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What the Hell?
Rants and conversations that lead me to ask "What the Hell is Wrong with the World?"
Blad Voldtekt
The gardens gently whisper
Seem to call your name
In sun the foliage glimmers
In rain it seems more sane
Nature seems to speak
(Jeg elsker deg)
And in darkness the trees
oppress you

You fall on your face
As you try to race away
From the breathing forest itself

*Blad Voldtekt
Innom måneskinn morra
Og desto kveld
Å løp, eller trette
Eller tape seg innom
Beskaffenhet dyrisk omspenne
Inntil først lyse?

In morning, in dawn
Natures long gone
But not at all
For all around you
Are her signs
Her moans and her whines
Her image, her scent
All a gentle reminder
Of a sadistic trees molest

The trees seem to snicker
As you crawl to find
The way you came
And the trees all dance
Around you as the
Wind bites at your frame

More! And More!
You feel like a whore!
Less! And Less!
Human I guess...

The trees, the plants
Tear apart your pants
Tear apart your life
As if a rusty knife were
Cutting out your heart

Repeat * x 3 + interlude and fade

-----------------------------Translation Notes---------------------------------------

Translations from Norwegian are as follows:

Jeg Elsker Deg means "I love you", and is whispered in the background.

The "chorus" translates as such:

"Leaf Rape
In moonlights morning
And the noon of night
To run, or fight
Or lose yourself in
Natures brutal embrace
Until first light?"

-----------------------------Other Notes-----------------------------------------

I could have gone two ways with the title "Leaf Rape." I could have gone with an environmental message, which though I support does not go well with the kind of music I have in mind for this, and then there was this... The forest raping an innocent traveler. I like this much better.

I will, when I have the music tweaked to something acceptable, post the music here... Not with the lyrics, not at first. I don't trust my voice for the singing enough to actually sing on it just yet. But yeah... This is a running project.

Blood On Paper
See the stain/
faded brown/
color down-tuned/

It is my blood/
fell from a wound/
inflicted while/
I minded my business/

The bullies punch, and/
the painful crunch, and./
my nose is broken and theres/
Blood. On. Paper./

He came from nowhere while I/
Wrote of the place I/
Go to drown my pain/
and my deepest sorrows and he/
Just hit me like a/
Ton of bricks!/
And now theres/
Blood on paper an he's/
Such a d**k!/

The bullies punch, and/
the painful crunch, and/
my nose is broken and theres/
Blood. On. Paper./

That assholes fist/
against my face/
now my visions red and theres/
Blood. On. Paper./

Bright, crimson blood/
Brown faded blood/
It is my blood/
My blood. On. Paper./

Blood. On. Paper./

My ********' blood. On. Paper./

Lyrics © Candice Nicole Wozniak / Dionysus 11/11/07

Character Intro for a Digimon RP
Grey eyes glinted in the sun. He should have been up a few hours earlier, but he had been up later than he had intended the night before, and so he had needed a few more hours of sleep. He put his hand to his right ear, and the source of the minor pain in his head. He counted his earings.

"One, Two, Three..." He had to make sure. "Ten, Eleven, Twelve... Fourteen..." Slowly he counted again. "Ten, Eleven, Twelve... Fourteen..." One was gone. Slowly he tried to think of what might have made it come out. Then he saw it on the blanket he had folded as a pillow.

Oh, it must have come unhooked while I was asleep. He thought. Fair enough. I'll just put it back in.

He ran his hand trough his spikey bangs, and then slid the earing back into the hole and looked for the fastener. He had been sitting on it. He fastened it back into its proper place in his ear, and the throbbing sensation he had been feeling slowly subdued. He smirked.

So... He thought. I've had them in so long that my body actually thinks they are a part of me, eh? Ha, that is amusing.

He looked for his Digimon partners, and was slightly startled to not find them. But he shrugged it off. Probably, he reasoned, they had gone to take a bath. Or perhaps to find food. Both of those were very good reasons as to why Veemon and Monodramon weren't with him at the moment.

He got up and smoothed his shirt as much as it would go, and then combed his hair back with his hand, and made sure his zipper was done up - this is even important in the Digital World, its not good to make ones first impression with ones fly down - and shook himself, to get his hair just the way he wanted it, spiked only in the front, smooth in the back.

