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Yaoi fanfics...

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New Haven (Thus Far...)
All eyes were on him, and he hadn't even stepped into the dormitory yet. 'What else can I expect? I have white hair and red eyes.' Dominique climbed the steps of the X-wing dormitory in the elite, all male school, New Haven Academy. Prior to his venture from France to Italy, he lived with his uncle in the quaint, studio/apartment. Dominique never got to know his parents, he was abandoned since infancy. All he knew was that as he grew up, he referred to the man who raised him as 'uncle', whether they were blood relatives or not.

It was a week ago that his uncle brought up the question of him attending an actual school. Up until that point, he was home schooled by the tutors his uncle could afford with an artist's salary along with the inheritance he collected from his grandfather.

'Now, it looks like New Haven's where I'll be until I graduate next year.' He climbed the stairs and entered the building. The walls were off-white and the doors were made of pure mahogany. Black numbers sat on top of each door. On the left side of the doors was a small, metal door that could only be, what he assumed, the mailbox for each dorm room.

Dominique's room number was 623, two doors away from the bathroom. That could be a good thing or a bad thing, depending on how he trully felt about the transition. 'Well, uncle deserves the time off from taking care of me. I'm old enough to look after myself.' He walked into the room he was assigned to and noticed that the top bunk of his dorm room bed already had two carry on bags and a couple plastic bags with miscellaneous items in them. He didn't mind. He happily took the bottom bunk and opened the suitcase he had with him.

In the room, there were two identical short dressers, a small walk-in closet, an appropriately sized television and two computer desks. One of the computer desks had a desktop computer, the other had a couple carry on bags littered across the surface.

'How much stuff does one person need?' Images of his possible roommate went through his head. He wanted to guess a female, but it was an all boys school so that was highly unlikely. 'Long flowing hair...neat red tuxedo, flamboyant mannerisms...?' He guessed in his head. As if on cue, who could only be presumed to be his roommate, walked in. He had blond hair in loose curls that was tied in a ponytail. His eyes were a piercing emerald green, the color seemed to be enhanced by the dark, forest green suit he dawned.

"That should be the last of my luggage, thank you." He handed his helper a $50 bill before slamming the door in his face. His emerald eyes landed on Dominique's shock of white hair.

"I see you've been touched by the light," his velvety voice rolled off of his tongue in tremors. It was surprising how well distinguished he carried himself.

'Well he still has long, flowing hair..." Dominique thought that was enough to congratulate himself on a good guess. He threw himself back to the present and tried to remember what his roommate had just said. "Light?"

A devilish chuckle passed through his barely parted lips, "Of course, you wouldn't know. The only reason why you'd be touched by the light is if you were going to die in infancy. You can't remember the distant past."

Dominique shrugged his shoulders. The strange talk of being 'touched by the light' and dieing in his infancy wasn't what he expected as the first conversation he'd have with his roommate.

'What ever happened to 'Hi, what's your name?' -- 'My name's Dominique, yours?''

"Anyway, my name's Dominique. Hope you won't mind having me as a roommate." He extended his hand from where he sat on his new bed. 'If he won't do it, I will. Gotta pour on the charm.'

His roommate's cheeks tinted in color briefly before accepting the kind gesture. "It won't be a bother having you as my roommate, just wish the accommodations were more flattering. My name is Florence." His eyes squinted and began to intensely focus on Dominique's face.

"What?" He couldn't think of anything better to say.

"Your eyes, they're such an...unusual color. Do you know where your parents' origins lie?"

Dominique released his hand from the hold and looked over at the time showed on the clock by the computer desk. He needed something else to look at than Florence's face studying him like an experiment. "I don't know who they are. I was raised by my uncle."

"Where do your uncle's origins lie?"

"What do you mean by origins?" He turned to look back at Florence who held a perplexed expression on his face.

Florence debated within himself on whether or not it was his place to inform Dominique on the history of New Haven Academy and its inhabitants. 'He'll find out on his own time.'

"Never mind, I apologize for spouting off."

Dominique's ruby eyes trailed him as he dug through one of his many bags for his toiletries. "...Yeah..." he responded hesitantly.

Dominique caught out of the corner of his eyes Florence dropping his things to the floor and bringing his hand up to fist his hair. "What's wrong? You okay?"

"Sorry," he choked out, "Headache..."

"Well, I have some Excedrin, if you want some. It'll cure an ache like that," he snapped his fingers to add more effect.

"My headaches aren't curable by medicine."

The noise outside of their door rose dramatically. Florence ran towards the door and threw it open to reaveal the students of the building rushing through the main entrance.

Dominique's interest peaked at the sight so he got up and followed Florence to wherever he was going. "Hey Florence, do you know what's going on?"

"It's not something you can understand, Dominique."

Regardless, he followed him outside of the dorm. Apparently, it wasn't just his building that had vacated.

"Is he okay?!" A short boy, that didn't look a day over fourteen, and another guy trailing behind him approached them. He had short, light red hair and soft brown eyes. "Florence..." he sighed.

