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renkinjutsushi's Journal Hrm, wotever.

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Fandom High
Oh dear, I've joind a LiveJournal RPG.

A BIG one.

It just started today, and it's already big.

I'm playing both Edward and Kenshin, but they both play to different parts of my personality so it's okay.

Edward is... up to his neck in it. Rooming with Pyro (from the X-Men Movieverse); I think Willow (from Buffy) is hitting on him, he's already had an arguement with Winry and Hawkeye-chuui, made friends with the Beast (X-Men, different contiunity), and is already halfway to become Sara Sidle (CSI)'s pet student.

Classes don't even start until Wednesday.

Kenshin, on the other hand, is not up to much but quiet conversation so far.


Yay, my "cornered" picture finally uploaded! *does a little happy dance* I am quite fond of that picture and of the style that it's done in. I'm contemplating a three-or-four page doujin in that style, that has Samurai!Edward and Kenshin travelling together just 'cause, and running across Usagi.

Because I need to draw Edward with a o_O face.

Edward: ...
Kenshin: ...
Edward: ... was that ... a giant... rabbit?
Kenshin: Yes.
Edward: ...
Kenshin: ...
Edward: Nice weather, isn't it...
Kenshin: The mushrooms were not hallucenogenic.
Edward: I believe you.
Kenshin: No you don't.
Kenshin: See?
Edward: No, he's standing behind you.
Kenshin: OMGWTF
Usagi: >.>
Kenshin: ...
Edward: ...
Kenshin: Dammit, they were hallucenogenic.
Edward: I told you not to eat them.
Kenshin: You ate them too.
Edward: Well, I was hungry.
Usagi: Excuse me...
Edward: AAH!
Kenshin: AAH!
Edward: IT SPOKE!
Kenshin: Don't shout, you startled me!
Usagi: =_=;; Look, I'll just contiune on my way now...

Community Member

Community Member
Things that I have learned.
Things I have learned in the past twenty-four hours:

1. While books are more often than not my friends, they are not my friends when they smack me in the face.

2. Despite the fact that everyone I know seems to think that I'm Edward Elric, I am not actually Edward Elric. (Just, ow. That really ******** hurt and I'm not doing THAT again. *rubs shoulder and winces*) Yes, that means no more transmutation for me.

3. I am not to draw transmutation arrays all over everything.

4. I am not allowed to jump over tables and/or conveyor belts. No matter how good the reason.

5. The correct response to rubbing a limb and finding blood on it is not "huh, look at that."

6. I am no longer allowed to tell my sheep joke.

7. It is not polite to turn people into cabbages.

8. It is also not polite to put 'kick me' signs on people.

9. My gym shoes have been classified as 'biochemical weapons of mass destruction."

10. Starting up sing-alongs is a bad idea.

11. Getting out of a car via the window is much easier than getting in the car the same way.


Munich!Ed's coat is brown.


*rofls to death*

Is now wearing Munich!Ed outfit to Serenity.

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Community Member
The Pit of Voles (Random Rantage)
People on FF.N The Pit of Voles confuse me.

Maybe I'm not a clear writer or something, but I thought it was obvious who was with who in Warped Mirrors. Someone posted a review, on chapter *12*, asking for me to clear up which sibling went with which.

Um... huh?

HOW did you get that far into the story and not figure it out? There's only *three* "Edwards" and *three* "Alphonses!" While that might seem a bit confusing, let me point out that one set is female and has different names ... Edana and Alanza. So that just leaves two Edwards and two Alphonses. One set is the "original" set, and the others are switched ... aka Alphonse has the automail and Edward is bound to the armor.

When I write interactions with the automail!Alphonse, I always make sure to refer to things he's doing ... eating, running a hand through his hair, shrugging out of a coat ... that the armor!Alphonse CAN'T DO. Apparently, this is too subtle for people.

*flails and mashes head into screen* MAKE SENSE, DAMN YOU!

I have gotten some reviews that amuse me. The "Edana is *so* Edward" one cracks me up because, hey, that's the point. And the same person reviewed a later chapter with something like "That's Ed, outsmarting himself." At least SOMEONE gets it.

*sighs* Well, they'll get things cleared up soon, because after a few chapters of madness staying in one location, all three sets split up to follow leads. It's just ... AUGH. Irritation. *makes sure to make things DOUBLY clear in the revision*

Warped Mirrors
Yay for cracked-out fanfic?

Warped Mirrors was an idea I got after paging through my baby name book. That, plus a random curiousity... how *would* the characters act if just a handful of things were changed? I came up with some AUs, then stuck the AU Elric-Kyoudai into the regular canon. It makes for some strange insanity, that's for damn sure.

So, in this story, we have regular Edward and Alphonse, mostly anime-canon. Then we have the "backwards" Elric-kyoudai, where it is Edward bound to the armor and Alphonse with the automail (but their ages are still the same). And then there's the 'mirrored' Elric-kyoudai ... which it's Ed and Al, only as girls.

*snickers* It's really very funny to watch them all flail about, because they all have identical personalities. When Armstrong's sister got ahold of Edana (which is a really name, too, Irish) and put her in a pink dress, she flipped the hell out and it was glorious. Especially when the guys laughed at her. She got her revenge, too. It involved vinegar instead of water. *coughs*

But I'm have lots of fun with this, and I need to write a lot more. Sadly, I've got to go to work, like *now*. Erk. Two days off, thou'~.

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Community Member
Ack, ackackackackack.

They're after me to send my FMA/SW fanarts to Vic. >.> *hides under desk*

I dunno, it just seems a tad odd to randomly e-mail/IM an anime voiceactor and be like "hey! I've got crossover fanart of your two favorite series!" Besides the fact that I don't necessarily feel that the art's the best of my ability. >.>


*flails* Whaddya I do?!

Okay, so I've been dead a long, long time. I think I'll fix that.


Ooh, look, sparkles!

Community Member

Community Member
Whew, it's been, like, a month since I last posted. o.o

So, in a few days I turn 22. I feel oooooooold.

Um. I'm the fanart moderator over at theOtaku.com. Fear me?

I'm still Inazuma no Renkinjutsushi, fear that too.

Lots of more detailed stuff later.

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