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Just little things.
Since childhood, there's been this ONE Korean candy plaguing me.

One day, when I was five years old, my mom (who is Korean) handed me these mysterious hard bread balls with smooth chocolate in the middle with little cute pictures of weird creatures kissing eachother and being otherwise innocently in love and such printed on them. They were mouthgasmic and ever since then I've been searching for them.

One day, about five years ago, I was in my local Borders and for no freaking reason at all they had a display of pink boxed Korean candy. I floated over and almost screamed in the store because there, after all those years, was the mysterious candy. In a bookstore. I could only afford one small box at the time.

Then, one year later, I was in the teeeny Korean store my family has been going to ever since I can remember and for no reason at all, they had the mysterious candy in a ten pack package that looked like a very very hot pink Oreos package. I scooped one up and paid for it with tears almost in my eyes (I certainly hope my social mask hid that). They never had it again.

And now today biggrin DDDDDDD

I was all like, "why should I have to take four buses to get to the Asian supermarket in the city when I can order online?" I had a craving for this peach juice I like so much. So I went on a journey for this peach juice. I was looking at various online Asian grocery stores but they were all Japanese and the peach juice I like is Vietnamese. So then I clicked on this one store's site (Hmart). To my surprise, all of the products were Korean. I was like, "oh dude, they have Nongshim products. I wonder if they have my aunt's family's products." So I clicked on "Snacks". And right there on the featured page was the candy I love so much ;o; I screamed its name:


And I bet I freaked out my neighbors.

But goddamn. Now I can order it whenever I want to ;o; the long journey is finally over!!


Now if only I can find those melon balls my other aunt brought over from Korea that one time...damn, they were delicious...and the plastic was fun to play with...

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