His companion had light brown hair and ocean blue eyes, "Do you think he'll be okay?"

"He's probably still weak from last time."


Someone at the head of the mob outside of the dormitories spoke out to the crowd, "We need two elementals, preferably a light that is still conscious. There's a dark daemon upon us and you must hurry before they drain the life of our companions."

'What are they talking about? Am I still on earth or in dreamland?' Dominique couldn't pass this off as a prank either, why would everybody be out of their dorms ten at night?

The short, almost pink haired boy stared astonished at Dominique, "He's been gifted by the light, Francois."

"I noticed, but his eyes..." his companion whispered under his breath.

'What's with this light nonsense? Is this going to be a recurring theme in my dream?'

"Hey," the 'pink-haired' boy addressed him, "What's your element? The dorm managers are looking for volunteers."

"M-my element, I don't..."

"You have to help, please...many light elementals are being drained by the dark creature's presence," His puppy brown eyes pleaded with him and how could he say no to that look? It would've been like telling a well-behaved baby that they can't have a teddy bear.

"I don't know what I can do, but I'll volunteer for whatever it is."

He seemed satisified with his answer.

Dominique squeezed his way through the crowds and approached the dorm leader who already had someone standing next to him looking through the crowds as well. He had dark green eyes and golden blond hair.

Dominique raised his hand reluctantly, "I'll help out." It sounded more like a question.

The dorm leader watched in awe at his features. Maybe it would've been a brighter idea if he had died his hair brown or something. If it would get people to stop staring at him, he would've done so before he even agreed with his uncle to go to a normal school.

"I'll be your partner. My name's Hiroshi Shioda and you're the only other brave soul that was willing to join me," his partner had a soft tenor voice.

The dorm leader pulled his attention away from Dominique and refocused on the issue at hand. "When you find the dark elemental, try to capture him and bring him back here. It would be best if we let Yliaster handle him."

This foreboding feeling of regret was having him think twice on agreeing to volunteer. 'Might as well get this over with.' With his last thought in mind, he ventured into the ominously dark forest that was near the dorms.

Dominique's POV

It's already been ten minutes since Hiroshi and I started searching through the forest. They said that there was someone out here that was draining light elementals. Whatever they meant, I don't really care. I was manipulated into coming by puppy eyes.

Maybe that was their plan...

Maybe this was some kind of initiation...?

Well, I've never been intiated into anything before. If it is one, then this is really elaborate. They got everyone in the dorms to agree to it.

My ears twitched at the swift movement that came from the brush of shrubs. An animal was out here? But why hadn't I heard it's presence before. It can't just show up and disappear. It's quiet again.

"A dark elemental, just as everyone suspected," Hiroshi seemed to have noticed the movement too. But he thought it was an elemental? Well, I've never heard of it before.

Suddenly the soft, reptitive sounds of frogs croaking and crickets chirping quieted. It was if the world fell mute. Again, I heard movement. I could feel warm air tickling the back of my ear. Someone was behind me.

Before I could turn around to see who it was, my attentinon got distracted by the roots of two trees approaching my position from opposite ends of the path. I ducked to get out out of the way and turned to see that whoever or whatever was behind me wasn't there anymore.

I turned to see Hiroshi with his arms raised in the air. He lowered them down and miraculously, the tree roots sunk back into the crevices. Did he do that? But then, whether he did or not, it's not normal for tree roots to shoot out from the ground.

"How...?" I was getting scared. What kind of school am I in? Are all the people here like this or is it just him?

He didn't seem to have heard me. His dark green eyes scanned the forestry. I could see his ankles quivering from where I now stood.

Movement again...this time from...behind us? The air got thicker and all of the natural lighting from the moon and stars faded away. It was like a dark mist had descended upon us. Maybe it's just my eyes playing tricks on me. But then, how'd the tree roots move? Maybe it's not my eyes, but this is a dream? Well, that's a good explanation.

But I don't remember ever falling asleep.

"No...!" Hiroshi pleaded. My eyes looked at him in confusion before noticing his left arm was gone. There were no remnants of it ever being there. More of his left side was disappearing. "Dominique, do something!"

"I can't do anything to stop it! I don't know what's going on!"

"Look for him, he's going to consume me when I turn into a mist!"

The tone of his voice was to the point of him being in utter hysteria. his eyes were wide in fear. This has to be a dream. If it isn't, then what can I do about him disappearing before my eyes? "It's just a dream and this isn't happening right now." Who was I trying to comfort, him or me?

Breathing...on my neck. A chill runs through my body and the peach fuzz on my neck stands at attention, I can feel it. I'm afraid to turn around. I'm afraid of what I might see...or what I might not see. The breathing would inhale twice and exhale, inhale twice and exhale, in a constant beat. I don't know why I'm noticing this now when I should be focusing on Hiroshi who was now only a torso, a head, and a right arm.

"Hiroshi...!" What can I do? If this is a dream, I can conjure up some way to stop this, right?

