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Keliptis's Journal
i like to write what ever it is at the moment that i think
A Nightmare
So I haven't had a nightmare in ages or dreams dreams to me became nightmares, I get plagued with them awake all the time xD im a bit messed in the head and I know it. Yea its bad but think it all started when i lost my hearing. xD

But last night I had a nightmare not one of those few second ones that you wake up from and its over. But one of those never could get out of. Every time I woke up and went back to bed it was in the same area where i had woke at before.

It was one of those so real nightmares one thats real beyond real. I ended up killing some guy took his head off then a few days later he showed up alive. But didn't do nothing but go on like id never had killed him. But as my mind clicked that I had killed him he started hunting me. Never did he kill me just hurt me. Caused me to suffer more and more. Untill seeing him became a nightmare all its own.

It was death that would never come instead it took everything you have away and locked it up. The nightmare had became a nightmare all its own. I could never give a picture to his face even now its blank tho the pain stills there.

The last thing was I woke up with him and was unable to hear. And all this nameless shadow did was smile and leave me where i sat. I walked out of the room and down the hall and out to the road.

When finally it was morning and I woke up it hurt my whole body was sore. My mind was in a cloud surrounded by fog. Every movement caused pain and every thought was suffering. It was almost as tho id not have got out at all but rather was still there. Even tho i was awake.

I understand what it means what the dream was, sadly that was my life, a life where death was so close yet so far. Impossible to remove, but if one fears death they fear life and are unable to live.

However I cant throw away this nightmare.

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