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It's All About My Life...
It's not like I'm going to tell all things about my life to all of you.. but maybe writing will let my heart feel more happier. that's all...
Seigaku Game:

You can watch the video on how to play this game here!

1. One of the players yells "SEIGAKU GAME!!"
2. The others answer "YAY!!"
3. The one who yelled in step 1 says the first name of anyone and points
4. The person who is pointed answers back with the second name the person in step 3 said.
5. Now, the difficult part: The person who is pointed by the one in step 4 DOSEN'T ANSWER. THE 2 PERSONS THAT ARE BESIDE HIM OR HER DO.
6. The person who was pointed in step 5 starts again the game by saying other name (or the name that just passed, it dosen't matter).

- - - - - - - - - - - - - -


Inui Sadaharu ¦ rikutsu janai (its illogical)
Fuji Shuusuke ¦ Tsubame Gaeshi
Kikumaru Eiji ¦ Kikumaru Beam
Kawamura Takashi ¦ Burning!
Ooishi Shuichiro ¦ kara kara kara
Momoshiro Takeshi ¦ Don!
Kaidoh Kaoru ¦ Snake Shotto!
Echizen Ryoma ¦ Nyarou! (b*****d)
Tezuka Kunimitsu ¦ Nande yaren!
(Kato Kachiro ¦ Okorareitai)

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