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This is gonna be about me.How i act,what i do,the websites i go on...all that crap.Well,to me its not crap xp Post comments if you want,but no nasty ones please.Hehe,i dont know,but how many people have over 1,808 gold.Yeah,go ahead and say you have more,but no saying it in a mean way.I swear,if i see any mean comments,they go out the door arrow Well i have not played zOMG! yet.So no zOMG! items.Ya,i stay on gaia.Mabye i might start zOMG! sometime...i just need gold.this is gonna be funI have alot of items.Copy this if you wanna see my house http://www.gaiaonline.com/homes?user=19365791 It is cool to meno mean comments about it pleaseMy car is kinda cool.Also,i have my gaia license.I know alot about that kinda stuff.Im on gaia alot,BUT,sometimes i am on Kongregate.My user name on Kong,is Pikachu_slapping.Wanna know why?My pic is a pikachu slapping a pikachu. rofl Yeah...im level 13 on Kong! I rock.Ya,and i have an acount on whirled.com.Its a cool website,but can get laggy.Also it is hard to change your user name.you need an email to sign upAlso,dont fret,i am nowhere near done.you can fret nowYou can friend me.please doI hate it when people say"There is NO WAY i will friend YOU!"HATE'EM!So dont be like that please.Well its starting to get long now.finger cramps!Yeah so if typos come,PUT UP WITH IT!Well,im running out of stuff to type....leave comments please.I like a comment range from 3 to 5 in the nice meter.Anything below three is gonna be deleted.Range one example"YOU SUCK *****!"Wait...that is 0...Okay,so cursing is 0-2.There.You bored yet?this is a test of your bordomWow.That is alot of stuff.Gonna give up?I got alot coming.Well boredom.I cant think of anything.Hehe,LIE!Hehe...Now post if you have any ideas.Well,also!Post and tell me if you can edit a entry.Well bye for now!

Im back.Only from a few hours ago.And I still have not played zOMG! I am not gonna be writing for awhile after this entry.So hope I will be back on friday.It is monday right now.So expect some more BOREDOM!Hehe.I cant belive im torturing you.Im sorry if your bored,but I have to write about this stuff.Like I said,it is a test of your boredom.Can you read to the end?Try my test!It will teach you how to read,and lets you see meh life.ONLINE lifeSo I will be back to type some more stuff.So I am forced to say GOOD BYE.to any of you that are happy about this...I WILL HUNT DOWN YOUR RELATIVES AND SQUASH EM.I WILL SHAVE YOUR CATS!!!!!!Bye now.

Now for more typing.Time for teh BOREDOM!Now im gonna Lolz now.LOLLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOL.Bored yet?Hehe...On kong,i got LVL 14
Hehe...YALL SUCK UNDER MEH!Now i forget what i was gonna say.Bored yet?lolololololoololololololololololololololololololololol.Bye now.Same warning as up in the second paragraph.

Ryuu Kana
Ryuu Serema
Ryuu Kiha
Ryuu Fonture
All my brothers and sisters.

Ryuu kana
Community Member
Ryuu kana
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  • [07/14/09 11:57pm]

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