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You should pretty much read this as often as possible.

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New Gaia Rules >>UPDATE 1/8 PLEASE READ!!!<<
1. Noobs should not be allowed to enter in the Avatar Arena. Absolutely no one will be impressed by your lame as starter set and your goofy scion bling.

2. Scion Bling should be banned forever. It's probably the lamest avatar item. it's in no way cool.

3. Hey everybody, stop posing as gods. No matter how fancy your avi is, you're not a god, you egotistical douche. and if you do decide to call yourself a god, at least have a good avatar.

4. Learn what alchemy is! Alchemy is not another word for sorcery or magic, it is the "science" of turning stuff (specifically metals) into gold! Saying that alchemy is magic is just about as smart as saying that Naruto is a ninja.

5. While I'm there, let me say that Naruto is in no way a ninja. He is basically the antithesis of a ninja. He's loud and annoying, and he wears ******** bright orange. That's like saying we should write a comic about stealth jets and our main character will be an ambulance! It's great and all, but the manga's actually about magic, not ninjutsu

6. Hey Gaians, it's called The AVATAR Arena, not Mr. Roger's Goddamn Story Hour. If you want to write some emo crap about death or whatever, go to the flippin Writer's Forum. Everytime someone puts "Please Read!!!" in their title gets a 1. I really with I could give you a 0, actually. Or just Virtually punch you in the face.

7. Literate RPs DO NOT belong in the Chatterbox! I don't want to stumble upon your Vampire-Lycan-Ninja-Emo-Demon-a*****e Bar-Club-Coven-Bullshit when i'm trying to find what is pretty much just an excuse to make gold.

8. Don't get in my face when I don't use quotation marks. OUR TEXT APPEARS IN SPEECH BUBBLES GODDAMMIT!

These are my New Gaia Rules. Expect more..

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