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What Lies Beneath..That Will Uncover The Truth
i dont even know what im doin but here goes nothin.....
as i walk down the alley i can feel someone following me but when i look back theres noone there..."Toki"...someone whispers my name and i turn around..."i need you"....they whisper once more...im not sure if its a man or a woman because it seems that both sexes are after me for some reason...i dont say anything because that might give away who i am, me not realizing that i already turned around when they said my name..."Your Soul"...i know that it wasnt just a fluke when i saw that guy in the cloak b4...i think he looked at me and i moved on so i wouldnt seem suspicious...he mightve followed me here and now he wants me for something...i think i had a dream once someone found me and told me that i was some kind of prince and i was to go back with him...the pain was so real...im sure it was a dream but that feeling of pain mixed with the resurfaceing of power...im starting to wonder if it was really a dream...i dont know how much more of this i can take and when will the day come that they wont follow me anymore...for some strange reason i can feel them its more than one of them and they want me for somethin...i have to watch my back and find out who is friend and who is foe...if they are in alliance then i must be extra careful...i must flee town and lay low for a while...but first i must lose the ones who are tailing me....

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