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Random things that happen with my life and random writings. stuff that happens with my life

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Legend of the four: Book 1 Familiars
A Vanishing Act
A New King
Evil Reigns

"Go Nimi!" said a mysterious figure dressed in a black cloak.

"This world needs the warriors that will save us from the darkness that will
soon develop around this world."

The figure than began to walk to the window. The man looked down and sighed as
he watched guards do their normal patrols around the city's walls.
"The world isn’t ready for what’s about to happen."

The man turned facing a small creature it had long ears four legs no smaller
then the cloaked figures ankle. the creature had two silver horns on its head
and bright golden eyes. The small creature called Nimi looked up at the man
and nodded. Nimi jumped out the window and brilliant white wings sprouted out
and as it flew in to the night sky.

"I hope they're ready for these warriors lives are about to change. These
warrior’s who do not yet know who they are." Just then there was a knock at
the door. “Now who could that be at this late hour?" The cloaked figure went
to open the door and. a man with brown hair who was in blood red armor walked
in. On the armor was the royal insignia near the heart. He had a small knife
in his hand.

"Why has a knight come to my quarters at this late hour?" said the cloaked
figure looking at the knife.

The knight walked in and pushed the man up against the wall and begin to hold
the knife up to his throat.

"Why are you spying on the council?" said the knight with an evil grin on his

"I know what you're up to. I know what the king is planning and I WILL stop
him at all costs." The Cloaked man closed his eyes and suddenly disappeared
with a small pop making the knight fall against the wall.

"Lauriel, why must you be so trouble some? No one can stop him, and once the
king finds what he's looking for he will take over this pitiful country...and
from there the world." The knight walked out laughing. "Run while you can
Lauriel for the end is near."

The knight left and walked down many corridors of the castle looking at the
painting as he always did on his rounds. He came across a peculiar row of
paintings and looked at them one by one. These paintings were not of creatures
or field of any sort, but of they were of the late kings and queens. Some were
legends and some were forgotten. He stopped at a painting near the middle of
the row that had the name of Adam written in small black letters on the bottom
of the portrait. He stared with a smug look on his face. it was dated nearly a
thousand years ago.

"You buried it. Now how can we get to it? We need you to help with our search,
and for that we must get the elixirs of life to bring you back. As legend goes
you buried the one thing that could make any king more powerful then anyone on
this planet. And who ever held this item will be the rightful ruler of
Syllable if your blood line is of royal blood or not. The rightful ruler will
have magnificent powers that will be able rule the land in the blink of an
eye. Stupid old fool why, why would you keep that gift from everyone?"

The knight begin to walk down the corridors again coming to a door. This door
had a silver rim around it with the royal insignia on the middle of it. He
slowly opens the door making sure there was no creak made. After he made sure
the coast was clear he crept in to the room and slowly took out is small
bottle filled with green liquid. The brown haired knight crept slowly to the
kings bed. The king had on blue colored pajamas with red on the end of the
sleeves. All around the collar of the shirt were little diamonds. The knight
smiled as the king slept peacefully un aware of what will happen next.

"My dear king I'm sorry but plans have changed. You won't rule this world I
will." As the knight said that he begin to drip the liquid in to the kings
mouth. "Just one drop should do it.."

As soon as the drop entered the kings mouth he awoke with a cough as
if he was choking. He stared at his once loyal knight in shock.

"Niles....why..." The king said as he passed away without another sound. Niles
picked up a chair and threw it at the window shattering it in to a thousand
pieces. After the window broke he threw the bottle of poison out of the
window. he watched it hit the ground and it landed with a large crash.

"GUARDS!!! GUARDS!!!." Niles shouted. In no time there where sounds of foot
steps coming from all the corridors in the castle.

"Sire! What happened here?! The king is the king all right?!" asked one of the
guard as he got there.

"It's Lauriel! He’s gone mad talking about darkness developing the king. He
said he was possessed by evil and threatened to destroy this kingdom. I tried
to stop him but the damned mage pulled a disappearing act and knocked me out
from behind. When I came to a few minuets ago he was gone. I searched the
corridors for him but he was no were to be found. then i heard the crashing
and came running like you all did. When i got here the window was broke and
the king was dead. Lauriel must have escaped through the window. I wasn’t him
found at all costs dead or alive. If anyone is accompanying him child or man
kill them as well he must be stopped at all costs! Put wanted posters up I
want him found!"