His hair, a light shade of brown, hung just above his shoulders, but was all kept behind his ears, and looked slightly shorter. His shirt was a brownish orange sweater, and he could detatch the sleeves when it got too hot. His pants were black, and he had a detatchable set of yellow suspenders on them, but he only kept one side up, the other suspending loosely on his left.

His shoes laced, and they had the Alchemic symbol for fire, a simple up-pointed triangle, on the outer side of each. They were black, red, and grey, the laces being grey, the shoes themselves black, and the symbol red. His right eyebrow and nostril were peirced, and his right ear had fourteen assorted studs and rings in it. His left ear only had twelve.

He moved to search his backpak, and accidentally sat down on his digivice, causing a slight uncomfort. He got up, looked at what was causing it, and laughed.

"My oh my, how dumb!" He laughed to himself. "Jun and Ken would call me a dumbass. And they'd be right. But they'd also be wrong. I'd also be a sore-a**!"

He laughed again, and searched his backpak to see if he had brought his hat. He hadn't. He cursed to himself, laughing, and then looked at what he had brought.

He had with him bandages, not normal bandaids, but the hospital kind of bandages. He also had a few onigiri, and some of the ramen his roommate had made the day before. He had a manga that he didn't think he'd be reading any time soon, some random ingredients in a really small fridge (which he found odd, as he didn't remember packing the chibi-chibi-fridge). He had a few lighters, and some matches in where the rain could not get them, along with a few packs of cigarettes (Players brand, two packs, Silver, and Extra-light, and DeMaurie, king, light).

He had his laptop (which he was surprised to find still could access the internet). He also found, in one of the pockets, the GBA SP he'd been looking for two days before his trip. He found a pad of paper, some pencils, and pens, and an eraser, something he thought would be completely useless (this was actually a deck of tarot cards), and his book that told him every days horoscope for a whole year (he thought perhaps this would be a bit useful).

While he was putting his stuff away his Digimon came back, and there was a long silence. He decided to leave his laptop out, and then zipped his bag up.

"So," He said. "Where did you two go?"

"Well..." Veemon said. " M'Dra went to gather some herbs and stuff that might be useful later on, and I kinda stunk and needed a quick bath..."

"We're sorry Ryo..." M'Dra mumbled. "You could have gotten hurt within the time we were gone, and one of us should have stayed behind. But we both went off, and we're sorry."

Ryo looked at M'Dra. M'Dra was kicking at the ground tentatively, and looking back at him.

"M'Dra, V," Ryo said. "Don't worry about it, I was only curious. Its just that I woke up and no one was around, and I wondered where you went! I'm not mad or anything, but next time at least leave me a note." And he lightly punched V in the cheek, and chuckled.

I am the oldest Destined Warrior. He thought. I am the one who's been here the most, who's seen the most, and knows the most dejimon allies. If the others are here... They're gonna need me. And soon. Especially Ken, if he's with them...

Dark Tower
Anna-ko has been wandering the America's for at least three months now, trying to make her way to the Tower, but not able to find the Beam on which she would need to travel. She has a strong feeling that the Beam has been destroyed, but feels it her duty to get to the Tower, just the same, and stop the other Beams from being destroyed. In and out of In-World, and back and forth between the Territorries (which have overlapped In World, to a degree), she hasn't had much luck with getting informtaion.
She works alone, but has a feeling that she's not going to be able to do this alone. It causes her a feeling of unease. But if she needs a Ka-tet, then Ka will bring her to it.

Tommy sighed, as he packed up some clothing, and various special knickknacks. Richard would follow him to the ends of the Earth to protect him. Tommy thought that was spectacular, but he didn't want his best friend to get hurt because of him. Richie couldn't speak, but he was one hell of a telepath, and communicating with his mind was easy as pie. He wouldn't read your thoughts if he didn't have to, but he was also deaf, and so sometimes he didn't have a choice. Tommy thought that Richie knew how much finding 'The Tower' meant to him, and was willing to sacrifice everything in order for Tommy to find it. Richie probably wanted to get there, himself, just to see why it was so magnetic to Tommy. Tommy was sure that after a while, Richie would be just as drawn to The Dark Tower as he was, himself. He wanted to climb it, and know it well.
His thoughts were distracted by a knock on the door.

