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The Adventures Of The Black Pearl Crew
An account of the adventures that befall the Pirates of the Black Pearl as the sail the Caribbean and beyond.
The Begining Of A New Era (Part Two)
Jack: “I propose we set sail for Tortuga, the EITC wouldn't dare go there unprepared and by the time they are prepared we will be gone, agreed?”

Moon: “Uh yeah, agreed! To Tortuga!”

Jack: “Wonderful, Swann ready the sails! Moon do the dishes! I'll steer! onwards to Tortuga!”

Moon: “Reporting for duty Captain!”

Jack: “Arh good you finished the dishes, can ye now look through the spy glass too see if you see Tortuga, according to the map it should be around here somewhere.”

Moon: “Aye Aye sir!” *peers through spyglass* “Captain! I see it! We can make port North-East of here!”

Jack: “At last we are nearly there!” *Sets a course for North-East* “The only trouble we can expect in Tortuga is from drunken pirates and thieves, we won't have too worry about the EITC there.”

Moon: “Phew! Drunken Pirates and thieves I can handle, I do live with you!” *Winks* “So where shall we go? The bar perhaps? Or that Smuggler's Cave over there” *points to cave*

Jack: “Hmm.... I think we should go to the cave, I do love caves, especially caves full of smuggled goods, would be best to leave the Pearl here and travel over by boat, Swann you can guard the ship again, Moon you can come with me,” *Jack makes his way down to the boat and Moon helps him lower it into the water* “lady's first.”

Moon: “Thank you” *hops into boat*. Jack climbs down The Pearl into the boat. They both row over to the entrance of the cave. It's pitch black inside. Moon takes some liquid courage *rum* and offers it to Jack.

Jack: “Thanks love, we best be quiet now, there could be people still here,” *They quietly go further into the cave down a narrow corridor*

Moon: Moon lights an old rag on the floor and aluminates the narrow corridor. She turns to Jack. ''Captain, do you want to go back for Swann?''

Jack: “Good idea we could use some light down here, I wouldn't risk leaving the ship alone, not when were so close to Tortuga, she'll get a fair share of the loot, I'm sure she won't mind,” *And so they go further in, soon they see another light up ahead and quickly put out there own, then they here voices and slowly make there way towards them, they come out into a massive cavern full of boxes and barrels, a group of smugglers seem to be arguing over something, Jack and Moon hide behind one of the crates*

Elizabeth: Elizabeth sat down on a barrel on the deck. She sighed a little bit and twirled her hair in her finger. Just as she was about to think that she should have gone along instead of staying back and guarding the ship, she heard people talking. It sounded like a man. He was talking about taking one of the ships. She peeked over the railing and stared at him.
"Yes. Yes this one will do just fine." He pointed towards the Pearl, not noticing her. "Doesn’t look like anyone is guarding it." He smiled evilly and began to walk up the gang plank. Elizabeth growled a little in annoyance and pulled her sword out, walking towards the man. "I don't think you have permission to be aboard here." She said in a warning tone.
"Oh. Look. It's just a little girl." He laughed. Elizabeth gasped and swung her sword at the mans head. He ducked and pulled out his own sword. He was just a little bit quicker then her and caught her off guard. She tripped and fell down right at his feet. The man roughly grabbed her and hauled her away, without her sword.

Moon: They sit there quietly, listening to the Smugglers. It's difficult to make out words but one word grabbed Moon's attention *Koh-i-Noor*. Moon gazes at Jack in disbelief. ''Did they say what I think they said'' she whispers to him.

Jack: “Now I'm intrigued” said Jack, suddenly footsteps could be heard running down the narrow tunnel they had come through into the cavern, Jack and Moon hid out of sight and in ran another smuggler, he shouted to the others that there was a ship not far from the cave and a boat, just outside the cave, "Oh bugger" whispered Jack, the smugglers ran out of the cavern.

Moon: ''Bugger, what if they know we're here?'' Moon says. But Jack was already rummaging through the crates. Moon joins him, looking for this item. ''If it really is the Koh-i-Noor, we'll make a fortune!'' she says. Suddenly they hear the sounds of footsteps coming up behind them.

