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Dawn Aelita's Dawningly Awesome Journal Hello im Dawn Aelita Madhatter12 but not in real life my name in real life doesn't matter on here. okay, i luv to have fun, i luv to b funny, i luv to have awesome friends, i luv the color orange for now. im super super super superstitious: i don't l

Dawn Aelita Madhatter12
Community Member
I am still in school. 2 more weeks until no school and summer!!! i heart summer!! summer is my favorite season ever! I am really bored in school and lately all i can thik about is summer. i need my grades to be up to a's and b's but doing projects with partners aren't going to help them. ecspecially with one of my best friends who just like to fool around. i mean so do i but this one project was due like two days ago and we are still working on it. now she is taking it more seriously, but still i wish i could get my grades up to a's and b's. it is my dream to have at least on year with all of my grades a's at the end of the year, which by the way will never happen.

anyway, i hate this one teacher. i call his name and i raise my hand and he never comes to me. and when he does come to me someone else gets his attention and he goes to them to help them. my grade in his class isn't to good, and it's his fault. it makes me mad sometimes. if he's ever had my brother then i could understand but this is his first year teaching this subject, so he can't be doing this because of my brother's smarts.

school is also a wast of time, most of the stuff people don't remember when they graduate college and go into their jobs anyway, that's why i wish school was like college. at college they teach you what you will need to know for your proffesion, i know they teach you math. which as much as i hate math i don't really mind learning it. but i mean i wish they would teach us stuff on our proffesion that we choose. i want to work with children, though i also want to learn about psychology. i think psychology is awesome, i want to know why we dream what we dream, why we think what we think and all that stuff. i also like to learn about theatre.

in communications art we just got finished learning about Anne Frank and the hollocouast. i had to do an ira (independent reading assignment). i had rewritten the ending to "The Diary of a Young Girl"
of course in there Anne wrote diary entries so the ending was diary entries of her living and all of her friends and family living through the concentration camps. well that was my ending. Margot still had typhus (a disease caused by ricketsai and spread by lice and ticks and other small insects like that)
(everytime i think of lice my head starts ithching. lol) but instead of dieing from it she lived. she had the doctor over three times a day until eventually he came twice a day to once everyother day. soon enough Meip and Mr. Kraler had brought everything of theirs from the secret annex. the Van Pels (aka the Van Daans) had also lived and gotten all their belongings back too. Anne eventually started doing stuff with her freinds and making plans.

but that was how i rewritten the ending. venting to the people of gaia really helped me get my frustration and anger out.

until another day


heart love is a war all it's own heart
-Dawn Aelita Madhatter12 rofl

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