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my basic life routine
Okay, well, i haven't posted any journal entries in a long time, so in this entry, I'm gonna describe my daily life schedule. Really Really busy most of the time since schools started...

5:00 am - wake up, get clothes and heads to the bathroom

5:30 am- done taking a shower, heads to joshes room to see if he's asleep or ready to eat breakfast together

6:00 am- goes to turn on my computer and then brush my teeth

6:15 am- goes back to room, do task manager to delete most of the crap that starts up my computer, packs up backpack while waiting for internet to pop up and checks email

6:30 am- mom yells at me to clean my room, i ignore, but does it anyway. helps mom clean up judy

6:45 am- gets ready to walk to school with erika and talks about life or random things on the way to school

7:10 am- school bell rings and i head for the usual hangout place where my friends are. chill out and talk about random stuff...

7:20 am- bell rings again and it's time for class...
*7:25 am- A1 ( Cooking class - pledge of alligiance, talks to vannessa, take notes, nods off alot, does cooking soon ) B1 (P.E. - basketball and soccer, warm ups, run, physical fitness test, run some more, more fun later...)
*9:00 am- A2 ( AP Euro is a pain in the a** with loads of hw and notes, and very low concentration, confidence, attention span, and can not remember 3/4 of the stuff in that class... flunking majorly...) B2 ( English is eh... alright. ups and downs, mainly ups because ms. mcgee is awesome!!! )
*10:40 am- A3 ( Lunch: is okay, talk with friends and cusses alot... ^^' / Study : everyone ditched that class or opted it out because of the stubborn attitude from my teacher... ) B3 ( Geometry is okay, currently having trouble but knows i can do better hopefully.... oh boy... )
*12:20 pm - A4 ( gets heavily murdered or tortured by partner sitting next to me. she's a ho and lesbian i bet. want to leave that class so bad... ) B4 ( Japanese class, i always get really hyper from being to happy or from excitement... really gots to stop that but don't know how... )
*2:00 pm - school ends and heads for the bus. bugs mark and talks to him or talk to ally. gives mark a hug and heads home with josh and his friend travis...

2:20 pm - finally gets home, puts down stuff in room, turns on computer, gets a snack

4:30 pm - mom and dad comes home, dad yells at me and makes sexist jokes saying that a girl has to clean up the house and the man does whatever... a*****e... mom asks if i have hw, i say yes and is still working on hw...

6:30 pm - time to eat dinner

7:00 pm - takes a shower; if still not finish with hw, tries to finish up hw after taking a shower; if done with hw, plays game or watches judy...

9:00 pm - sets alarm clock, goes to see judy if she's awake and plays with her for 10mins and then heads to bed...

**starts the routine all over again....

so yea, my life is a schedule that i have to do regularly. eh... some days i can't handle it, but whatever... gets me going... this is actually like my day on school days not weekends. weekends my schedule are a bit more easier to describe, but more things to do than usual... mainly cleaning up my room or go to my cousin's house to play over there...

it's a really funny joke!
okay, first of all, tell this joke to a male. it doesn't matter wat type of male he is. no females cause then, it wouldn't be that funny. okay, here goes.
the blue words mean u say it, the red words mean the other person say it

u met this girl smile

"im a man" cool

u went to bed stare

"im a man" cool

u went to the movies biggrin

"im a man" cool

she whispered in your ear mrgreen

"im a man" eek surprised

do u get it?
blaugh blaugh

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