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Casey never realised just how much of an easy life she had. That is until the night of a car crash which changed the course of her life forever.

Casey had been driving down Death Valley with her brother on the way back from a concert they had sneaked out of the house to go to when out of nowhere another car came ploughing into them. The impact of the crash threw Casey from the car and as she lay on the cold wet floor bleeding she heard the terrifying screams of her brother as the car careered into the barrier and burst into flames. Casey had never heard a sound as horrific as her brothers screams as his skin began to burn. As she lay there bleeding to death listening to his screaming she knew there was absolutely nothing she could do to save him.

As she was falling in and out of consciousness Casey heard soft footsteps coming towards her. It wasn’t until one of the people, a woman with platinum blonde hair, pale skin and a voice as soft as velvet, began talking to her that she realised just how badly she was bleeding. Casey lay there as the strange woman began telling Casey her name was Selene and that judging by the amount of blood she had already lost Casey was slowly dying. Casey felt as though she was going to pass out when the Selene shook her and asked her if death was what she really wanted. Casey knew that she didn’t want to die and told her this.

A smile slowly spread across Selene’s lips and Casey was about to ask her why her unwillingness to die was so amusing to her when she gave Casey two options.Option number one was that Selene and her family could walk away and leave Casey to die alone on Death Valley. Option number two was that Selene could turn Casey into what she and her family were, vampires. As She lay there slowly bleeding out on the road Casey thought about what life as a vampire would be like.

Becoming a vampire would mean having to leave her friends and family behind leaving them to think she was dead. Swapping her diet of junk food and milkshakes for a diet of blood, and moving away from the place she grew up. Although Casey was sure she would never be able to drink blood weather it was human or animal she decided that life as a vampire was better than no life at all. Casey noticed that Selene was getting up to walk away and grabbed her by the arm, as she turned to face her Casey said in as strong a voice as she could that she wanted to live and if that meant becoming a vampire then so be it. As she said the words Selene suddenly knelt and put her arm under Casey’s head leaning it upwards. She almost screamed when Selene’s fangs came out but held it back even as Selene leant in and pierced her neck with her fangs. It was as Casey began feeling light headed that Selene bit deeper, this time there was no holding back the scream that escaped her lips.

Casey began to regret agreeing to become a vampire, after all how did she know Selene was going to be true to her word. However before she had time to tell Selene to stop Casey began feeling more and more sleepy, she was dying and there was no way to stop it. As she was on the brink of death Selene retracted her fangs and laid Casey’s head back on the ground. Just before she died Casey heard Selene say that she would be reborn in two days and not to worry because when she awoke Damien her eldest son would be there. As Selene said the last words Casey gave up fighting and let death carry her away.

Three days is all it took to go from a sixteen year old high school student with lots of friends and a family that loved her, to a newborn vampire with a family who slept during the day and drank blood to stay alive. For Casey, being a vampire was really going to suck. The first thing Casey noticed when she woke up was that she was in a small dark place, all she could smell around her was the earth ,she had never been comfortable in tight spaces and as she realised that she was buried her claustrophobia kicked in and she began to panic. It was as she was starting to panic that she heard it, the sound of dirt being moved. It must have been her rescuers, Casey had no idea how she came to be buried alive, the last thing she remembered was hearing her brothers screams everything after that was a blur and Casey was just thankful someone had found her and as the dirt was lifted off of her Casey looked up into the face of the most beautiful guy she had ever seen.

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