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p.s. i still love you
i wanna see your face
smeered across the human race
being devoured by the brainless
and riped up by the blameless
but did i mention that
i still love you? heart

id like to see you on your nees
begging begging 'pretty please'
while the floor drops out
and you flail about
but i still love you heart

i see you walking twords you death
and i smile at the golden flame
as you step off and take your blame
screamin screaming out your pain
but i reached down
and pull you up
becuse that would just be ******** up
especially scince
i still love you heart
but hell yeah ,im pissed

i imagen you reading this
i see the emotions in your eye
yes i wrote this just for you
in your honor (that'll do)
so from me to you
i give you this
and please dont forget that im pissed
P.S. i still love you heart heart

words are simple and easy to say
a master can say them all day
without anyone suspecting
without anyone even guessing
that all they are is words

say the right thing and a person is yours heart
say the wrong and a person is gone cry

words are simple and eazy to say
how are we to know
what to really say?
yes or no
or your a ******** ho?
why are words so simple and eazy to say

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Community Member
only 3
im only three
and momy smiles at me
i play with my toy
and be a good little boy
while dady yells at momy

im only three
and momy crys out my name
i run to her side
and see what she needs
while momys side bleeds

im only three
and momys on the floor
i look up at dady
and he stars down at me
while momy gasps out for help

im only three
and daddy picks me up

im only three
and daddy throws me in the truck

im only three
and dady swerves all around

im only three
and the truck comes off the ground

im only three
and my seatbelts not on

im only three
and i deid

i am not her
i am gigglez not jessica
jessica is gone
and she will never come back
gigglez is here and will never go
why? you ask.
well let me explain
u see jessica has too mutch personal pain
and gigglez has so mutch more to gain
so gigglez got over jessicas fix
and now shes here to be a savior
becuse jessica needed help with her behavior
do you understand? please say you do
o... well i break it down some more
jessica was sad and scared
but she couldent tell anyone
so she just stared
not undrestanding
and un feeling
so she came up with a solution
becuse she wanted to feel
so she just put her memories aside
and it was sutch a fun ride
that she put her name away
and so gigglez is hear today
dont get me wrong
jessica is gigglez
but gigglez is not her
and i am gigglez so jessica is no more

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