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Not So Hearltless of An Angel A way of life, I'll follow my dreams.... so much can mean nothing - while so little means everything

Heartless ArkAngel
Community Member
hey, not much going on, but i thought about writing in here^^ i got this new thing on angelfire... crap! but that's the yway life is i guess sweatdrop so, if anyone wants to check me out, go to my myspace of course, it say's serenity & that's when i was a serenity angel, i love that name!! it's really awesome, ya know? so, anywai- i went shopping 2 day & i got some hand/ arm warmers.... but it turns out i found someone who wanted them more than me, my cousin, so being the nice person i am ( twisted ) shhh! i let her have them, i was thinking i'll just get my mom to buy me some more nex time we go to the mall, right^(^ so yay. boreing life!!

if anyone likes me enought o talk to me, you can add me to ur msn messenger! if u wanna, just let me know & i'll add u mmmmkkkkkkkk!!! thanks for listening to my rambling & i guess thanks for commenting if u do blaugh

nothing more,
but so much to say...
worlds beyond life,
lives hidden in galixies,
a never ending line of life & death,
avoiding the purpose & the will to fight forward!
this can cause the heart to break... and never move on

thus leading into the time of time it's self,
a space of nothing, but everything at the same time...
in one moment life can be see,
the next, lost,
imangined, as so in a dream...
keep strong, and keep reading on...
you stayed here & now know more than you realized,
i taught you one thing u can't understand,
unless you read betwwen the lines & realized...
life is not understanding,
always fighting and never disbeilieving...

mmmmmmmmmmmkkkkk! sorry bout that, i was just thinking & it came out like so!
now that you've read the words that may inspire you for decades to come,
keep reading until my last word is done...

it's not gonna go away,
it's staying with the wind
& my mind doesn't know that what is life is just the time in which you don't live,
but follow...
leading is apart of believing
and believing is a part of life...

sorry, again, i honostly can't help it sweatdrop i'm breaking out in verses!! help crying anywai, that's all... i'll go be fore i start again! *sigh* *huggies*

Well, this is an interesting site.... making friends & comments custom profiles. This taked the cake, or in my opinion, of xanga & almost myspace. So, a little about me-my life is just a bunch of words, most of them without meaning, or so far. But then again some have been written down, but that's only one out of the trillions & so on.

Well, that sounded kinda serious, but most of the time I'm not like that. I'm pretty much an anime freak who has a few gay friends, a few bi ones, some straight & all the rest are in cerial relationships or don't know yet blaugh So, yea, I love people, I just don't like starting a conversation^^ Odd, i know^_^ So, I may need help with this, I might not, but for now I'll stop talking and let you find out more about me on my profile or something similar.

Heartless ArkAngel
Community Member

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