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Oh, I update each journal entry if a costume isn't finished and I'm working on it as the journal is viewable. I hope you enjoy my costumes! ^^
John Silver from Treasure Planet
User Image
(when I find a better picture I'll put it here.
'Till then, be amused by this one xD)

(when I finally find a good character description of Silver, that'll go here :U)

Costume Progress!
Taken January 7th
User Image
I'm making the beta/test arm out of this C:
Just to make sure my idea would work.
I may just make the beta the final arm actually.
If all works nicely, it would be a crap-ton cheaper than buying wood and all the other stuff I would have had to buy owo

Taken January 7th
User Image
So, for Hannuka (sp fail), my mom got me this awesome tape that doesn't seem to stick to anything but itself,
but it's totally and absolutely awesome.
I'm using it as my frame for Silver's nose (which is what that random flesh-thing is holding :'D)
It's a comfy nose so far.
Not the right shape though. Looks more like one of the Seven Dwarves' noses. >>;
Oh and you can also see my plans for Silver's arm underneath the roll. xD
I'll post those next.

Taken January 7th
User Image
Not very good quality but oh well. xD;;
These are me plans C:
Oh, and the drawing of the eye up there is because, well, while scribbling Silver's arm, I realized that his upper eyelid on his normal eye has a darker color than the rest of his eye-area.
I may have to wear eyeliner.
I then realized that I have to grow my nails out and paint them.
And then I realized that I'm going to be wearing a high-heeled shoe and stockings for this costume.
And then I realized that I'm going to wear some lipstick to make my upper lip blend in more with my face and my lower lip stick out more.
And then I realized that I'm actually going to be wearing female things properly on this costume more than I ever would willingly in years.
Oh Silver, you man you~
EDIT: That yellow thing in the corner I didn't draw. That's on every right-hand page of that book x'D
The left side has little smiling chocolate cupcakes with pink and white frosting <3

Taken January 7th
User Image
It's stuff for the palm! =D
So one layer of cardboard isn't thick enough for a secure palm.
So I made 4 of them =D
I'm going to make 3 for the wrist and what not, since 4 seems like it's just too thick.

Taken January 7th
User Image
User Image
Yes I taped it to my arm.
With crappy masking tape.
That stuff never sticks to anything. I just used it as rope to temporarily tie the arm on and see if I cut it right xD
User Image
And now it's off =D

Taken January 7th
User Image
Now to make the fingers!! :U
This is how one finger looked at first. I just rolled duct tape together xD
User Image
Then I made their shapes a little more specific (you can barely tell though xD) and carefully rolled them in one more layer of duct tape - to make them look neat and smoother.
User Image
And then instead of buying hinges like if I was using wood I took pieces of duct tape and taped them together in a weird little way xD
It would incredibly nicely ♪

Taken January 7th
User Image
And now the finger's on the hand! 8D
I had so much fun moving the arm around and watching the finger wiggle. xD
User Image

Taken January 7th
User Image
I had a cookie break and came on MSN 8D
It was fun.

Posted January 9th 8:01 AM
So I feel really accomplished cause I just found the best Silver references I could ever hope for.
This guy works for Disney and I guess had to render characters from different Disney movies.
One of them was John Silver.
The shots and angles of the arm are exactly what I needed.
The colors of his arm during the movie hide a lot of the details within the outer shell when it's shadowed, making it difficult for me to really get a good idea of what it looked like under there.
Now, though, this just....made everything so much easier ;w; <3
Not to mention I now can actually see where I can probably hide the attachments I want to make....*coughswordandpincerthingscough* <3

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