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Random Thoughts of a Random Me This will probably just be about whatever scheme i can think of to pass the time...gaia projects and quests that comes to mind.

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Formula 10: Angelic Quest Termine
-Formula 10: Angelic Quest Termine

User ImageBlessed Stellarite x20
User ImageDark Matter x5

-User ImageFormula 9: Dark Matter
-User ImageAdamantium x2
-User ImageEctoplasm x1
-User ImageQuantum Particle x1
-User ImageDust of Time x2
-User ImageSpice x1

-User ImageFormula 8: Spice
-User ImageMoonstone x1
-User ImageSunstone x1
-User ImageSlothbeetle's Carapace x10
-User ImageLicorice x20
-User ImageAmbrosia x1
Cost to craft: 80,000 Gold

Cost to craft: 100,000 Gold

User ImageHero's Heart x5

-User ImageFormula 10: Hero's Heart
-User ImageNoble Spirit x2
-User ImageAngel Blood x1
-User ImageCelestial Glow x1

User ImagePhilosopher's Stone x1
User ImagePhilosopher's

-User ImageFormula 10: Philosopher's Stone
-User ImageDark Matter x1
-User ImageHero's Heart x1
-User Imageb*****d's Heart x1

-User ImageFormula 10: b*****d's Heart
-User ImageFiery Curse x2
-User ImageDemon Blood x1

-User ImageFormula 6: Demon Blood
-User ImageFish Oil x10
-User ImageObsidian x2
-User Image Onyx x2
-User ImageTiger's Eye x5
-User ImageTopaz x5
-User ImageRuby x5
-User ImageAlphyn's Tongue x1
-User ImageBakunawa's Red Tongue x1
-User ImageBasilisk Tongue x1
-User ImageBloodgrass x5
-User ImageSuccubus's Blood x2
-User ImageDhampir Blood x2
Cost to craft: 60,000 Gold

-User ImageDemon's Curse x1

-User ImageFormula 6: Demon's Curse
-User ImageAlligator's Skin x5
-User ImageAlligator's Teeth x2
-User ImageBat Fat x5
-User ImageBigfoot Foot x1
-User ImageGolem's Scalp x1
-User ImageLace Fungus x2
-User ImageMonkey's Paw x1
-User ImageLotus Petal x2
-User ImageSalt x10
-User ImageRaven's Beak x1
Cost to craft: 60,000 Gold

Cost to craft: 500,000 Gold

-User ImageEldritch Horror Tentacle x1

-User ImageFormula 8: Eldritch Horror Tentacle
-User ImageCephalopodian Artifact x1

-User ImageFormula 1: Cephalopodian Artifact
-User ImageCalcium Scraps x15
-User ImageDried Seahorse x5
-User ImageGeoduck's Shell x5
-User ImageMermaid Scales x2
-User ImageSea Water x15
-User ImageWriggling Tentacles x2
Cost to craft: 2500 Gold

-User ImageWriggling Tentacles x10
-User ImageUnidentified Object x1
-User ImageSea Water x15
Cost to craft: 80000 Gold

-User ImageSoul Crystals x1
Cost to craft: 1,000,000 Gold

User ImageGloriana's Chantilly Lace by Dernier*Cri x1
User ImageDivine Feather x1

-User ImageFormula 10: Divine Feather
-User ImageAngel Blood x1
-User ImageAngel Imp's Feather x1
-User ImageAngel's Tears x1
-User ImageCelestial Glow x1
Cost to craft: 1,000,000g

(Chance of success: low)

Cost to craft: 1,000,000g

(Chance of success: low)

Formula 10: Angelic Quest Dodici
-Formula 10: Angelic Quest Dodici

User ImageSoul Crystals x2 DONE

-User ImageFormula 9: Soul Crystals
-User ImageSiren's Larynx x1 (gold cache)
-User ImageIce Spice x1 (diamond cache)
-User ImageGlass Marbles x20 (aquamarine cache)
-User ImageBindweed x10 (ruby cache)
-User ImageAmphithere's Hypnotic Eye x1

-User ImageFormula 3: Amphithere's Hypnotic Eye
-User ImageAmphithere's Feather x1 (gold cache)
-User ImageAmphithere's Scale x1 (ruby cache)
-User ImageChicken Fletchings x10 (emerald cache)
-User ImageDragon Guts x1 (platinum cache)
Cost to craft: 7,500 Gold

