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huggable ghost
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The Beggining
Well most stories and blah , blah, blah, start at the beggining. So here we go, once many a year ago two people decided they loved eachother very much and brought a 3rd little girl into their family...

Ok not working for me ^^ but yea that parts true, followed by the dysfunfionality (hmm is that a word?) that is the rest of my life. Oh well it could be worst. ...Hmm what to say, techincally I should be better at this since I had two other journal entries (now deleted) but those were just venting sessions and sound too depressed and whiny...

Well, I could tell you about my messed up family, odd life, strange mind, who I am in general... or I can contiue like a crazy person talking to herself... desisions desicions.... I was never good at those, but the final option seems like the easiest.

So lets start with one of the simpilest facts about me, I love music. I mean there is most definately peopl who like music more than me I won't deny it. I am not usually the kind who listens to the top 40, though there are a few good songs, not many but some. I am the kind of girl who usually listenins to the radio station nobody else does, starts to sing to myself without realizing it, always has my ipod even if I am not listening to it... just having it is a nice thought to me. Though it can be difficult to resist listening to it constantly.

Hmmm, speaking of comfort I had an odd thoiught the other day, most people have a comfort food and/or drink right? I realized what mine was... root beer... I almost always have one, if I have money at school I buy one, or should there ever be a chance to get one I do. I also find somthing comforting about even holding a popcan or bottle... it's odd. Some may think I may be on the road to being an achoholic but unless there is a drink with root beer in it I probably won't get hooked wink But seriously everytime my bestfriend is buying me a pop (we always buy eachother pop lol) she never even has to ask anymore, I am starting to get predictable... uh oh

I wonder if this can be considered and odd journal entry I don't read many so I wouldn't actually know. I could probably blame being over-tired, I mean when 6 hours of sleep is a good night of sleep you know there's something wrong. But hey it's not my fault I hate sleep, or never can when I want to. I actually sleep better when I stay up later, it's hard to explain but I usually (not all the time sometimes I sleep like a normal person) sleep better the later I stay up, which brings complications with getting up at 6-6:30 in the morning except on weekends.

Well I am going to end this before I continue to rant... oh yes song of the day, which was chosen simply because it was my favorite of the ones I was listening to: Evil Angel by Breaking Benjamin

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