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Ch.13 Peace and Love
It had been three days since Toushiro told Kyakou his true feelings towards her, and Kyakou and Toushiro were officially dating. It was a quiet and peaceful afternoon in Seireitei, and all of the captains were off duty and were enjoying themselves doing his/her own thing. Rangiku was ordered by Toushiro to go out and have a good time with the other female soul reapers and do whatever it was that he thought Rangiku would do on her day off.

Meanwhile, Toushiro and Kyakou were sitting on the couch in Toushiro's office, making out for the 50 millionth time, and they were enjoying it dearly, especially Toushiro. ''Wow, this is like the best time of the day to kiss like this.'' Kyakou said as she was trying to catch her breath.

''I know, especially when we can love each other in peace without Rangiku or anyone else bardging right in on us.'' Kyakou giggled at the statement, but she had to agree with Toushiro, it WAS very nice when they could do things like this without interruptions from anyone or anything. And the best part was, all of the captains, including head-captain Yamamoto, have all forgotten about the hollow incident with Kyakou, so it was the perfect time to be with her Toushiro.

Toushiro scooted himself even closer to Kyakou, he leaned his head onto her shoulder, and started peppering her neck with soft, gentle kisses, which moved up to her jaw bone, to her cheek, and back onto her lips; it was one of his favorite ways of showing his love to her, and Kyakou responded to it by leaning her head down and kissing Toushiro on the cheek as well. Toushiro then started to poke Kyakou on the side playfully, which made Kyakou shiver alittle, and she did the same thing to Toushiro, but nothing happened. Then Toushiro poked her again, only this time it made Kyakou giggle alittle.

Toushiro was wondering why she was acting so strange everytime he poked her in that one spot, then, a little red flag popped in his head, and he knew what it was. Kyakou was ticklish; oh how fun this would be for him. ''Kyakou....are you ticklish?'' ''No! Of course not.'' Kyakou responded in a bit of a shock. ''Are you sure? Cause I think you are.'' Toushiro said with a mischievious grin on his face.

And before she could prepare herself, Toushiro lunged at her, managing to get on top of her and hold her down, and mercilessly started to tickle her on the sides, on the stomach, and wherever else he could get her, and Kyakou could do nothing but wiggle around under him. ''HAHAHAHA Please STOP!!!! AHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!'' Kyakou couldn't get Toushiro off of her, all she could do was laugh and laugh.

Toushiro was clearly having too much fun, but he couldn't help it, he thought that Kyakou's laugh sounded so adorable and cute, and he too couldn't help but chuckle at how helpless Kyakou looked, along with with a big smile on his face. And soon, he finally stopped; not only because she could barely breathe, but because tears were coming out of her eyes from laughing so much. Kyakou panting and gasping for air, and managed to sit up and wipe the tears away. ''That's not fair, your'e not ticklish anywhere.'' Kyakou said cheerfully, still trying to catch her breath.

''I'm sorry Kyakou, but I couldn't help it, your laugh is so cute. And plus, just because I'm not ticklish doesn't mean I don't have any weaknesses, I'm sure you'll find it soon, you know?'' Toushiro said reasuringly. ''Yeah, your'e right.'' Kyakou said with a smile.

Toushiro smiled back, he leaned over to kiss Kyakou gently on the forehead before laying back on the couch and resting his head on Kyakou's lap, and Kyakou placed her hand on his stomach, and placed the other hand in his soft, fluffy white hair, stroking his hair softly and smiling down at him. ''I love you Kyakou, so much.'' Toushiro said softly. ''I love you too Toushiro, even more.'' Kyakou said back, still smiling at him. Toushiro smiled back at her, and he placed his hand on top of Kyakou's; he loved how Kyakou's eyes were always so shiney, even when there wasn't any light at all, his eyes were starting to fill with sleep, and soon enough, Toushiro's emerald eyes fluttered shut and he was sound asleep. Kyakou kept smiling at him, still stroking his hair softly, and she even decided to take a nap with him.

Kyakou managed to lift Toushiro up bridal-style off of her lap, and layed back on the couch and placed her sleeping ice prince next to her without waking him up. Kyakou rapped one arm around Toushiro's back, allowing Toushiro to rest his head on her arm, and the other was resting on his torso. Her hand was gently rubbing his stomach in a calm, soothing motion.

Kyakou started humming a calm melody to help Toushiro sleep more soundly, and Toushiro smiled softly in his sleep from the melody Kyakou was singing. And soon, Kyakou also started to feel sleepiness, and before falling asleep, she leaned down and kissed Toushiro ever so gently on the forehead, and she nuzzled his face affectionately before finally drifting off to sleep.

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