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My Random writings

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Story Entry #1: "The Toymaker" (PART FOUR)
May 18, 1835
London Sheriff Offices

"Mr. Ancherton, Mr. Ramponneau. uh, welcome to Lon- Is that a Red Carrier and a white horse?" William asked.

"Yes, Rich, Isn't it?" Louis asked.

"I'll say, its obsurd." Frank Mumbled.

"I-I suppose." William stuttered.

"Well, which is it?" Louis asked.


"WE HAVE MORE IMPORTANT MATTERS AT HAND! Have you forgotten?" Frank growled.

"Yes, The children, NOW THE CHILDREN? You were just whining about seeing a woman! 'oh I must see them now.' Your nothing but a lady killer. get settled down, like me. smile " Louis said. This bickering would see no end if William didn't punch in.

"Eh-umm, I do give much respect, but if you could, could you to maybe, concentrate on the case. My son and other children lives are on the line." William said.

"Ah yes, excuse us, Mr. Einsworth." Frank Bowed.

May 18, 1835
Unknown location

"♪London bridge is falling down, falling down falling down, London Bridge is falling down, My Fair Lady, Build it up with Wax and stone, Wax and stone, Wax and stone, build it up with wax and stone, my fair lady♪ ah yes, my pretties, yes, yes, all the pretty little dollies, and the toy soildiers. Yes, There's one child that is special yes, very special, An unborn child, yes, Ahah! A Girl! An Einsworth girl, MUHAHAHAHAHA!!"The old man laughed Manically, working on his creations.

May 19

"MR. EINSWORTH! MR. EINSWORTH! WE HAVE A WITNESS! A WITNESS!!" Ronald exclaimed with much excitement.

"stupid stupid!" William mumbled as he hit his head with his palm. "WHY DID I HIRE YOU! THE BLOODY HELL IS YOU'RE PROBLEM! IT'S 7:00 IN THE MORNING!"

"Well, your here at the offices instead of at home, so I thought It was okay to yell." Ronald replied lowly

"Since when is it okay to yell early In the morning?" Louis asked.

"Well, My sincere apologies. We have a witness." Ronald said.

"A WITNESS! FINALLY! a lead on this case!"Frank rejoiced

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