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I'll be writing stories and peoms mostly. Feel free to comment on what you think of my stuff.
Adle's Sadness
Ellie and I had been friends for as long as I could remember. It was our twelfth birthday and Father was driving us to the arcade. We were talking about how exiting our next school year would be, when Dad started jerking around like crazy. His eyes rolled to the back of his head. The car didn't stop, it went faster and faster. It didn't want to stop. Were it went, it was hard to tell with the tears in my eyes and hearing all the honking of cars, and screaming of Ellie and other by standers. I heard a sick snapping and crunching sound and every thing went black.
I saw only blackness, and felt cold. As my vision faded I saw a pale hand reach down to me from above. The had reached mine and pulled me to my feet, I almost fell because I was so weak. As I hung onto my head, I felt something warm. It frightened me into a sort of forced awareness. I looked up and saw a man about seventeen, with shaggy black hair that was long enough to cover his eyes, he smiled at me and put his hand on my forehead and said something in a cold smooth voice that I couldn't understand. I fell.
When I awoke I saw that I was in a seat. A car seat. I remembered what happened.
"Ellie!" I shouted. My voice was horse and it wasn't really a shout, more of a shocked whisper.
I looked to my left. I saw the same man again.
"what are you doing to my friend! Leave her alone!"
"What friend? She has already left you." He said, in the same cold smooth voice.
He bent down to pick her up, but his fingers seemed to slip right through her bloody and broken body. He then lifted a clean and healthy little girl out.
"mmm..." she said, her voice like a faded echoing memory,"where..who? Adle? Are you? your....cut...what happened to your....your...your " her voice faded as the man walked a way through the car's and even a few people.
I tried to look at her body but I couldn't even recognize her anymore.My eyes filled with tears once more as I tried to see my father. He wasn't even in the car anymore. The windshield was bloody. I couldn't stand it any more. I tried to move my self into a ball, but I could move. So I just closed my eyes, crying, frightened, and shouting for help.
I woke in the hospital to my mother crying beside me, asking me to wake up repeatedly. I could barley move my arm but it was enough to make my mother look at me.
She grasped my hand gently and said," My baby's a live! She'll be okay...."
" Mom..." I said hoarsely." Dads....hes..." My eyes teared up again. " Mom, his...epilepsy kicked in again...and...we....Ellie..."
" Shush...I know what happened...the Doctors told me everything...I couldn't even look at your father when I got there..." She started crying again.
After a 6 months of recovery for my broken leg, and another 3 for my mind, I went home. It wasn't the same at school everyone felt sorry for me, and we had a memorial built on the school grounds for Ellie. In my Freshmen year, my mom got diagnosed with Cancer. She has been battling with it ever since.
Now I'm in my sophomore year of high school. She's so sick, she has to stay at the hospital. I visit her there every day after school and work on my homework there. I stay there on the weekends and draw with her. I show here how to draw dogs, cats and flowers, different ones every weekend. She's forget almost everything now. All she's been able to remember is that she is sick, has a daughter names Adle and that shes not at home anymore.
Today is the last day of school, to bad I have to miss out on it.
I got a call in the middle of my photography class saying that I must come to the hospital, ASAP. My mother is crying out my name, saying she needs to see me again.
"Mother!" I shouted as I ran Up the stairs to room 134. I turned the corner and I stopped. There before me was the same man that took Ellie, and the one who must have taken my father to.
" You b*****d," I said threw clenched teeth. "You won't take her!"
He looked sad as he said in is icy smooth voice. " Your right, I shouldn't be taking her, but she is suffering. So I must."
Tears of anger and fear of losing my mother running down my cheeks. " She's all I have left! You can't take her too! She needs me, and I need her!"
" Please don't do this to your mother, I know how hard it is to lose some one but please, she's suffering so painfully, this is the only way."
" Just...just let me see her...give her enough time for me to say what I need to, and for her to say the same."
He nodded.
I ran to my mothers room with tears streaking down my face.
" Mom..."
She out stretched her arms and said " please... one more to go?"
" Don't talk like that," I whispered as we hugged. " I'm not going to lose you too.."
" Sweet heart, your not losing me, I'm moving on, and you are to. Though this isn't in the way I intended, you will live a full life, and this will be the last of your sadness I promise you. "
" She's right. I'll make sure of it."
I turned around and there he was standing against the wall.
" no..not yet, she's not done"
" I know that but you pains will be over, I promise you that, you will see me often, but that is because I will protect you when tradigey strikes near your heart."
" How noble of a KILLER to say something like that! You know I don't trust you, and I NEVER will."
" You will see me when you are much older and I'll happly wait for you there and I'll even see you off though you may not see me." she finished what she was going to say as though that man wasn't ever here.
" I'll miss you Adle, stay strong" She nodded as if finely noticed that man was there.
He walked over sadley and touched her forehead, closed her eyes, and touched her mouth.
The machine beep one loud solid beep.
I screamed. As loud and long as I could. As soon as I was out of breath I ran down the halls and out the door and I ran all the way back to my school. It was empty, everyone was gone, even the teachers. I looked back, he was gone. When I turned around again, and started running to get farther and farther away from him, I ran straight into him. My momentum was great enough for me to knock him over. He smiled, a sick smile I thought. I hit him in the jaw. It felt good, I kept hitting and beating at him, though bloody and bruised he was, he kept smiling. That made me madder then ever, so I hit him harder and harder until I nearly broke both of my hands. I stood up and just watched him laying there smiling.
" It felt good, didn't it?" still smiling. " You saw me when you were twelve and still, I look the same. You were the one who's life was ruined, and I was the one who did it. It feels-"
" Why, are you going to beat me to nothing? It feels good, it makes me feel alive again. It makes me want to die again, but I can't."
" Stop taking nonsense!"
" I KILL PEOPLE! It's my JOB! I don't get paid money or life! I get to die! Over and Over again! I get to watch people die. Do you THINK that I wanted this?"
" Yes."
" Or what? You'll kill me? No one will miss me, no one will be there to care."
" You are the one speaking nonsense girl!"
"what nonsense. I'm telling the truth. Everyone I was close to is dead. If I die, I'll see them again."
" You won't. I won't let you die." He sat up." I watched you grow up, you were a sweet and kind girl. But my job wasn't to let you live, I shouldn't have let you live. I was ment to let you die in that crash. Your mother would have killed herself you and your father both died."
" You let me...live?"
"Save my mother, not me. That's what you should have done."
He got up and walked toward me. And said " You're giving up, aren't you?" He wave his arm across his face and his bruises and cuts were gone.
"No. I'm simply moving on."
" Give me your hands."
I held them out to him. He grabbed them and held them for a moment, healing them. He moved closer to me.And asked if I really did want to. I nodded. He leaned in very close to me and put his hand behind my head. He came even closer and whispered " I'm sorry." Then, he kissed me.It was painful. My life force was being drawn out of my body. Slowly but surly I was dieing.

_-This was written for a writing contest, please post what you think, it'd be much appreciated .-__

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