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Gaia Online makes me so sad these days. None of my close friends play it anymore.. and the site just isn't what it used to be. I remember I used to really want to work as an artist for Gaia, but now I can't say it and be completely honest. The only thing I do on here is dress my avatar. I hardly look at the market place anymore, because I don't have enough to buy anything I like, and I'm sitting on 115,791,710g. When I first started to play Gaia, I could never even fathom the idea of having this much gold... but right now? I'm still poor... Millions of gold... and it's practically nothing. cry

I can honestly say I've been around the block here on Gaia now. I've been around on this account since 2004, and I've had it banned, unbanned, I've applied for work a Gaia, and now I've even had my account hacked. Not to mention, these last two weeks have just been absolutely insane. Being hacked was only part of it, I also got pretty sick, I found out my uncle probably has cancer, and I know exactly who my hacker is. On top of that my Mac is having a bit of a hardware problem, and I took it in to get it looked at and ran into an old friend of mine from high school who happened to work at the apple store. it's just strange how all of these things are happening at one time. I've even gone to the police and talked to a detective. and there are two death anniversaries this month. I just want it to be over. Can't wait for Earth Hour on the 31st.

I haven't used this thing in a long time. maybe I'll start using it more often.

User ImageI realize that I haven't posted a journal on Gaia since... June of 2007 x.x which is more than a year ago now. But whatever.

Have you ever met someone you thought you understood, but then things change up, and it turns out you really don't? I think everyone knows someone like that. I just didn't know I did until a little while ago. Really, they are one of the sweetest people I know, but they just.. totally throw me through loops. I mean.. they have never done anything to upset me.. it's just a little disconcerting when I don't actually understand someone. Me, a person who understands and gets along with generally everyone.

I guess I can't encompass everyone, but I can always keep an open mind.

I can't help being bitter some days. I, in my opinion, am a very selfless person. and sometimes, I need a break from that. Just a little while where I can be careless with my actions and not care about what anyone Else's crappy day was like. But really. No one can be thoughtless with any action unless they want to screw up. There are some days where I don't want to be the one listening to others, though. the person that will go out of the way to stay awake for hours past just to make sure a friend is OK. I'll only really do that for my family and one other right now.

I'm too tired to type much more, because I'm pretty sure not much of this makes sense. or maybe it does. but I can't comprehend it. Lol. I'll keep this thing more updated now that i remember its here and things.

for a while now, as some of you may know, through a program called Modesto Sister Cities. I've been convinced that I'm going to Japan. Well. under bad circumstances, I can no longer go. So I'm very sad about that. SURE I have the chance to go to France next year, but I really wanted to go to JAPAN. Oh well, life goes on. I don't think I'll go to France, even though I can actually understand French a little. France doesn't seem as exciting to me, and I'm nowhere near as interested. I guess all I can say is that dreams don't come true that easily.

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"It has been so long, he probably doesn't even remember what the color of blood looks like." Angel chuckled menacingly as she and Dahlia discussed the vampire before them.
He wasn't in the best condition, but he was there, looking like a tarnished silver cup.
He was dirty, his long hair hung over his face, not that there was much to see anyways, a blind fold was covering his eyes, and most of his face. Just like anyother typical vampire, he had a strong build. He didn't wear a shirt, and his pants were worn and ragged. Chained to a cement pillar in the middle of a cell-like room, thats where he remained. Braces on his wrists had chains attatched to them, and were pulled taught to the opposite walls (an example of this is jesus on the cross, but minus the cross and add a pillar).
He felt a hand on his cheek now, and soon a body pressed against him, he knew who it was. It was Angel, she was always doing this, and the only reason he didn't bite her head off was because they had him on a sedative that ceased his ability to move any part of his body but his mouth. He felt her arms move around his neck as she whispered in his ear.
"Why don't you say something Scythe?" She frowned softlyand looked at his face.
He hissed quite suddenly, long fangs barred practically in her face. She jumped back, as did Dahlia.
"You're frisky today, Scythe." She smirked, and left the room. Dahlia, like a small dog, followed close behind.
Scythe hung there, the sedative was wearing off, but it didn't matter much. all he could move was his head anyway. Being here, so weak, his pride was broken, and he felt stupid for being captured so easily. For the two years he's dwelled in this dank cell, he has neither seen, nor spoken..

Today, I do no better then I have been the past...however long winter break's been going on. I truly dislike the 'holiday season' but i love winter in itself. Lately I've been feeling weak and ignorant, and I don't know why. one thing that bugs me are people who get all uppity about child prodigies. I don't think its anything special, just another person sprouting on this doomed planet. And so concludes this thought..

<sigh> I hate being lonely. it seems like every guy I fall for is out of state. Stupid internet <kicks it>

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