Jack: "They do know were here, they just don't know where, *Jack pulls back some Red silk to reveal the shinning diamond* "but from the sounds of things they do now", Jack says as he and Moon turn around, slipping the diamond into his back pocket as he does so and closing the lid of the box, the smugglers arrive back in the cavern and see Jack and Moon standing in amongst the crates, they all pull out there guns and start shouting at them, the leader of the group quietens them down and asks "What are ye doing here?"

Moon: Moon and Jack shift around awkwardly, trying to find a way out of this. ''Um.......'' *shifty eyes* Moon notices a barrel of gunpowder on the floor. She nudges Jack with her elbow and motions toward the barrel and the torch.

Jack: Jack looks at it out of the corner of his eye and then makes his way over to it making sure not to alert them of his intentions, "Gentlemen. There comes a time in ones life when they must put down there guns and think it would be foolish..." He sits down on the barrel and takes out the diamond "...to blow up that which you hold so dear to your heart" The smugglers then point there weapons at Moon instead, the leader shouts out "Step away from the barrel or I'll blow your friend here to worlds end" Jack then picks up the torch and gets ready to light the barrel, "Put down your weapons or else I'll blow up the diamond"

Moon: The smugglers think about it, deciding whether the pirate will carry out his threat or not. *BANG!* One of the guns goes off and hits Moon in the leg. She falls down on the ground and yells to Jack ''Do it Captain!''

Jack: Jack looks horrified, he set a light too the barrel, thinks twice about losing the diamond and reaches into the flames and grabs it, he rolls the flaming barrel into the group of smugglers and jumps over to where Moon is shielding her from the blast, the barrel explodes just as it reaches the men, they all go up in a big explosion, "Minus the leg injury that went rather well" said Jack getting to his feet pocketing the diamond and helping Moon to her feet, "We'd better get back to the ship and get into Tortuga to find a doctor" said Jack and they made there way back down the tunnel to the boat.

Moon: As they reach The Pearl, they spot Smugglers on the ship. ''Damn it!'' says Moon ''I can't fight much, I can barely stand! You go ahead Captain'' She grabs a musket from the bottom of the boat ''Help Elizabeth, I'll take care of anyone who tries to escape''

Jack: "Ok" Jack says too Moon and silently rows the boat as close to the pearl as possible and climbs up the rope, he pokes his head over the side and spots a smuggler with his back too him and two more standing over Swan who had been tied up, Jack climbs aboard and silently knocks out the bloke with his back to him, "You don't want to be doing that mates" He says too the smugglers standing over Swan.

Elizabeth: Elizabeth smiled when she saw Jack, but the smugglers pulled out their swords

Jack: Jack did the same and charged at them, one went for his head and so he ducked, and rolled coming to a stand in front of the other one, after clashing swords for a while he manages to knock the smugglers sword out of his hand, he then kicks the guy overboard into the sea, Jack turns around to find the other smuggler holding Elizabeth and his sword up to her throat, "Drop your weapon or the lady gets it" Jack drops his sword to the ground.

Elizabeth: Elizabeth attempted to free herself but the smuggler pressed the sword harder on her neck. She couldn't quite reach her pistol, but she wondered if Jack had his on him. She noticed it tucked in his belt and looked back at the smuggler who was motioning for his friends to join him.

Jack: Jack thinks about using his pistol, but doesn't want to take the risk of shooting Elizabeth, he looks for another option, he notices that the two of them are stood underneath some rigging, he motions with his eyes to Elizabeth who understands what he is looking at, he pulls out his pistol and fires at the rope holding up a sail, it falls down and the smuggler lets go of Elizabeth, she runs over to Jack and misses the sail as it falls onto all of the smugglers, Jack unties Elizabeth and together they begin dealing with the smugglers.

Elizabeth: Elizabeth pushed two of the men overboard and began to fight the remaining two with the help of Jack.

Jack: Jack and Elizabeth use all there knowledge of swordplay to deal with the last smugglers, Jack goes over too the side of the Pearl and looks at Moon who is unconscious in the boat, "We need to get her to shore right away to see a doctor" Elizabeth nods and they both get into the boat and row into Tortuga, they get out and carry Moon around looking for someone with medical knowledge.

Elizabeth: "Here." Elizabeth pointed towards the small building that she thought might be the doctors office. She pushed the door open to see a older man sitting in a large desk.
"Your a doctor?" She asked him. He nodded and stood up.

