. Quickly recognizing the creature he jumped from the bush, greeting the creature merrily. The weasel shyed away, frightened. The weasel sniffed the smiling gnome and realized it was a friend. The gnome embraced the weasel, leaving her rather astonished. He motioned for the weasel to follow him, as he skipped off. The weasel did so with little hesitation. They reached his pedestal, which he showed her with great pride. He lifted it revealing a treasure trove of lost trinkets and knick knacks. The weasel sniffed them and picked up a locket, quickly taking a liking to it she motioned for the gnome to follow her. The weasel lead the gnome threw several groves of trees and up and down hills till they got to a hollowed tree stump. The weasel dropped the locket in and jumped in herself. Flustered, the gnome peeked in the small hole hoping to get something in return for his locket. The weasel emerged with an old belt buckle with faded words, and rust. The gnome quickly took it and smiled, approving of the trade. Sensing daylight, the gnome quickly bid the small creature farewell, before he ran towards his home. The gnome hurried along, his house in view. He broke through the grove and found the place where his pedestal was empty, and all his trinkets stolen. He cursed to himself in his gnomish language. He frantically looked around for his pedestal but it was too late, the sun broke through the trees, engulfing the gnome in light. In a bright flash all that was left was a pile of ash, only to be swept away by the wind.

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