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Ruby Amber


Mickey: Roseville

Panda: Melno Park

My dog Ruby Amber Rae (8 and 1/2 year old) (Brown Multi Mutt) I have many memorable moments so I'll narrow it down to the top 3 (not including the day I got her because I'll never forget that! ^_^)

3. Every time I played Tug of War with her and she did her super shake. she had so much strength and power! The look in her eyes is always filled with that one of a kind type of look! and I used to be able to swing her around me!

2. All the times she stood by my side and wouldn't allow any one in my room with out a growl or a bark.. How if one of my brothers were cruel to me she would protect me. that and how she will growl over every little thing, yet wouldn't hurt a fly.....well she likes to eat fly's, but u know what I mean. smile

the times that I've gone out and come home to find her in the front yard searching for me. (she's an escape artist! on the few occasions when she wants out she would get out one way or another) the most memorable of those times was...

(1)when I rode my bike and came home unable to find her, walked to the area I had been riding to find her sniffing around searching for me.

(2) about a week after I got her (so she would have been 2-3 months months) I walked her to my friends house(which was about a block away) After playing with her and my friends dog for a while. My friend and I decided to go bike Riding and leave the dogs in her back yard for like a half hour. When we returned there was no sign of Ruby we spent several minutes searching the surrounding streets. then for some reason I got a feeling that she was home! so I ran home to find her sleeping under my bed! biggrin

(3) Just a few days ago I went to our next door neighbors house to fetch my brother and as I returned to my house she was right there waiting for me in the drive way! 4laugh

Extras! lol

we're pretty much inseparable. if I have to go some where with out her for a week or even for just a weekend she wont really eat. and I miss her terribly. Oh, and I love how she acts when I come home from where ever..
one time I was walking some where I forget where, but as I got a few houses away I could here her barks then a full on howl! (Not like a normal howl u could here the difference in the pitch it sounded so sad! sad ) she makes me fill so important. I couldn't have imagined a better dog. and I doubt I'll ever be so lucky again!

My dog Zoey, Ella Nina (9 and 1/2 months old) (1/4 Border Collie and 3/4 Australian Shepherd)

3. when I realized she wanted to be my dog. (she was originally my moms dog) I would go out of my way to make sure Ruby didn't get jealous of Zoey, After all as it was Zoey needed far more attention then any of our other dogs. even though I had to play with Zoey more then Ruby I would show Ruby that she was more important by simple things like putting her first when it counted. on one such occasion. I was playing with Zoey when Ruby made a face that said I want to play so I dropped the toy and ran to hug Ruby. Zoey made a truly sad and jealous face. as if she was thinking why don't u love me like that? I felt so bad.

2. every morning since we finished the kennel training I find her waiting outside my door. xd and when I open it she will get up wagging her tail excited, but sleepy.

1. all the times that I have either tried to leave the house or climb a latter and she has put her paws on me trying to stop me from going any where out of her reach.

Both Ruby and Zoey r in my Signature! 3nodding I ADORE them both! Ruby was in my heart from the first moment I saw her and my love for her has grown with each passing day. And Zoey launched herself into my heart like a dazzling, shooting star! She latched on with all her might and now I have my arms around her Never gonna let her go!

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