Jack: "Quickly doctor you've got to help us, she's been shot in the leg and has lost a lot of blood" Jack said as Elizabeth helped him put Moon on the desk, The doctor nodded, "Because I work in Tortuga I've become a specialist at dealing with gun shot wounds", he moved around Moon studying the wound, "She'll be fine you have nothing to worry about, the musket ball hasn't gone that far in, if you two would like to wait in the waiting room, by tomorrow I can assure you she will be up and walking again, and so Jack and Elizabeth wait.

To be continued…

The Begining Of A New Era (Part One)
After a brief chase around the Caribbean Jack Sparrow manages to regain the Black Pearl from Barbossa but the crew remain faithful to him leaving Jack crewless, he sails around ports looking for crews worthy to sail with him, he finds Moon a fine lady who knows how to run a ship and so he invites her too the crew as his First Mate and not long after that Elizabeth Swann joins the crew as well hoping to find Will out at sea.

We join our adventurers as they plan what to do next:

Jack: “We got all the seas to escape too, where do you want to go to find some gold to plunder?”

Moon: “Hmmm..........Port Royal perhaps? I hear it's nice this time of year!”

Jack: “Sure”, *Sets sail for Port Royal* “With only three crew members it could be tough controlling the Pearl but I'm sure we'll manage.”

Moon: “You can do it! You're Captain Jack Sparrow! Haven't you sailed a ship with just yourself and Will Turner before?”

Jack: “I have yes! “we” can do it you mean, I'm not doing it alone.”


Jack: “I can see Port Royal on the horizon.”

Moon: “At last! I was starting to feel seasick! Where shall we get our plunder?”

Jack: “Well I think we should try a small tavern away from the fort or else the East Indian Trading Company will overpower us.”

Moon: “Agreed. Is Elizabeth not joining us on this raid?”

Jack: “But its best to have someone stay behind to guard the ship, I see a place over there *Points* Royal Anchor it be called, lets go in there.”

Moon: “Aye, she'll do a fine job guarding The Pearl . Captain, do you ever worry about running into Barbossa again?”

Jack: “No of course not, why would I? You distract the bar man while I take the money behind the till.”

Moon: “Will do!” *chats flirtatiously to barman*

Jack: “Excellent”, *Sneaks behind the bar while the bar man is distracted and starts looking for items too take* an EITC soldier walks into the bar, "I'll have a glass of rum please" he said, "Coming right up sir" said Jack while pouring the rum out and handing it over and then taking the money and putting it straight in his pocket, "Do I know you?" said the soldier, "Of course not" replied Jack and the soldier left, Jack then continued to rummage for more loot, putting it all in a bag and then headed over to the door whistling to alert Moon that it was time to leave.

Moon: Moon understands Jack's signal and tries to get away from barman. Barman is persistent and refuses to leave Moon alone. Moon signals to Jack for help!

Jack: Jack sees moons signal and heads over to her trying to conceal the bag behind him, "I'll have a bottle of rum please mate" the barman nods and continues to talk to Moon,” Now would be nice" the barman looks as if he wants to say something and thinks better of it, he then gets a bottle and hands it to Jack, Jack takes it, downs it and then smashes the bottle over the barman’s head, "Run!" he shouts to moon.

Moon: Moon links Jack's arm and runs as fast as her legs will carry her. Thinking they were in the clear, she slows down to a walk and turns a corner. A group of EITC soldiers are waiting for them, muskets in Jack and Moon's faces. Moon looks at Jack, hoping he'll have some mad scheme to get out of this.

Jack: "Oh bugger" said jack, the EITC soldier from the tavern was amongst them and he said "I knew that I recognised you, Jack!" "Well know, you boys don't won't to harm me or the fine lady here do ye now?" Jack said trying to come up with a way out, and then he saw it, "Its a fine thing rum, eh? he said as he pulled out his sword and chopped at a rope that was tying up a load of rum barrels, they all tumbled down upon the EITC soldiers and Jack and Moon ran back to the ship.

Moon: As they hop on the ship, Moon hugs Jack *huggie* ''Captain, you're a genius!'' She grabs a bottle from behind her back and hands it to him. Into his hands she places a bottle of rum which she took from the barman.

Jack: “Thank ye, just what I needed. Take your pick out of the loot we got and lets get out of here before the EITC get over here”, and so the adventurer’s head back out to sea, a little bit richer.

-I Cptn J Sparrow I-
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-I Cptn J Sparrow I-
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