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TesselationRey's Thoughts Ramblings on the Pursuit of Happiness

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Full Name: Melon Ball

Sex: Male

Age: A little over 3000 years old, appears to be only 21

Physical Description: 6'2", 175 lbs, he's tall with shaggy blond hair that will fall over his blue eyes. His build is lean, but muscular. In demon form, his skin tone becomes bluish gray and his musculature becomes more massive. His hair grows longer, more unkempt appearing. His ears become pointed and he grows in height as well (6'10" wink .
*He has the ability to steal energy/ki from anyone he is in contact with
**He is unable to control this ability when in contact with someone whom he loves due to a curse

Occupation: Demon

Catch Phrase: "I'm not one of the good guys. Why do you insist that I am?"

Education: He is 'street wise' in the sense that he has millenniums of wisdom.

Accent: non-distinct

Family History: His mother died when he was young. His father was a carpenter. When he was a teen, he left home to make it on his own as a fighter.

Current Relationships with Family & Friends: His only relationship is that with Tessa. He is conflicted in that relationship because he loves her, but that makes him more of a danger to her.

Notable Events in Life History: He fell for a gypsy psychic 3000 years ago. In an effort to impress her, he fought several matches and won using his abilities, and thus killed his opponents. Seeing what he'd done, the gypsy cursed him. He then killed her by accident as well. Realizing what he'd become, he killed himself, dooming him to hell where he was selected to become a demon.
King Yemma gave him an opportunity to redeem himself and become human again by winning the WMA tournament. There, he met Tessa who beat him and thus they both ended up in Upperworld together.

Moral Beliefs: There are some people who may be undeserving of second chances.

Mode of Transportation: He is able to fly via ki manipulation.

Ambitions: To have his cursed lifted and be a normal human again

Prejudices: He distrusts the kais because he thinks they are prejudiced against him.

Good Points: He would do anything for Tessa, well, almost anything.

Bad Points: He pulls back from Tessa because he thinks it's best for her, and in doing so maybe inadvertently hurting her more.

Sexual History/Relationships: He was an average guy with average relationships until Anya (the gypsy). He never got far with her except for the death stroke kiss.
With Tessa, he has shared a few kisses, but not much more physically intimate. However, they are partially mated through Saiyan ritual. Thus, they are extremely emotionally connected.

Sense of Humor: Very dark at times to average

Philosophy: Consequentialism, he tries to determine how much harm his actions may cause and tries to avoid actions that would result in the most harm, even if the alternative still hurts.

Attitude to Life: He only wishes he could have a purpose in life

Attitude to Romance/Love: It's no longer an option for him because of the curse. Thus his feelings towards Tessa make him feel more like a indentured slave.

Current Romance: He is bonded to Tessa but is afraid to act upon his feelings. He is also extremely frustrated by her own indecisiveness about how exactly she does feel towards him.

Hobbies: Carpentry

Typical Holiday: Reading, relaxing with Tessa

Favorite Foods: Japanese fare

Favorite Film/TV: not particularly interested

Drinking Habits: Abstains

Irritating Habits: He emotionally yo-yos because he is afraid of hurting Tessa but feels unable to leave her

Star Sign: Virgo

If they won the lottery...he'd give it away

Main Character Flaw: He's cursed and thus forced to be withdrawn

Hidden Agenda: To have his curse lifted

Unique Vocabulary: How would they say...
Hello: "Long time, no see."
Goodbye: "It's best this way, I promise."
Thank You: *smiles* "I promise I won't forget you."
Yes: "Yes."
No: "No."
I Love You: "I love you, but you still don't know yourself, do you?"
Go Away: "Leave. J-just go!"
I Hate You: "You know I would never think that of you."
I'm Cold: "When did hell freeze over?"
I'm Hungry: "Anything to eat in this joint?"
You Idiot: "You're a moron."
I'm Tired: "I just spent all night watching you sleep. I'm exhausted."
I'm Drunk: "Why does the punch have a kick?"
Supper: "Nah uh uh. Non-Saiyans first. We like to keep our limbs intact as well as occasionally be fed."

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