-User ImageAnkou's Strand of White Hair x1

-User ImageFormula 7: Ankou's Strand of White Hair
-User ImageAconite Root x1 (topaz cache)
-User ImageHemlock x5 (gold cache)
-User ImageMandrake Root x1 (gold cache)
-User ImageNightshade x1 (garnet cache)
-User ImageScorpionshark's Venom x1 (gold cache)
-User ImageSuccubus's Bone x1 (platinum cache)
-User ImageSulfur x5 (topaz cache)
Cost to craft: 70000 Gold

-User ImageSevered Soul x1 (gold cache)
-User ImageGeode x5 (ruby cache)
Cost to craft: 100,000 Gold

User ImageAngel Blood x4 DONE

-User ImageFormula 6: Angel Blood
-User ImageAmber x10 (amethyst cache)
-User ImageAquamarine x2 (topaz cache)
-User ImagePeridot x5 (topaz cache)
-User ImageSapphire x2 (ruby cache)
-User ImageTiger's Eye x5 (garnet cache)
-User ImageTopaz x5 (topaz cache)
-User ImageQuartz x2 (diamond cache)
-User ImageJade x1 (garnet cache)
-User ImageDiamond x1 (diamond cache)
-User ImageCrushed Gemstones x1 (gold cache)
-User ImagePhoenix's Tear x1(platinum cache)
-User ImageUnicorn's Tear x1 (diamond cache)
-User ImageCherub Feather x2 (garnet cache)
-User ImageDryad's Tears x1 (diamond cache)
Cost to craft: 60000 Gold

User ImageAmbrosia x3 DONE

-User ImageFormula 7: Ambrosia
-User ImageUnicorn's Tear x1 (diamond cache)
-User ImageSugar Crystals x5 (aquamarine cache)
-User ImageWisp of Cloud x2 (garnet cache)
-User ImageSnow Jelly x1 (diamond cache)
-User ImageMineral Water x10 (amethyst cache)
-User ImageGolden Apple Seed x1 (topaz cache)
-User ImageFire Salt x1 (ruby cache)
-User ImageCinnamon x10 (sapphire cache)
-User ImagePlatinum Peach Pit x2 (diamond cache)
Cost to craft: 70,000 Gold

User ImageCottontail Silk Rose by Dernier*Cri x1 DONE

Cost to craft: 1,000,000g

(Chance of success: low)

Community Member

Community Member
Formula 10: Angelic Quest Undici
-Formula 10: Angelic Quest Undici

User ImageQuantum Particle x1 complete

-User ImageFormula 7: Quantum Particle
-User ImageUranium Biscuits x1

-User ImageFormula 6: Uranium Biscuits
-User ImageRed Mercury x1

-User ImageFormula 4: Red Mercury
-User ImageRusty Tacks x5
-User ImageMineral Water x5
-User ImageMirror Shards x5
-User ImageHalogen Cloud x2
-User ImageHelium Bubble x2
-User ImageLava Jelly x1
Cost to craft: 10000 Gold

-User ImageBeeswax Loaf x10
-User ImageCinderblock x5
-User ImageGo Berry x2
-User ImageZurg's Shedded Skin x1
Cost to craft: 60000 Gold

-User ImageSteel Plate x10
-User ImageGold Foil x2
-User ImageMonotonite x5
-User ImageCosmic Cell x1
Cost to craft: 70000 Gold

User ImageCelestial Glow x4 complete

-User ImageFormula 6: Celestial Glow
-User ImageBag of Petals x10
-User ImageElf Locks x1
-User ImageShowgirl Scales x5
-User ImageGolden Webbing x1
-User ImageCherub Feather x2
Cost to craft: 60,000 Gold

User ImageGreat Monarch x10 complete
User ImageDiamondback Lion x1

Cost to craft: 1,000,000g

(Chance of success: low)

Formula 10: Angelic Quest Dieci
Formula 10: Angelic Quest Dieci

User ImageRaphael's Wings x1

User ImageEctoplasm x5

-User ImageFormula 3: Ectoplasm
-User ImageSevered Soul x2 (gold cache) Complete 10/10
-User ImageHaunted Object x5 (ruby cache) Complete 25/25
-User ImageZombie Goo x1 (garnet cache) Complete 5/5
-User ImageMaggot Butter x5 (garnet cache) Complete 25/25
Cost to craft: 7500 Gold

User ImageSunstone x2

1 x User Image Bottled up Sunlight {Level 1} Complete
10 x User Image Smooth Whetstone Complete{Sapphire Cache}
2 x User Image Copper Token {Amethyst Cache}Complete

User ImageWhite Body Dye x1

Cost to craft: 1,000,000g

(Chance of success: low)

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