A stream of shadows swirled towards me but past over my arm and a cold spot developed by the area. I can't stand not knowing, I have to turn around.

Slowly, I roll my eyes to the side and twist my head, afraid of turning to fully see who's behind me.

That was when I laid eyes on him. He had an intimidating presence. Frightening, gold eyes and a head of spiky, pitch black hair. There was a glint in his eyes that looked sinister, almost murderous.

What?! His hand!

His palm was open facing Hiroshi and a dark imprint in his hand where the stream of shadows coming from Hiroshi was going into. That's when I noticed...

...that he's killing Hiroshi.

What can I do? I have to stop him, but then, how do I get Hiroshi...put back together?

"You're not going to help your friend, are you?" His baritone voice rung out. His eyes slanted as he focused on me. His strange, breathing pattern was scaring me even more. Inhale twice, exhale, inhale twice, exhale...

It was like he was smelling my fear and that unnerving smile on his face, he looked happy.

"Let go of him! Stop whatever you're doing to him! Please!" I add in for good measure.

"Please?" But that didn't seem to convince him, "What makes you think that'll stop me?"

I stepped away from him. Just from being in close proximities around him made me feel like I was suffocating. Now I stood directly between Hiroshi's quickly disappearing body and the menace behind the act.

"Let him go! You can't do this!"

"I'm fairly capable of sending him to face judgement of the Black Sun."

Black Sun? It was very likely he was just spouting off nonsense to frighten me, but I wasn't going to take it. I've stood here for too long.

I leaped at his arm faster than I expected and blocked off the stream of shadows that was flowing into his hand and tried to snap it out of place. But from my hold on him, I could feel how defined his arms were, he had a lot more muscle than I had.

He tried to shake me off but I kept my hold, if this was stalling him, then I'd hold on like my life depended on it. The coldness around his arm was fading away. It was becoming warmer. From where Hiroshi stood, I heard rapid breathing. I peel one eye open to see that he was slowly being reformed.

Was this guy bringing him back?

"Get off!" He rattled me and slammed me against a tree trunk. I moved to run away but he appeared in front of me out of no where. He picked me up from my neck and dragged my back against the bark.

"If you weren't such a pest, you'd make a good mate," he whispered as he opened his palm and the marking on his palm glowed a dark purple. A stream of shadows was being sucked in, and from the trail, I noticed it was mine. The grip he had on my neck was firm, but it wasn't tight enough to choke me. But I couldn't get him loose.

"Stop...!" I was pleading a lot today. I never expected something like this to happen the first night I came to New Haven.

I began to feel faint. As he continued to suck in my mist, I felt my energy draining. I couldn't even pull the strength to stand anymore.

The moon's light pierced through the dark clouds and shone on the scene. I felt like I was slowly being revived, but I was also being peeled away from my body.

I guess this is what they call an out of body experience.

Wait, am I dead?!

No, my body's whole. I'm watching myself and I'm still moving. But my eyes, my red pupils have faded away to a glowing white, matching my hair. Seeing myself like this, it was strange. My dreams have never been this detailed.

Am I still on the dream thing? There's no way this is a dream anymore.

Something caught my eye. There was something glowing on my neck. I walked closer to it and noticed that it was the symbol for light. But I've never gotten a tattoo before...another symbol is forming. It's on both sides of the light symbol and it matched a part of the now glowing symbol on my culprit's forehead.

This is just crazy! Why do I look like that? What's with those symbols? And the shadow shifter, he looks uncertain.

He released my body and the forest flooded with light. I can see every contour of his face now. He was a striking sight to see, I had to admit. But if it weren't for him trying to kill me and Hiroshi just now, I would've paid more attention to his attractiveness.

It's really bright now. Was I so used to the darkness or is something manipulating the amount of light here?

My skin appeared a deathly white. My arms stretched out into the air, pointing directly to the moon and it seemed like my body was pulling light from the moon and twisting it to form a stream of lightening. My arms spread and directed the lightening to the shadow shifter who disappeared into the shadows. The tree that was behind him was lit on fire from the lightening. The glowing white eyes, my eyes, looked around menacingly for the guy, but it seemed like he disappeared. I couldn't see him any where.

My body looked in the brush behind it and light flooded the area. Immediately, my body pulled lightening and held a constant flow emitting from my fingertips. At a frightening speed, the bolt shot into the forestry and a yell was heard from the bushes. The empty body stretched forth my arms and spread away the shadows that were concealing the man's fallen body. Within the time it took to blink, my body was next to him.

"Heh," a deep scowl was imprinted on the shadow creature's face, "To think I'd bear witness to the offspring of Yliaster and the Order of Black Sun."

My hands sparked with piercing light, it looked like my body was ready to deal the final blow.Then the shadow shifter disappeared into a fog of smoke before it was whisked away by the wind.

I could feel myself returning to the real world. I tried to open my eyes but nothing could separate my lids. The weakness in my body was prominent. I hadn't done anything, my mind wasn't tired, but my body was. I felt myself heavily fall to the ground and darkness flooded my world.

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