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If a Light goes out...
Can it shine again?

If a heart goes astray...
Can it be found?

If a person hurts you...
Can they be forgiven?

If someones breaks ur heart....
Can your heart be loved again?

If you hate someone.....
Can they hate you more?

If they hate you....
Can you hate them at all?

If you fall....
Will you get up?

If you die....
Will you be remembered?

If you get burned....
Can you truley heal?

If someone pushs you...
Can you push back?

If a freind is hurt....
Would you help them?

If darkness takes you....
Can you accept it?

If you are afraid...
Can your fear kill you?

If it is all true....
Can you live with it?

It it is all a lie....
What will happen?

If it is the end....
Who would know?

If you can not answer..
Can you face yourself?
He Needs You
Damned is he upon his knees
cuts that scorn, wounds that bleed
Eyes so blank, brought by the masters fate
For now is he, the worlds unwanted sead

The Cries of his Woahs, his shameful life well known
Brought out from the caverns of darkness
Weak he feels, unknowing its cost
As though he himself is armless

He kneeds you
He cries for you
wants to be with you, even though he doesn't know of you

For he is lost without you
He needs you

The same he treads feels his hope has fled
arms reach out, o the find the answers he shouts
How can i cary on, knowing nothing of you all along
Soon the truth flows through, cause he wanted to know you

Now He needs you
He cries for you
Wants to be with you, soon now he knows of you

But unsure of his future that holds, now the brightness comes out from the folds

he needs you
He cries for you
So now he knows what light he lost now will be flown

He needs....you

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