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Skin deep.
colors only skin deep
but feelings are world wide ,
you keep them bottled up
like there's no were else to hide
people call you things
they put labels on your past

you want it to go away
but it doesn't it only lasts
the few nights you have alone
you hide inside you room
wondering wats wrong with you
ask why i did that
wat was i thinking

i ******** up my life so much already
my parents are always freaking
witch then leads them to drinking
witch then leads them to suicide
witch then is the last time to look into there eyes

My everything out on the line.

this is my life
this is my story
that's Skip to the end
it gets very gory
you might no me as cutter
you might no me as freak
or you just might no me as the quiet girl
that lives down the street
and yeah maybe your right
i might be all those things
but when it comes to trust
you can always call on me

I think i <3 U
i hear the words
i love you
i hear it every day
every time i hear it
the meaning fades away
its hard for me to see
if your lieing to me
i want it to be true
its just
i'm not used to
someone like you
its hard for me to see
how anyone can love me
i try to be alert
but i always keep geting hurt
i dont want to say
the 3 words i leave a stray
its more than only words can portray
trying to find a way to explain
i just hope how you make me feel never goes away

Super silly
broken glass
slamming doors
very old squeaking floors
not a sight of anyone there
wonders of insanity in the air
pounding drums in my head
i feel like my life's hanging on a thread
Seeing lights fluttering around
then and there i fall to the ground


Lost soul
We all want what we can't imagen
se strive to serve what our eyes can't see
Sin is based on historical deeds.
Giving faith a change to feed of humans hopes and identities.
seeing death or riches of all kind.
Blaming Your "gods" for all the tears cried.
Morning rises, Star go dime.
Only another day that belongs to him(god).

Pop-tart Vomit
Community Member
Pop-tart Vomit
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