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if you wanna know what goes through my brain then have at.
I have read (and deleted) my previous entries. rolleyes
and all i have to say for myself is-!

I am sorry! I am sooooo~ SORRY! crying

MY GOD! i mean... my god!
Teen angst factored into a lot, A LOT of that horse pucky. xp
and all out there who let your tender, wonderful young eyes even graze half of that rubbish deserves this apology all the more!

it was basically ( wahmbulance warning! homestuck reference alert! wahmbulance )
just me s***ting miles and miles of rage snake!


I did delete a bunch of those btw, only left some in there for... i don't know a show of progress?
regardless, i want all to know that i do my best to avoiding vomiting up any form of material such as that ever ever never ever again!

i have been dabbling in buddhism recently, and looking back just makes me wanna kiss the universes boots and plead for redemption. (I'm not that hardcore buddhist but still that was grade A baw going on back then) eek

so i leave you on the note that all things typed up in here should be pretty prim and proper for all to absorb, with a lack of brain shriveling self pity involved.

looking forward to this becoming the hatchery to all my brains obese and obscure idea babies. yeah, let that one sink in for a bit
yeah~ feels nice don't it, like that perfect food mixture. it wasn't too soft, too crunchy, too zesty, or too bland. just that right mixture of "wtf is this babble of text on my screen, and how do i undo it!"

so sit back, relax, and i'll talk a while next time on "how did i end up on this page!"

but seriously aside from me pulling stuff out o my bum, expect some nice chatty ranty blah blah blah to land in my journal from here on out.

so later taters! alligators! and mediators!

3nodding It don't mean a thing, if it ain't got that swing 3nodding

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