"Yes Captain Niles! Sir! But if I may ask he had no heir, who will lead us in
his place?"

Niles smiled and walked to the crown that was placed on the kings dresser. He
Picked up the golden crown placed it on his head.

"With the kings absence I shall lead the people until the rightful heir comes.
Now hurry find Lauriel, and don’t comeback without his head! or the
consequences will be dreadfully painful"

"Yes sire!"

With that the knights left and Niles closed the doors to his new chambers and
begins to laugh. He laughed an evil laugh that echoed in the room leaving with
all that heard it chills and fear.

A Weird Creature
The gravesite
A Mysterious Voice
A Destroyed Village, and lost family.
The Fight At The Entrance

"Jake! Jake! Would you wake up already?!... I swear you get lazier every day!"

“Huh? What? Oh it's just you Nellie.. What do you want? I'm resting...”

He looked at his sister who was now eighteen years old. She had blue eyes, and
green shoulder length hair that seemed to dance with the wind whenever it
blew. Jake on the other hand was like any other boy at the age of sixteen. He
hated work and wanted to be left alone in peace. He had bright red hair and
wore chain mail armor with a iron sword on his back. He also wore a golden
pendent around his neck that he received from his father the day he died. His
father had said something that day on his deathbed three years ago. What he
said was this.

"Don't let anyone steal that pendent from you Jake...In the wrong hands it
could mean destruction.. In the right hands...It could mean peace. Protect the
village of Tauri I've taught you well enough to defend everyone. When the time
comes you will know what to do.. I love you and Nellie so much....but you are
not from here....find your real family....find your real place in this

With that his father had passed away...leaving scars in the family he thought he knew, leaving holes in his life that grew deeper and deeper..

Jake will never forget the words that man said he has never spoken them to
anyone else...not even his own sister.

"Come on! It's today!" Nellie said with a smile on her face.

"what's today?"

"Awww Jake you didn't forget did you?" Nellie looked at Jake and sat next to
him looking at the clouds float across the sky.

"Forget what Nellie?" Jake closed his eyes and wished his sister to just
leave him be. He opened them she was still there as cheerful as ever.

"We go visit papa today right? Come on you promised!"

Jake sat up and looked at his sister.

"Tell me, does he answer you when you talk to him at the gravesite."

She looked at him with a sad look on her face.

"No but he hears us... from where he is I think he'd have to shout very very
loud in order for us to hear him.."

"That’s just it...if he would have to shout down from the heavens, we would
have to shout up to talk to him wouldn’t we?" Jake sighed a depressing sigh.

"Listen Nellie.. just go by your self. You know the way by now and the
monsters have all been taken care of... you can make it on your own..."

Jake got up and walked away leaving Nellie with tears in her eyes. He began to
walk to the village back home to Tauri. On his way back he began to think..

~protect the village... tech yea right I’m just some kid that doesn't belong
here... you're not my father. I don’t have to listen to you.~
He sighed again taking off his pendant
~ I don't need this~

He threw it out in the open field and when it landed, it landed with a thump and a small squeal much like a dogs whine but higher pitched. Jake ran to where the noise was. When he got there what he saw was the weirdest sight one had seen. It looked like a rabbit but
it had horns and small wings and no tail. It was sleeping soundly.


Nellie whipped the tears from her eyes and got up and begins to walk to the
grave site. When she got there she looked around. Tayr Grave looked as dead as
the people buried in it. The trees were rotting and there were crows
everywhere. She shuddered to her self.

~creepy~ she thought to her self as she looked for her father’s grave. When
she found it she read the in scripted words.

"Here rests Kyle loving warrior and father. Though you are gone you shall
never be forgotten for your love lives on in us forever"

Nellie read this as she always did and tears had begun to flow as they always
did she closed her eyes and begin to pray when she finished her prayers she
looked back at the grave with her tears streaming down her face.

"Father, I know it's been quite some time sense we have come to visit. It's Jake, I
think he's losing faith in him self and in you. Please help him find him self.
He needs you now more then ever help him find what he needs to do. Lead him in
the right direction. We all miss you in Tauri. We can't do much without you
but we make it by day after day."

