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Tsubasa Reservoir Chronicles: The Unofficial Chapters
This is about Syaoran and the others traveling through the of Gaia. This is just an extra so it is not related to the Tsubasa storyline. I'm also going to add a prologe to explain to the readers that have not heard of Tsubasa.
Prologe (part1)
My adventure began in country called Clow, a land that is covered with nothing but sand with a kingdom sitting right in the middle of it. I was studying the town’s ruins, that was once discovered by my father before he died. One day, in the ruins. Sakura, a princess and also someone that is special to me, came by to see how I was doing. Then suddenly, the ground started shaking and Sakura started to glow with wings on her back. Those wings then shattered and disbersed into the sky. Once Sakura stoped glowing, she was out in a death like state. I carried her out of the ruins and went to the High Priest, Yukito, for help. He told me that Sakura has some how lost her heart. Yukito then sent me and Sakura to another world so I can ask Yuko, the Dimensional Witch, for help.

We’ve then suddenly arrived in the middle of a city, in front of us was a house, and also it was raining. A woman was standing there like she was expecting our arrival. “Are you the Dimensional the Witch?”, I asked her. “I have been called that”, she replied. “Would you please… I need you to save Sakura!!”, I cried out. “I have been waiting… …For the two of you.”, she said. What!? “I was told to tell you everything! And if I came here … You might have a way to help me save Sakura!” “This child’s name is Sakura, isn’t it?”, she asked as she approached of a closer inspection. “Yes.” “And you?” I’m Syaoran” Then her eyes came to me and stated, “This child… has lost something very precious.” “…yes”, I replied lowering my head. “And… …That something has been scattered to many different worlds. If nothing is done… This child will die.” As soon as she mentioned that, I’ve tightened my arms around Sakura’s lifeless body, worrying that I would lose her.

A second later, two more figures appeared out of no where. Those figures appeared to be two men. One wearing a black cloak and was carrying a sword. He seemed tensed and confused while he was viewing his surroundings. The other, was wearing a white coat and carried a gold staff. He had this grin on his face and seemed to be level headed. Not as supprised like the other man.

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