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Ziza Tremor's DIE-ary. This diary is pretty much going to be a bit random... I will write about pretty much anything and everything! letting you see just how my mind really works. Enjoy!

Community Member
Uruz Pack Bio.
Name: Ziza Tremor
Race: Two Tailed Red Vixen/ werewolf
Age: N/A
Height: 4'11"
Eyes: Silver/White
Hair Color: Red
Fur color: Red, white, and Black.

Personality: Hyperactive like a 3 year old on 5lbs of sugar and very sweet. Ziza is seen by her friends as the sweetest Southern Belle. However; she can also be very over protective and will defend her loved ones to the death.

Bio: Ziza was nothing more then a small infant were-fox living on a farm with her parents and three brothers of 10,12, and 16. Her family was so simple... Living day to day a normal happy life. Everything they could ever need was supplied by the land around them. This was of course until the "bad men" as Ziza calls them, came to her families door. Ziza's mother screaming as her husband and sons tried to hold the door shut as Ziza was placed under the floor boards. The floor boards barely making it back into place as the door finally gave way and the men burst into the room. The young Ziza looking up through the cracks as her brothers were slaughtered and her mother taken advantage of while her father forced was forced to watch. Tears rolling down her fathers cheeks as he screamed for mercy before finally his wife's throat was slit. Dropping her lifeless body to the ground. Ziza couldn't cry or move... She could only stare at her mothers open eyes as blood dripped onto her face. Jumping only slightly as her father's head was sliced off and hit the floor. The "Bad men" stayed for a while, rummaging through the house for anything of value. After the men left Ziza remained under the floor with her mothers blood on her face for what felt like hours.
Years later Ziza had cut her hair short and had continued to live in her families home. Since she didn't know how to sew she simply wore her brothers old clothes. But, the day had finally come when she decided to walk into town. This however proved to be a very bad idea. After she reached the center of town she was knocked unconscious. When she finally awoke her head felt like it had been split in half. Looking around she saw many other boys around her, all of which had been knocked out as well. This must have been what her father and brothers use to talk about. The boys that were knocked out and locked below deck on ships until they were far out at sea. Then forced to fight in the Napoleonic wars. It had seemed that Ziza was mistaken as a young boy and realizing this she knew that she must play this role if she were to survive. This being because females were considered to be bad luck on a ship and were killed if found aboard. Ziza learned the hard way over time that War on and off a ship was never as romantic as she stories her mother use to tell were. In fact they were not Romantic or Glorious at all. It was cruel and messy. While out at sea however they lived off rum and hard tac which was like a hard cracker. They also could never tell who was friend and who was foe. So every time they saw a ship at sea they would stand at the ready. When in a battle with another ship sometimes they would load their cannons with anything and everything they could find. Basically creating Shrapnel that would slice up not only the ship but also anything else in it's way. One day during a battle their ship was attacked and her best friend (A young blonde haired boy) was hit by cannon shrapnel. Ziza grabbed him and dragged him below deck to hide and tie off his wounded arm until the fight had ended. Later that evening the medic asked for Ziza's help with her friend. She agreed and stuffed her friends mouth with a piece of cloth she had ripped off her sheets and rolled up so she had something to bite down on. Then had to forcefully hold him down while they sliced off his arm. It was slow and painful and the screams coming from her friend making her eyes fill with tears. But she was told that this was the only way to save him. This however was not true as he died a few weeks later from a very painful infection.
Months had passed since her friend had died and in that time many other boys had passed. One had even picked up a cannon and jumped ship. But Ziza lived on, the screams from her friends remaining in her head every night.
Finally their ship hit land in order to restock on supplies. In this time Ziza ran for her life. Finding her way onto another ship filled with Cargo that was heading to the newly founded America where she decided to continue posing as a boy to fight against her own country and live a new life... Her first post was at Lake Erie where she met Major General Andrew Jackson who found her (or "him" in his eyes) full of spunk and decided to make Ziza his personal errand boy. Which was fine by Ziza as it gave her a chance to make friends with several Indians who later helped them win the battle in Alabama against the Red Sticks. Which effectively meant the end of the Creek War and with the defeat of Napolean on April 6th, three days before Ziza's birthday. The British Adopted a much more aggressive strategy, sending in three large invasion armies. This of course frightened Ziza but Major General Andrew Jackson seemed very calm, as if he was unaffected by this and he believed everything was going to be, OK. The strange part was that Ziza couldn't tell if she was impressed or disturbed by the Major Generals calm. She decided to go with impressed because despite the fact that she thought he was completely off his rocker, she had seen that he was always concerned and worried about his country men. He had in fact earned her respect and