She kneeled down at the foot of the grave and placed beautiful white flowers
on the front of it as she did that she noticed something odd. The sky
had turned a blood red and in the far east there was a dark black cloud
shooting lightning everywhere. Next there were things falling out of the sky
things not any man, woman, or child should see.

"Jake...where are you..." Just as Nellie was saying that something went
through her, a knife from the knights of Sylable. She turned around slowly
just in time to see seven guards run in to the city.
"Protect us." Nellie said as she collapsed to the ground.

Jake looked around and drew out sword from the sheath in his back and picked
up his amulet and put it back around his neck. Then he looked down at the
sleeping creature.

“Come on, time to go it’s dangerous here.” Jake said as he scooped up the
creature In his free arm. Soon after that he hurried to the village. When he
got there he saw a horrid site, his home burned to the ground, and everyone
that lived there killed by the people that where supposed to protect them.

“Stop don’t go back. It’s pointless, everything has been destroyed by creatures from the sky. Aside from that, knights from the council went and killed everyone else.” Said a mysterious voice so suddenly and out of no where it made Jake jump two feet off the ground.

“What do you mean destroyed? Do you honestly expect me to believe that the knights of the council destroyed my village? Who the hell are you?” Jake had turned around to see who was talking to him but there was no one there just air.

“Come on little guy we have to hurry. “ Jake hurried off to the village, when he got there all he saw was blood and burnt houses. After seeing this site Jake dropped to the ground in tears letting go of Nimi. He began to pound the ground hard with his fists until they were all dirty and bloody. Just then he heard a hoarse voice.

“Looks like we got a live one boss, what should we do with him?” and then , he heard another this one a bit more scratchy then the other.

“We have our orders, destroy the village and leave no one left standing. We’ll just have to kill him like we did to that girl at the gravesite. To bad though we could have had fun with that one.” They both started to laugh.

Jake turned around and looked at them both. ~these are definitely knights of the council but why would they be here?~ He gripped his sword tightly and took a deep breath.

“That girl was my sister, tell me what you did to her! You‘re supposed to be knights of honor! You‘re supposed to protect us, not harm us! ” Jake took a step forward ready to strike the guards at any moment.

“Well well, what do we have here? A twerp that wants to fight. Maybe avenge his family? Oh! Or maybe he wants to save what’s left of this village.”

Jake looked at the guard that was taunting him and lunged at him with full force with his sword out.

“I’LL KILL YOU ALL!!” he had shouted as he ran.

The guard swerved to the left dodging the blow and kicked him in his rear laughing.

“Got to do better then that kid!”

The second guard grabbed Jake from behind holding him towards the first guard that was taunting him. Jake began to flail around his fists trying to escape but it was useless. The guards were just to strong. Tears began to stream down Jakes face as the guard walked near him and smacked him in the head with the hilt of his sword knocking him out. Before fully passing out he had heard the guards exchange some words.

“We were supposed to kill him!’’

“He’s the son of the warrior Kyle he’s got the key in him the ingredient we need to make the elixir.”

“Are you certain?”


“All right, we will take him with us then but YOU’RE keeping an eye on him.”

Prison break

There were sounds every where, people were screaming and dying all around him. He couldn’t do anything to stop it. His legs froze in place while his village burned. He watched his sister die. He tried to scream but no one could hear him. He tried to fight but no one felt him.

Jake awoke with sweat dripping off his face.

“Just a dream..” he said quietly to him self . As his eyes grew custom to the darkness surrounding him he realized he wasn’t in his village but in a musky and damp cell. There were rats running around and there was dried up bread on a plate near him. He took a bite remembering the night the occurred before. He spit out the rotten bread.

“You should eat something you’ve been out sense they have brought you here.”

Jake jumped and looked to where the voice had come from. There in the cell next to him was a kid about 2 years younger then him he was extremely skinny and looked like his has been a prisoner for years. He tried to move his arms out but about an inch out something begin to pull on them and tighten.

“I wouldn’t do that if I were you. The chains are hooked on in a way to prevent each prisoner from escaping. You see the long chain hooked to the well behind you? Well when you pull that it will tighten the chains on your arms and legs. So if I were you I’d just sit back and enjoy the ride.

