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I post a little bit here...add some madness there...and voila! A journal.
Light in the Dark
The older days were times of trouble. Some called the attacks on the Crilen war, others called it Genocide. These acts were soon forced to end when the King's mistress gave birth to a Crilen half-breed. Though, behind closed doors, the malice upon the Crilen people continued.

A secluded Elven village near a poor Crilen colony takes pleasure in kidnapping Crilen who wander from their forest, taking them as slaves. They disconnect them from their animal forms, sealing away their powers with enchanted piercings. Though as the food supply of the Crilen dwindle, many find themselves attempting to steal from this Elven town. Many are caught and none escape.


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Lilith - Sheena's elder sister. A malicious and terrible woman. She is jealous of her sister, as she had failed her test to become the Shrine Maiden. Having failed her chance to become her father's favorite, she turned to anger. She oversees the enslaved Crilen on their estate as the cruel Mistress, sending them off to their tasks and commanding the guards.

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Sheena - The sweet and gentle daughter of Mahado and Lilith's youngest sister. Her family is the most wealthy in powerful in their community, her father being the High Priest of the local temple. Years ago her mother left them, having run away with a Crilen lover. This ignited her father's hatred for Crilen and drove him to enslave any he found on his land. To him they were not people, but beasts. Sheena could not share in his views, she could never feel that people should be treated so horribly because of their race or social status. While she did not approve of what their family was doing, she could do nothing. At first she is slightly apathetic to the situation, feeling there was nothing she could do...but after meeting Ueno, she begins to feel much more strongly for the Crilen people and their plight.

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Mahado - Shee'na and Lilith's father, high priest of the church of Lirean. His wife left him for her Crilen lover, sending him into a downward spiral. Any and all happiness from his life had been twisted to hatred, he began to hate all of the Crilen kind. They were an abomination, a sick clan of perverted would-be elves. From then on, any Crilen spotted in the city was enslaved. They were branded upon capture, disallowing them from any use of magic.


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Ueno - The son of a poor Crilen family. The crops of his village slowly began to die off, a side effect of the magical attacks suffered from the elves. The land was salvaged, but they had no seeds to plant with. He could not sit back and watch his village suffer, so he went to the nearest town...which was, unfortunately, an elven one. Late at night, he scaled the wall of one house to steal from their garden, but was captured. That same night he was thrust into slavery, his powers bound by enchanted elven jewelry. He is a kind young man, though mostly quiet. He is strong in his resolve, refusing to believe he should be any different than anyone else because of what he is. Therefore he often refuses his orders. While this gets him into much trouble, often earning him frequent beatings, he has his friends to give him the strength to stand. Ueno's animal form is of a brown wolf, he has the ability to shapeshift for several hours.

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Ecris - A fellow Crilen slave and Ueno's housemate. When Ueno was thrown into his room in the slave dormitory, Ecris was there to greet him. To save space, the slaves often had a "roommate". Sometimes there were two to a room, sometimes even five. Ecris was a humorous young man that showed Ueno the ropes, teaching him how to stay out of the reach of the master's beatings. It is not revealed until much later that Ecris is a woman in disguise. Her animal form is that of a raccoon, which suits her mischievous nature, though while branded her form and magics are sealed.

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Silya - The only other female slave on the estate. Silya had been out in a field near her village, picking wild flowers when the elves abducted her. They claimed she was on elven territory, though it was not within the borders of their town. It seemed they were using any excuse to capture Crilen in the area, even resorting to kidnapping Crilen that were outside their village. Silya is a sweet and kind soul. Luckily Sheena took great pity on her and begged that she be taken easy on. Silya's other form is of a white horse, her powers being that of healing.

Arc - A shy, but kind young Crilen. Arc knew nothing of the horrors of violence until he was enslaved by the elves. Like Silya, he was captured outside the safety of his village. The two have been close friends since childhood. When learning of her disappearance, he and another friend went looking for her. They were quickly captured by several elven guards. He was lucky enough to have been placed in the same dormitory as Silya, but it was a small reward for great trials to come.

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Bain - Quiet, enigmatic, and slightly bad tempered. Bain is a childhood friend of both Arc and Silya. Though he is deeply in love with Silya, he has never expressed his feelings to her. Once she disappeared, he and Arc went to find her and were captured. Bain himself tried to fight the men, while Arc was completely helpless. He was put in a dorm with Arc and Silya. Bain's other form is of a black wolf. His power is something better off locked away, he considers himself "cursed". He has but one power, a magic that will ultimately destroy another person...but requires him to be killed in the process.

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