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Rankor(village name)
Just stories that i hope all of the people in Rankor will enjoy
Rankor Part 3
Rankor part 3

Special Thanks:
The Monster Energy Corperation

Cain yells in horrific pain as he tries to hold up the shield.

"we dont have time for this," striker says in panic " Xeris and Poseidon have the village on red alert!" striker screams over the roaring wind.

Howling screams roar over the immense wind as the sound of the gust just suddenly vanishes.

Ryu looked up at striker and Cain as they were already looking at each other in bewilderment, looking around the dome to see what has happened. Yelling and explosions can be herd from outside the dome shield while Ryu, Cain and striker are guarded form the yelling on the other side.

"Cain, i think that is Xeris and Poseidon yelling on the other side, let the shield down." said Striker.

"Sure." Cain said while standing up and waving his hands down to his side destroying the shield all graceful like.

"how in the hell did we get here?!" Ryu said

"I tele-ported you'll here." a guy said running up to them dressed with a gunner coat and shorts that looked liked pants. He was of an average height like my self but he looked like had got his hair done from a discount barber.

"oh wolf! thank you," Striker said " how are things here?"

"Well Xeris and Pose are holding them at bay from spreading around the village."

"Why dont you or Ykcir help?" Cain asked.

"Well as you can see," Wolf points to the battle where xeris is floating and has his arms pointed out striking lighting at Pein, while Poseidon is on one knee with his hands on the ground panting "they said they want us to defend what they can not get to while they fight these two guys."

"oh..." Cain said.

The four guys turn to watch the battle with out movement.

Pose stands up fast throwing his arms out to the side.He leans back on one leg and the other is extended out while the water on the ground shoots up and floats in little droplets in the air that are spread-ed out everywhere. The water quickly forms together and shoots really fast in a u-turn around Poseidon's body as his back bends to the circle in perfect semetry. The water was thrown, at a shady figure, like a steady stream of water or a small river. The murky water was split in half around the shady figure with a wave of a hand. Poseidon quickly gained back the movement of the off balanced water that was thrown into two in just moments before. Poseidon moves his arms and hands back and forth from the left to the right, he throws his hands up and points them out in front of him. The water quickly turns around and strikes the shady guy in the back. Poseidon puts a smirk grin on his face as he pleased with his results form his hard training.

"Xeris!," Poseidon yells to xeris " he's down!"

"Good! Help me with Pein!" Xeris yells back as he begins to spin real fast and shoots his self, at Pein who is standing on the ground stepping back bracing his self. Xeris is spinning and gliding at a high speed as the lightning from the sky is dropping down and following close behind him as if it were trying to catch up to him in a game of tag. Xeris lands in front of Pein as he claps his hands and a bolt of lightning shoots from between his hands and hits Pein dead on. Pein is sent flying back into a tree, knocking it down. Poseidon shoots over Xeris on a piece of ice that leaves a trail behind. Xeris runs up to Pose and looks at him as the two guys exchange looks knowing what the other one is gonna do. Xeris turns his head real fast as his eyes begin to have a cold mist flow from them and Poseidon at the same time lifts his hands fast and waves them in a circle. A gust of wind flows by the two guys picking up Pein and the shady figure bringing them together and in-casing them in an icy tomb.

...To be continued...

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