Richard was packing his own things, oblivious to the world, getting ready to travel again. He had been on the road longer than Tommy had, so he would be a great help to Tommy. He might be, at times, a hinderance as well, due to his status as a Deaf-Mute, but he had an ability that was like nothing most people had ever dealt with. His telepathy was on a grand scale, he could comunicate through the mind. He could also control people with his mind, if he had to get out of a bad situation. He hardly ever had to do this, but it did come in handy.
Because he was deaf, he did not hear the knock on the apartment door, or Tommy calling "Just a moment!" and making his way over to the door. He kept packing his knapsack.

She's been thinking and thinking about the world she'd encountered not two weeks ago. It had been taken by something called "Captain Trips", which she'd assumed was some kind of respriatory disease. She wasn't far off on that account, finding out not long after that it had been a kind of Super Flu. Anna got out of that world as soon as she could, finding a hidden highway with her magic. Whatever it had really, truly been, she didn't want to risk catching it. She couldn't afford to get sick.
She wondered, however, as she was riding into Illinois on a motorcycle, if maybe she, too, had an immunity to the virus. The two people she'd encountered both said that it was possible to be immune, and wondered how she hadn't known anything about it. What had their names been? Frannie and Stu, she thought, but she couldn't be sure, it was slightly jumbled in her mind, with the rest of the last three months.
But it was getting late, now. She should park the bike, and get some rest. She needed to locate a hidden highway. She chanted her spell, and found one in Salem, well, she'd have to speed, but she could get there by around twelve thirty. Then she could get something to eat, and get some rest.

Tommy opened the door to the apartment he shared with Richie, and smiled cautiously. He had never seen this man before, and he looked to be at the very least around sixtey. His hair was going white.
"Hello..." Tommy said.
The stranger simply placed his hand on Tommy's forehead. Tommy went to pull back, but was paralyzed for a moment. The stranger sent him a jumble of mental images, ending in a field of blood red roses, surounding the Tower that Tommy was going to find. Tommy cried out, as a zing of heat went through his mind. He knew, all too suddenly, that this man was a breaker, but he didn't want to be. He knew that this man meant to help him, but not by coming with him. He knew the man's name was Ted, and his history, and who was after him. He knew to look for kite tails hanging from telephone wires, and stars, comets, and crescent moons next to hopscotch grids, and strange pet posters, and upside-down or crooked advertisements, in order to find the Low men. He knew everything, but hardly understood it at all. By the time he understood even half of what had just happened, the man had bent over, spoken two words, and left as if nothing had happened at all.

Richie heard a mental cry from Tommy, dropped what he was doing, and ran to the front door. It was open, and Tommy was on the ground, muttering things Richie couldn't hear. He could hear the thoughts, though. Ted Braughtigan... Low Men... Kite Tails... Hopscotch grids with comets, stars, and crescent moons... Lost pet posters... Yellow coats... Cars that aren't cars, but seem alive... None of it made sense to Richie, but he knew it would by the end. He picked Tommy up, no mean feat, considering how strong he is, and how light Tommy is, and took him to the couch. He laid him down, and petted his hair until Tommy came to. Then everything was explained, and Richie understood.

From an old Narnia RP
Young King Peter was sitting in one of the higher up windows of Cair Paravel, an Eastern window, staring out at the sea. About a year ago, Aslan had walked off in that direction; now Peter was beginning to sorely miss his presence more than ever. He'd been feeling highly inadequate, lately. He let out a heavy sigh, and dropped his eyes to the beach. Lucy was down there, with Mr. Tumnus and the other Fauns, playing a game of tag. Peter smiled, and watched.

Queen Lucy was being chased by a younger Faun, she remembered his name was Aporo, and so far she was able to outrun him. She was laughing, and screaming, and dancing about, just avoiding him at the last second, and playfully sticking out her tongue.
"Can't catch me!" She cried, teasingly, and then he barely managed to catch hold of her skirt, and put a hand on her arm. "Oh, shoot." She laughed. "Looks like I'm it!" She lunged straight towards another Faun, his name was Anabo, but he ducked out of the way just in time.
Lucy was having a great time, running barefoot in the sand with the Fauns. She looked up at Cair Paravel, and saw her brother Peter in the window. Smiling, she waved, and yelled up at him.
"Hi Peter! I'm going to win, just watch!"