“Ride?” Jake suddenly begin to feel the cell rock back and forth and staggered backwards and forwards felling the chains pull tighter and tighter as he did. After awhile he had passed out again.

The next few days were a blur. His cell mate and him had barley talked sense there first meeting but he did at least find out the kids name. It was Mike. A few days after finding out his name something odd happened, the creature from the village had somehow appeared on the boat one night.

“What is it?” Mike had asked after Jake had made an odd scream.

“I don’t know, I think I just saw something move out side of the cell.” Jake tried to take a closer look but the chains had pulled tighter again. He begin to hear a voice in his head.

Trust your friends Jake. This world needs you, and you need him to escape this boat. Or else you will arrive in the capital. The world depends on it.

“Jake? What is it?” Mike said as he suddenly came to.

“Nothing. But were escaping tonight when the guard brings in supper.”

“What?” Mike laughed a small little laugh.

“I’m being serious. Just trust me ok? We will have help by then.”

“How can we have help? Were in a boat that’s in the middle of the sea. We will be at the capital in less then two days. No help has come then and no help will come now.” He pulled on the chains causing them to tighten once more.

“You forgot about these to, how the hell can we escape these.”

Jake glared at Mike and Mike glared back.

Jake let out a small smirk.

“Just get comfy and enjoy the ride.”

That night the boat kept unusually still The harsh winds kept flowing around the boat and scratching the interior making a loud howling noise. And yet the waters were still. In the boat, Jake was explaining the plan he had.

“Trust your friends, the world depends on it.” That voice kept ringing and ringing in Jakes head.

“The world depends on it…what’s that supposed to mean?” Jake thought. After Jake had finished explaining the escape there where many questions to think about. For example, how are they going to get off the boa t? and what are they supposed to do afterwards?

“What are we going to do if this friend of yours doesn’t show up?” Mike asked in a concerned tone.

“It will”

“But what if?”

Jake closed his eyes and tried to make contact with the creature on bored with them.

What happens next depends on your next move so make it count. Jake hoped the creature can read minds. Just then he heard the voice of a woman in his head. It sounded pure and magical. But slightly annoyed.

Don’t Patronize me young one I have been in this world longer then you, I know how to handle these situations.

Jake gave a small laugh. Mike looked over at Jake wondering what was so funny.

Well then, at least tell me who and what you are.

I am Nimi, You and I are connected. Lauriel created me to find the warrior of strength. That is you. I am now your familiar I will follow you to the ends of the earth.


Yes familiar it’s a creature that is created to serve the warriors of legend in battle.

Warriors of legend?

All will be explained soon young one, for now you must pay attention here comes the guard.

Jake nodded just as the guard begin coming down the stairs he turned to open the prison cell to serve supper to the prisoners as he always did.

“why do I always get stuck with the grunt work ?” the guard said as he threw the stale bread on the ground.

“Bona petit! Eat up now this is far better then what they will serve you in the empire.”

As he opened the cell door Nimi jumped out from where she was hiding and bit his leg making him run forward hitting is head and knocking him to the ground. Jake hurried and looked around to see if the guard had dropped the key to the chains.

“What the hell?” the guard said as he turned he laughed as he got up he looked at the small creature then walked towards it rubbing his head.

“My my what have we here?” The guard picked up Nimi and hurled her in to a wall and knocking her unconscious.

“There that takes care of the pest problem. Now back to you.” The guard turned to face Jake and started to walk towards him.

“Pull another stunt like that and your “pet” won’t live to see tomorrow.” the guard punched Jake in the gut causing him to cough.

“Now, be have your self in there or your trip will be a long one to the bottom of the sea!” He laughed and walked out of the room carrying Nimi by the throat.

“I told you this wouldn’t work you idiot!” Mike said angrily.

“Now look what you’ve done!! you’ve endangered someone else…or something else anyway. I don’t even know what the hell just happened or what that thing was. But YOU were supposed to have this master plan of getting us out! AND guess what it failed no big surprise there. Listen next time you want help don’t ask for it and don’t try and escape it will make things worse on all of us!”

Mike sighed and looked at him.