when the three new British armies invaded he had come up to her and took a knee before her. Mostly because she was so short compared to him, and asked her if she thought she could handle being out in the battle field. It did not take even a moment before Ziza nodded to him. With that, Ziza went to battle beside her newly found Country men. Her first ever actual fight was in the Battle of Bladensburg. Which sadly was a loss... Even aboard her ship during battle Ziza had never seen so many men die right before her eyes... Screams of wounded soldiers as medics yelled for Ziza and other healthier soldiers to hold down their patients while they dive their hands into the soldiers guts in order to try and sew them up before moving on to shove the same bloody unwashed hands into another man... Many men died... Disease spread rapidly through the gory fields of fallen soldiers... Tears streamed down Ziza's face as their men died and Washington D.C. was burned to the ground, disgracing the American People. However; Ziza and what was left of the American troops, refused to give up and continued to fight. Slowly she made her way to New Orleans where the battle raged on but the American troops were gaining the victory. Finally the British forces were defeated and the Battle of New Orleans came to an end. The country felt the victory and celebrations were held.
Shortly after the wars had ended Ziza was outed as a female and was outcast by the very men she had protected for so long. But some of the men were not simply going to out cast her so easily. They were very upset and just over all enraged by her lies of being a boy for so long. So on her way out of the city she was snatched up by the rebelling men and held captive. For months the young female was tortured as the men had finally convinced themselves that maybe she was a spy working for the British who was pretending to lay low for a while and maybe I war wasn't really over. This of course was just ridiculous but there was nothing Ziza could do or say that would convince them otherwise...She was thoroughly convinced that she was going to die in that room. She had no idea where she was or how to escape. She had even started to beg a god she didn't believe in to "please make it end", until finally the door was broken down and local city men had found her tied up and on the brink of death. Taking pity on the girl they set her free and told her never to return. Nodding she managed to stumble from the house and out of the city. Finding her way into the forest just between Mississippi and Louisiana which later on would be known as Tunica Hills to the locals. Falling to her knees by the ocean where she passed out from exhaustion. When she awoke a group of Spanish Pirates were standing over her in the dark. Crawling to her feet with the help of the Ships Captain who introduced himself as Marcos. Senor Marcos took Ziza aboard his ship for dinner and explained that his men wanted to keep her for their own sick games... Either that or sell her off to the highest bidder. But he Marcos had recognized her from the fields of battle and expressed his admiration for her fighting abilities. Ziza was not impressed however and asked him what he wanted with her. As such senor Marcos agreed to not give her to his men as long as she become his person Hit Girl and kill whenever and who ever he asks. At first Ziza wanted to scream at him and tell him no. But then remembered how her own country had treated her and then how the Americans had treated her once they found out about her true gender. The rage inside of her was more then she could handle and it only continued to grow. So she agreed and continued to work for Senor Marcos for months.
One day Senor Marcos asked for her to take out a Local Peddler in Florida who had sold him some bad products. This Ziza did without question, but as she was standing over the body of the Peddler, Ziza glanced up to see a small figure in the shadows of the mans house. Jumping to her feet and rushing over to kill the one who spies on her. She stops... The darn Peddler had a son... Going to her knees as she places a hand on the boys face and tears rolled down her cheek. She knew what must be done but could not bring herself to complete the job. Picking up the small boy in her arms and running as fast as she could, traveling for days until she found a church. Leaving the small boy with a woman and turning back to report to Marcos hoping he would not find out. This however was wishful thinking because as she stood before Marcos and agreed that the job was done he asked about the boy. "YOU KNEW!?" she screamed at him and her blood began to boil. "this was your ultimate test" she replied. Ziza's rage flowed out of her rapidly as her body began to change right before their very eyes. Ziza might have been frightened by the transformation if she had not been so angry with Marcos. But instead Marcos looked frightened as did his men who then all attacked at once. Fighting as best she could against 10 men before realizing she didn't stand a chance and turned to run. Never looking back she remained on the run from Marcos and his men. Living her life alone and with nothing to ponder but her own memories which continue to haunt her.


Appearance Change: The Ability to change the color of ones Hair, Eyes, and fur. Or just overall Appearance.

Natures Gift: This Ability is granted to those who are one with nature. Making them Excel in Cooking, Herbalism, and Potions. while also giving them an Amazing green thumb.


Night Terrors: Due to history, this Character will forever suffer from the visions of her past.

Fear of starvation: This character is Terrified of starving to death and as such is always seen eating something.

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