Peter laughed, and waved back at her. "Play, then, Lu! Look, you can get any of them, don't waste time!"
He smiled, and watched her turn, and run headlong towards Tumnus in the waves, but he moved, and she succeeded only in wetting her feet. Watching Lucy always made Peter smile. She always looked like she was having the time of her life, and maybe she was. She'd been happy as could be since their coronation, and Peter was happy for her. He was happy, too. But he was also growing up. Lucy still had a few years to go before she reached this stage, and she was lucky, because it was driving Peter up the walls.

Peter's encouragement sent Lucy after anyone within range, and she finally snagged Anabo, whom she'd gone after first. She danced with joy, and then began evasion again, laughing and playfully teasing all the while.

Costume: ??? | ! Please don't feed the trolls. ! | They/Them Pronouns, Non-Binary Trans, Genderfluid.
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Francois Villon Contest Winners Post
Contest Thirteen:

"It's time to open my wings and soar" - NerdHeartbreaker


1. +[Lips Sewn Shut]+
2. SoundSpy-Ayumi
3. Jo Rhade
4. FriendofFoes
5. gaiusmarius8


Contest Twelve:

"I've never seen a burning sky" - Jo Rhade


1. NerdHeartbreaker
2. NinjaKittiMeowMeow
3. FriendofFoes
4. Phantom Katraz
5. The_Rose_Angel_Jinna
6. Azarni Usagi
7. Feathers of Earth
8. [(.._Christ Kitty_..)]
9. gaiusmarius8
10. jusamurai----------------------------------------------------------------------------


Contest Eight:

The time is drawing near, my friend. - FriendofFoes


1. Smurf_74_420
2. [(.._Christ Kitty_..)]
3. NinjaKittiMeowMeow


Contest Eight:

Don't just sit - elaborate! - Ghyt Wembpang


1. FriendofFoes


Contest Eight:

It rose on wings of molten sun and weaved into the sky - Immortal Goldfish


1. Star Fyre le Fae
2. +[Lips Sewn Shut]+
3. NinjaKittiMeowMeow
4. [(.._Christ Kitty_..)]
5. Annemarie Anser
6. CongBi


Contest Eight:

If your heart were broken, you'd be dead. - +[Lips Sewn Shut]+


1. Immortal Goldfish
2. Lady_Emanuelle
3. The Messenger Iris
4. Slumbersome
5. [(.._Christ Kitty_..)]


Contest Seven:

"The silent scream is stronger now" - NinjaKittiMeowMeow.


1. +[Lips Sewn Shut]+
2. Slumbersome
3. FriendofFoes
4. Jelly Peasant Pie


Contest Six:


Morning dawned in the darkest place. - Slumbersome


1. NinjaKittiMeowMeow
2. [(.._Christ Kitty_..)]
3. Ayadono
4. Sakura-Chibi-Chan3
5. Winter_Cherries (second poem posted)


Contest Five:

"The shades surround me, specters of the past." - knight_of_chivalry


1. Slumbersome
2. Azarni Usagi
3. Sakura-Chibi-Chan3


Week Four:

"The body count is rising, for we'll never starve the beast." - Galacial

1. knight_of_chivalry
2. Feathers of Earth
3. Dian Pope
4. FlatteredPawn


Week Three:

I think that it might not be so impossible as it seems - Tillanara

Winner at the top.

1. Galacial
2. Dian Pope
3. FlatteredPawn
4. RediceCrystal
5. [(.._Christ Kitty_..)]
6. addicted2music09


Week Two:

"Wishing seems pointless, when dreams become real." - Feathers of Earth

1. Tillanara


Week One:

"Through rain and pain and suffering untold I have finally arrived." - Tommy Cullen

Winners at the top.
1. Feathers of Earth
2. NinjaKittiMeowMeow
3. cafebrulot
4. Toyomo16
5. Cowleanna

Tommy Dionysus
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Tommy Dionysus
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