“What do you have left anyway…they took everything from you, they took your home and your family… there’s nothing left. Might as well just give up and join the empires academy.”

Jake glared at mike and spit on the ground breathing heavily.

“I don’t have anything left. You’re right about that that, but there is one thing I still have to hold on for and live for. I’m not saying it’s the right thing, but it’s the path I’m going to take. And for that I’m going to need the all the help I can get. I’m going to need Nimi and I’m going to need you Mike.”

Mike laughed.

“What are you planning on? Trying to take out the Empire? That’s insane! No one can take on the Empire it’s heavily guarded. How do you expect to kids and a weird looking animal to break in and kill the king? Aside from that, were trapped in here with no escape and with the old king poisoned by that mage they heightened up security so its even more difficult than it was before.”

Jake looked astonished. “What? New king?”

“Yes I heard the guards talking about some loony old cook that calls him self a mage poisoned the king and fled. After that, captain Niles of the K.O.S. took over as king claiming ruler on the country Syllable. Jake looked at Mike with shock.
“How is that possible? he doesn’t have any royal blood.”

Mike laughed at this.

“He doesn’t need royal blood as long as there is no heir to the throne.”

Jake closed his eyes and reached out his thoughts and mind.

Nimi wake up we need you. We will be at the harbor soon how do we escape.

Nimis eyes opened and she walked towards the cage. There she unfurled her great wings and light shot out slicing the chains from the children’s arms and legs.

Why didn’t you just do that before…

My powers grow as our bond grows child and eventually yours will to.

Mike looked at Jake then to the creature. “What the hell is it? I have never seen that kind of power…”

“It calls its self a familiar it’s power grows as our bond grows. Now lets get out while we can” And with that the two left the prison cell unaware of what awaits them outside…

No diffrent(song lyrics i wrote)
(verse one)
Looking back on all my life I realize I’m no different

I want hope as well as my very existence
Nothing changes who I am nothing will change who I become
Hoping to change the future the only thing I can do is be me and hope for the best
Changing the faces of the darkness to light evil to good I take back everything I had said
The way it played out was not the way I wanted this story of perpetual regret
But now here I am
Here I am and this I why I sing

I sing baby I don’t know how this is
Oh I sing why cant you feel this kiss?
We keep going around in circles but I’m lost in the devils gate
baby help me because I’m scared
Please don’t lead me in to that fate

(Repeat chorus)

(verse 2)
Everything I say everything I do it becomes flipped and awkwardly reversed.
I didn’t mean the things I said to you no I didn’t mean the things I said when it all came crashing down
Now it seems like were going around in circles as were doing the things we do
It doesn’t matter how hard we try were always back at the start of this lie
This pain I feel this hope it brings is why I sing
Now it seems like were going around in circles as we do the things we do
Oh this is why I sing for you

(chorus) x2

I sing baby I don’t know how this is
Oh I sing baby why cant you feel what I feel?
We keep going around in circles but I’m lost in the devils gate
baby help me because I’m scared
please don’t lead me in to that fate

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Community Member
Intwined destiny
Wondering from left to right in search of destiny. Where will it take place what will happen within it? I don’t know these answers and I feel like no one does. Has anyone ever tried to search for the answers? Like what triggers destiny to happen? Do we all have a separate destiny, Or in the end will all of our destines become intertwined? These are the answers I seek as I write in this journal. I search the untold I search for answers to many questions on earth that people want to know. This world is full of vast mysteries some people have discovered others people have forgotten. I do not know what I need for this answer to come. I set off on a dangerous mission to seek the unseen and to discover the forgotten. During my travels I came across a small town filled with dangers. It seems this town has been destroyed by missals from an armory near by. These missals created creatures beyond imagination, changed the plants, and corrupted the minds of people and transformed them in to the undead. So much heartache as I walk through here. I must do something for them but what? For now, I will continue on seeking what I have started out to seek. I do not know what destiny has given me. Are we all to wind up as mindless zombies as I saw back in town? I don’t think so. I feel there is a way to cure the dead. A spell perhaps, Or maybe something to put them out of there misery. I do not under stand this and I must. I soon arrive at a forest that has been set ablaze.

