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The Virus Dream
*Since I already had this typed out on TinierMe, I'm just going to paste it here because of the sites soon-to-be deletion*

I usually don't dream often, but when I do, I have weird dreams. I remember a while back I had a dream where two of my friends and I were in the army and we were in tanks. Our mission was to go into enemy territory and stop the enemy from launching their doomsday plan - also known as releasing soundless, almost undetectable bombs that would launch out a disease that would kill whoever inhaled it within five to ten minutes. The only way you'd know you had the disease in your system was after a few minutes, you would start to hallucination. The hallucinations could be about anything - a happy memory, a horrid nightmare, something you had wanted to do but never accomplished....anything. While the hallucination tripped you out, the poison would eat away at your insides at a rapid pace, until finally, at the last second, you would suffocate and die, then soon after your stomach would explode. All we had to do to stop the enemy from setting this dangerous disease loose, was intercept the carriers who were transporting the final bomb, which they were also carrying the detonator. So my friends and I were driving through this forest, keeping our eyes pealed for anything suspicious. Then, out of the blue, the enemy took us by surprise. Three tanks of their own rolled over the hill we were travelling up and launched ammo at us. My friends tried hard to fight back, but were launched out of commission and trapped in their tanks, which had been flipped over due to the sheer power of the enemy's shots. The enemy tanks were driving closer to their tanks, aiming to blast bits and pieces of my friends' tanks away until their tanks would be small enough to be run over. At about this time, I had managed to defeat the tank that had been gunning for me, and I drove my tank over to both of my friends' tanks, fired out every shot I could, and barely managed to save my friends, for the moment. When the carnage was over, all three of us got out of our tanks and to our surprise, one of the enemies we had been fighting also got out of their tank, mouth dripping out blood, and a fatal, open wound bleeding down his side. He laughed at us as he was dieing! "You're too late! We've already detonated the bombs! This was all just a set up, a distraction! AHAHAHAHA!" He cackled at us, then added through dieing breaths, "You will be one of the first humans to die. We set off the bomb that was placed in this area first! You have less than five minutes to live by now! AHAHA...hahaha! Death....to....the humans....ngh!" Our enemy had been exposed to the disease before we had been, and we watched as he suffocated on the ground. After he had died, all of us looked at each other. We all tasted it - failure. We had failed to protect our people, now everyone would die. Being the soldiers we were, we didn't know what else to do, so we got up and walked through the jungle. It wasn't long before we felt weaker and weaker. We walked shoulder-to-shoulder with each other to walk, but even then the three of us ended up having to sit down. We could no longer walk, and breathing hurt - it felt as though our very lungs were being squeezed to the point of bursting. At this time, I finally started seeing a hallucination, but oddly enough, my friends started seeing the same thing I had been seeing. We were in my father's living room. The house was empty, quiet, and had no sign of life. This would be what the world would soon be like. The pain started growing even more intense, but I didn't want to let my friends know my time was coming sooner than theirs. I chuckled softly. "Heh....you know this might sound cliche, but in those old movies, when someone knew they were going to die soon....they would light a cigar...." I reached around and grabbed what looked like a cigar in the hallucination, and lit it with a lighter I had in my pocket. My friends each gave nervous laughs and did the same. Only a mere seconds later, I felt it kick in. My vision blurred, and I fell onto the ground. "Sam! Sam! Hold on Sam! Don't die on us yet! You can't!" I couldn't breathe, though I was trying desperately, and only had enough power left in my to clench my fists on the ground and unclench them. The last thing I saw was my friends' faces with tears raining from them.

(Side note: As I had been dreaming this, I was in pain the entire time and I woke up feeling sad and a bit sweaty.)


I finally finished it!

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