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Hello, my journal will mostly have me ranting about random things but i also will post some of my storys or drawings.
Lady Gray's Art Shop
I really don't like having an art shop on the forums, it will always ends up dieing because I'll get interested in something else and forget to bump there or something. So my art shop will be here, like... a private art shop...

TEMPORARILY CLOSED but take a look around anyway^w^
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Lady Gray's Art shop

samples and finished works

I draw anime style that I'm trying to make more realistic (but there’s no way I'd call it realistic) I can do chibi and in fact I can do animals realistically, but only in black and white right now, and I need a direct reference (I would just draw the pic you give me)

I do:
avi art
Oc art
couples (any gender)
fan art
pokemonz+ digimon
realistic animals-click to see sample

I don't do:
those humanoid animal things we call anthro
extreme mecha
Kissing (accept maybe for chibi)
Any sexual kind of poses (I do romantic, cutsie, or flirty)

Avi Art

half body:20k

plain lineart/shadowed line art-

pencil sketches-

Chibis are all fullbody, can be either big feet triangle-y arms or just triangle-y limbs (I hope you know what I mean... I don't know how to explain and samples aren’t up yet) I'm still working on my style for chibis so you may not get what your expecting but if you really dislike ti I will either refund your gold or redo it if you want...
More complex, more money, but overall prices should stay at the minimum.

You will need to send me a pm or put a comment here giving the tektek and item list of whatever avi you want along with what type you want (chibi, halfbody, colored lineart) I will also want to know if there’s any pose you want, any mood/ facial expression you want (bored, flirty...) or anything extra you want.

OC art
Prices are the same as avi art and I would require a reference if you have it, a description of the character (even if you have a reference, I'll need this too), any poses or facial expressions you want and an idea of this person's personality or something about there life that you think I would find helpful.

Couples or groups
Prices would be whatever the cost of one avi in the specific style you want plus half the prices for the additional people (ex-you want three people as sketched half bodies so that’s 6k for the first one, 3k for the second and 3k for the third making your total 12k)

Chibi couples will be 10k colored... but otherwise the prices will work as above. If theres a person next to your avi as part of the avi itself they will be considered a second avi (aka priced as couple pic) but you can have me leave them out.
I'll need information detailed in either the avi section or OC section depending on if there avis or OCs but I will also want to know how they are acting to one another.

I may be willing to do fanart... prices would be the same or more then my regualr because I've gotten quite good at these (I didn't put any of my examples up because I'm planning to sell at Katsucon some year and I Don't want them floating on the internet) I am more likely to accept chibi requests for fanart…

I am perfectly willing to add a pokemon or something into your art (1k for regular, 500g for chibi... maybe more maybe less depending on just how hard it is to draw) If you want just a drawing of a pokemon/digimon, I may do that too. Pm me the pokemon, a pic and a description of what you want it doing or at least the mood (cute, annoyed, pissed off) Prices will be same as chibis.

Do you have a concept for a comic page you want drawn out? Tell me it, I'll try out a concept sketch and if you think It's good I'll make you a comic^w^ I have an example in the arena if you want to see my skill, I'm not sure how much it would cost... we'd have to work it out...

I can draw nature background pretty well (there not quite realistic but they do add something to a pic) and I can also do background effects using Photoshop (this is only available to line art or colored) or I could give you a word balloon.
A drawn background will be 2k extra and background effects will be 1kextra. Word balloons are free to whoever wants them.

Realistic animals
I've drawn my dog, cat and bird plenty of time and think I am ready for other peoples pets. Give me a picture and I will draw it, not in some different pose or anything, sorry. Prices can be anywhere from 10k-70k for a pencil drawn realistic animal, more complex the higher the price. Also it will depend on how it turns out, so give me the range you want it to fit into and I will try to accommodate.
Color is sorta tricky right now, I've done a fish and bird in color, but I don't have a lot of practice. If you insist on color and I think I can do it then I will try. But I don't know what to charge for these, for now i will want to hear your price range and I'll have you price yourselves

paying for these will be a little different, do not start any trade, I'll send you a finished commission with a big ugly watermark on it and then we discuss a price, I will makesure it is within your limit always. Once the trade is done I will resend you the art without the watermark.

Why not? Explanations for the don't list
Anthros, 1.creep me out and 2.I have no ability to draw them
mecha, I can do a little mecha but if you want a full on gundam or something, I cannot do it O.O pm me to ask if your not sure if what you want falls into the extreme mecha category.
kissing, I have nothing against kissing, I'm just horribly horrible at it. I don't know how to draw the faces correctly while kissing, I've tried
sexual poses, NOT EVEN ONES GAIA WILL ALLOW, I am a kid, a teenager who is immature and has parents who look through her sketchbook. Flirty is different then sexual, and if you don't know the difference -___-use your best judgment

Discounts and Art trades
I might do art trades, but it's no to likely... I'm currently looking to get inari's beads so I need gold!!!
Bribes, or whatever you call them, you giving me items as part or all of your payment, I may accept this... I like aquarium items ^w^ fishez rock
If your poor or just looking to pay less it is possible that I'll be in a good mood or I'll like whatever your asking me to draw enough to do it for less. Don't expect it, I'll tell you. I also may initiate events at some point.
Freebies: NONE (for now ^.^)

Purchasing procedure
Pm me your order with all the trimmings
Wait for me to agree or tell you information
Start trade
If you don't just agree I will send you a watermarked version of your commish, otherwise I'll just pm you the commish
Agree to the trade and the watermark will be removed

I put my username on everything
BE PATIENT (it takes me about a week for colored works with no backup)
Be nice
I don't have all the samples up for everything so if you’re thinking about purchasing something but need a sample, PM me asking for the sample and I'll upload it then.
I CAN DO CUTE (but nobody asks so I don't have examples)
I CAN DO DARK (same problem as above)

Thank you^w^ come again

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