There a flames everywhere I hear the hopeless cries of the children and their families. What can I do to stop this from happing? Is there a way? Another mystery in the path of destinies . Again this brings me new questions, questions that may, or may not be answered. Does destiny have new paths that unfold? Grow deeper? I seek for the truth as I write this journal.

This entry is the first of many that I hope to come to as I travel deeper and deeper in the dark world of mine. This world was once a blissful place. One might call it paradise, you would see children playing outside, everyone getting along with everyone. Until he came along. A wizard one might call him or perhaps, the devil him self. He came to town one day starting mumbling about how this peace shall not go on. Then the man had held out his hand and a portal to hell opened there was panic everywhere. People were dying houses set ablaze children were crying.

The man had walked by a field of flowers and those flowers even withered in fear. All this pain and all this sorrow seemed to have no affect on him because he just walks on with his staff on this head of this staff where the hand goes was a dragons head. But he just kept on walking whistling this song I once heard as a baby. A song I’m sure most have heard as a baby. It was a song that would put babies to sleep or stop them from crying. I believe it went like this.

Lullaby and good night go to sleep my little darling.
Lullaby and good night go to sleep little ones.

As he sang this song he had a unique evil tone to this once loveable tune, and was laughing the most evil laugh one could ever hear. It made the big dogs bark with madness and the little ones piss this fear.

If I find this man perhaps, just perhaps he can explain to me what destiny is. And perhaps he can fix whatever evil he has done. As I come to the next town I see unique birds a small bird that looks like a mix between a crow and a pigeon. When this thing had crowed it sounded more like when some one is out of breath that left chills down ones back and gooseflesh on ones arm. Three times it had crowed its evil, vile crow. kehkaw kehkaw kehkaw. As I pass the crow I begin to hear the bushes rustle and see dark red eyes staring in to the depths of my soul. As these eyes surround me I can do nothing but watch and wait for there actions. I begin to hear little whispers among these damned minds and as they whisper there voices echo suddenly the whispers became screeches. These screeches sounded like a warning but it was to fast to understand. I began to get woozy. My vision began to blur and then suddenly blackness.

When I awoke I saw something odd. There was there was no town, and there were no birds. The streets ahead of me was nothing. No buildings no demons with red eyes just nothing. It was as if the town was wiped clean from this world. But the town was there wasn’t it? Or has that man messed with my mind as well? I begin to walk again towards the south after the man, but, as I walk the path seems to be stretching getting farther away. Just then the sky changes in to a burning red color as demons begin falling from the heavens. Big gigantic demons with one eye much like a Cyclops except this monstrosity had red skin and two devilish horns. They begin to walk towards me groaning like the zombies from the town I was just in. Their walking turned in to a run as I begin to turn around and run the path kept stretching again I noticed I wasn’t going anywhere. The creatures were getting closer . one had gotten close and grabbed me. I can feel its hot smelly breath on me. It grabbed me and broke me in half.

I awoke suddenly in hot sweat to see the buildings have returned. The crogen was still sitting there red eyes gleaming at me. I look around not quite sure of what had happened was the vanished town an invent to come? I look in to the sky and it was black. No stars and no moon just black. I look around the town once more and it was just as it had been before. No demons, and no red eyes except for the crogen. I begin to walk towards the south east again on the trail of the man.

As I set up camp about fifty miles south from where I had started more questions came to mind. Why am I on this journey? I wonder silently to my self. My father before the world had been destroyed was a scientist. He always tried to explain the unexplained. Usually badly. I laugh at the thought of him. He was a skinny man around the age of thirty. He didn’t have any muscle at all and had a bald spot starting on his head. He once tried to explain to me how the plants get food from the rays of the sun making them grow and be healthy basically the meaning of photosynthesis. The way he had explained it was so choppy and unorthodox. It didn’t make much sense to me at the time. He would go in to great detail on how everything on this earth needs food to survive. They would eat then reproduce fertilizer and then say that the plants aren’t any different. They are living beings just as we are. At the time I was only 8 in my second grade class. How could you explain something so complicated like that to an eight year old? Suddenly I became aware of the fire going out, lost deep in my own thoughts I end this journal entry for the night.

Let me know what you think. im going to be posting my poems and stories and all that fun stuff

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