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Black Book Well...its black...and...it has paper in it...and that paper has ink on it in a neat style to where it looks like words and says something...and then there are eyeballs scanning it...reading those neat words...and...i dunno from there...

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Mischivous and Insane. Viewer descretion is advised.
His hand pressed in the small of my back, such a weak spot for me, he knows, I attempted to suppress a moan, but it only resulted in an even louder and more pleasing sound than anticipated. A smile came to his features as he kissed up my bare chest and whispered, "I love you."

The next day, we walked from our room hand-in-hand. He was so bouncy and giggly; I couldn't help but laugh and flirt with him. The previous night had been an amazing experience for us both, even if nothing ever got past his ninja boxers or the roses on mine. It was different. He is an all-star pitcher, and I am the bada** catcher, but we relaxed last night and kept it soft and easy.
"Pssh... Juliet is such a poser. If anything, she just wants Romeo for his body. I think he should totally ditch the b***h and hook up with Mercutio. A plague on both your houses? Yeah, after those two beasts are done rearranging the cheap bedsheets," Cody said and smirked as we walked into the lobby. All of the students looked our way at the interjection to a conversation that obviously was not wanting a turn in that direction, and Cody answers them with a sly smile on his face, "I'm just saying."
We walk to the counter holding various drink machines and begin preparing tea. I giggled to myself a little bit, and his eyes fall on me, and he says in his own alluring tone, "Come on, Talon, you know it's true."
I nodded. You have to admit, it is. "Romeo is a sexy beast. He shouldn't become weary on something that is only there to get knocked up for her screwed up family."
Cody nodded in approval, "You see?" He smiles teasingly at me as I take a sip of my hot drink, completely lost in my own world. He gently placed two fingers to my Adam's apple before I could swallow and pulled my cup down as he placed his lips to mine and gently parted them. The sweet liquid poured into his mouth as he kisses me, and he smiles and whispers softly onto my lips, "You taste so amazing; I can hardly taste the tea."
I smiled softly and trailed my tongue along corner of his mouth where the tea had escaped.
A few of the girls stopped short of whatever they were doing and stared at us, wide-eyed and drooling, hile others blushed and walked away only to peek through windows. The guys either glared at us or gave us disgusted looks. One of the bigger guys with a stern face and large body features began to walk up, and I quickly pulled a necklace with an iron cross dangling on it out of my back pocket and chuck it at him while yelling, "Begone, Satan!"
Cody tilted his head and spoke matter-of-factly, "Oh, wait, you're a football player." And with that, we ran from the lobby laughing and in each others' arms.
Mishivous and insane, that pretty much wraps us up.

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